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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name M - O


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Mac Cheyne Kathleen  E. NY0055177
Mac Donald Bruce  T. NY0007394
Mac Kenzie Alan  R. NY0004879
Maccormack Daniel J. NY0371449
Macdonald Timothy  R. NY0031395
Macdonald William  P. NY0041593
Maciak Justin  M. NY0006940
Mackey Kevin  NY0009524
Madden Edward  V. NY0064944
Madden John  T. NY0036202
Madoo Kevin  M. NY0008142
Madore Terry  D. NY0003865
Madsen Shawn NY0043151
Maerten Daniel  NY0009102
Magee Kelly  L. NY0058942
Maggio Benjamin  P. NY0056230
Magliano Lisa  NY0041097
Magliaro Richard  M. NY0026402
Magliaro Jr Luke  A. NY0003037
Magnotta Tony  A. NY0005394
Magnuszewski Gregory  S. NY0008141
Mahan Iii Joseph  S. NY0007848
Mahaney Matthew  NY0369857
Mahaney Matthew NY0369857
Maher Thomas  J. NY0007229
Maher Michael  T. NY0004299
Maickel Richard  NY0004137
Maickel David  N. NY0005861
Maikisch David  R. NY0003445
Maisano Richard  A. NY0005093
Majewski David  W. NY0005677
Makarius Jr. James  L. NY0001501
Makarovskiy Valeriy  NY0007547
Malatino Michael  A. NY0007767
Maldonado Benigno  NY0003444
Male Paul  K. NY0007204
Malek Richard  S. NY0007866
Malescio Mario  NY0007322
Maliga Joseph  NY0005351
Mallen Robert CE1000122
Mallette Gregg  A. NY0010312
Mallette Donald  F. NY0004866
Mallia Anthony  NY0041098
Mallick Mark  F. NY0000083
Malloy Gerald  E. NY0008140
Malloy Joseph  M. NY0005092
Malone Tammy  S. NY0025782
Malone John  M. NY0003501
Malone Iii Eugene  J. NY0004683
Maly Gerald  L. NY0034112
Manchester Jr Sherman  G. NY0007961
Mancuso Anthony  L. NY0346959
Mancuso Nicholas  A. NY0047721
Mancuso Louis  NY0007638
Mandarino Michael  NY0362543
Mandoske Scott  F. NY0004298
Manecio George  A. NY0002557
Maneri Charles  NY0005273
Manfreda Patrick  M. NY0008908
Manganello James  NY0010596
Manley Iii Edmond  F. NY0040624
Mann Laurel  NY0004297
Mansfield Kurt  R. NY0031513
Mantor Stephen  J. NY0004296
Manuszewski William  L. NY0003991
Manzare Michael  J. NY0002347
Manzo Alex  R. NY0003017
Marable Aaron  L. NY0013767
Maracic Michael CE1000123
Marcantonio Benjamin J. NY0371639
Marcella Christopher  NY0000345
Marciniak Daniel  P. NY0002868
Marcks Peter  M. NY0000505
Marcucci Edgardo  E. NY0002816
Marcus Renee  NY0065939
Marcus Jeffrey  M. NY0049249
Margerum Kevin  NY0077127
Marian Donna  B. NY0004807
Marinelli Dominic  NY0005091
Marji Jamal  H. NY0005947
Markarian Armand  NY0348534
Marks James  H. NY0010906
Marois David  NY0349324
Marotta Steven  M. NY0002722
Marra Donald  M. NY0041208
Marron Jr. Edward  P. NY0005434
Marschall Peter  D. NY0046975
Marsden Ronald J. NY0371308
Marsh Robert  R. NY0007960
Marshall John  C. NY0013809
Marshall Victoria  L. NY0030615
Marshall Lawrence  R. NY0003500
Marshall Matthew NY0019869
Marshall Shawn M. NY0216014
Marshall Travis NY0054034
Marshall Jr. Dean  C. NY0065147
Martelle Bruce  NY0014354
Martin Andrew  J. NY0065188
Martin David  P. NY0008137
Martin Kurt  D. NY0004569
Martin Patrick  E. NY0003988
Martinkovic Richard  A. NY0003661
Martino Joseph  J. NY0020670
Maskiell William  J. NY0007506
Mason David  G. NY0069237
Mason Robert  NY0005050
Mason James  H. NY0003711
Mason Matthew W. NY0370565
Mason Sr. Dennis  J. NY0060470
Masone Robert  S. NY0056353
Massaro David  M. NY0008063
Massimi David  A. NY0003171
Masters Timothy  R. NY0004205
Mastin Matthew NY0371592
Mastracchio Salvatore  NY0021298
Mastrangelo Michael  J. NY0048564
Mastrella David C. NY0039264
Masucci Vincent  J. NY0005414
Mathiesen John  E. NY0003557
Matos Cadmo B. NY0343674
Matsumoto Ryusei CE1000124
Matteo Jr. Michael  NY0007708
Matthews John  R. NY0007320
Mattice Shane E. NY0006858
Mattina Joseph  S. NY0003498
Matuk Jr. Edmund  NY0003377
Mauras Sergio  A. NY0027099
Maurer Wayne  NY0371561
Maurer Peter  F. NY0065135
Maximciuc Vladimir  NY0346924
Maxwell Ronald  R. NY0007957
Maxwell William  G. NY0007228
May Robert  A. NY0065136
Mayers Gerard  M. NY0004888
Mazurak Charles  P. NY0003201
Mazzone Michelle  A. NY0065137
Mc Adoo William  N. NY0009710
Mc Allister Ii Frederick  V. NY0056347
Mc Andrew Francis  NY0367842
Mc Bride Jr. John  J. NY0021478
Mc Cabe Robert  NY0055119
Mc Cann James  P. NY0003987
Mc Cann William  P. NY0056004
Mc Carthy Robert  J. NY0056218
Mc Carthy Donald  J. NY0003312
Mc Cartney John  P. NY0000087
Mc Cormack James  J. NY0050339
Mc Cormick Mark  NY0061440
Mc Cormick Elena  NY0051440
Mc Cormick Michael  NY0010757
Mc Crae Brian  D. NY0000089
Mc Cuen Flora  L. NY0010248
Mc Daniel Steven  L. NY0007778
Mc Dermott Kevin  A. NY0036567
Mc Dermott Martin  NY0007304
Mc Dermott Frank  J. NY0030828
Mc Gann George  J. NY0009847
Mc Garvey Michael  J. NY0009327
Mc Ghee Jr. Thomas  A. NY0003376
Mc Giver Miriam  G. NY0032706
Mc Glynn Dennis  E. NY0057381
Mc Grath Joseph  A. NY0004295
Mc Hugh Scott  G. NY0009846
Mc Kay Richard  L. NY0007227
Mc Keever Terry  L. NY0002742
Mc Kenna Kevin  NY0361281
Mc Kenna-Savaglio Maryann  NY0005272
Mc Kinney Thomas  J. NY0042448
Mc Lean Mark  L. NY0038186
Mc Lemore Danializ  NY0360811
Mc Loughlin James  M. NY0007677
Mc Mahon John  M. NY0041594
Mc Mahon Tyler  S. NY0003406
Mc Mahon Joseph  P. NY0009462
Mc Manaman Anthony  NY0009950
Mc Manus Vincent  J. NY0004138
Mc Mullen Leigh  NY0359200
Mc Namara Peter  J. NY0030868
Mc Namara Dean  P. NY0004614
Mc Nichol Ryan  NY0349075
Mc Nulty Patrick  M. NY0027310
Mc Wayne Shawn  R. NY0007839
Mcaleer Thomas  NY0002931
Mcaneny Michael  C. NY0002382
Mcavaney James  P. NY0004774
Mcbride Gregory  D. NY0014352
Mccann Tim  S. NY0271148
Mccann Shawn  M. NY0003862
Mccarey Adam  J. NY0064089
Mccarthy Sean  E. NY0005446
Mccauley Michael  R. NY0007319
Mccool Adam  NY0346960
Mccormick Jason  NY0009872
Mccracken Ii John  D. NY0007956
Mcdermott Sean  V. NY0012576
Mcdwyer John  NY0349547
Mcelligott Timothy  W. NY0004924
Mcelroy James  NY0071404
Mcenrue John  F. NY0009848
Mcevilly John  NY0014351
Mcgorray William  H. NY0000344
Mcgrath Chris  M. NY0021466
Mcguane William  T. NY0024570
Mcguire Reese  P. NY0030726
Mcgurn Raymond  K. NY0003983
Mcilvain Gerard  J. NY0019005
Mcinerney Kevin  NY0003861
Mcintyre Kim NY0357682
Mckay Linda  NY0349074
Mckenna Gerard  E. NY0005636
Mcknight Darrell  NY0008860
Mclaughlin Kenneth  W. NY0031570
Mclear John  F. NY0347522
Mcmahon John  H. NY0004772
Mcmahon Kevin  J. NY0347505
Mcmanus Kathleen  M. NY0007955
Mcmanus Neal  S. NY0004406
Mcmorrow Martin  V. NY0002773
Mcnally Terence  E. NY0004615
Mcnerney Michael  NY0349548
Mcpadden Kevin NY0371549
Mcpartland Terence  NY0005404
Mcpherson Edward  NY0004269
Mcquade Thomas  NY0007863
Mcquade Michael  NY0053630
Mcqueen Deloris  E. NY0005864
Mcquilkin Richard D. NY0018694
Mead James  NY0003556
Mead Greg  NY0030719
Meade David  E. NY0010751
Mecca Richard  J. NY0004714
Medina Jr Felix  A. NY0005473
Mehrman Christopher  J. NY0005702
Meier Mark  NY0034102
Meier Daniel  T. NY0004750
Mekeel Jack  M. NY0003774
Mekulik Jr. Donald  J. NY0005483
Meldrim Matthew  J. NY0013800
Melillo David  J. NY0021430
Melillo Robert  NY0002359
Melnick Stephen  L. NY0009570
Mentrasti Andrew  L. NY0001380
Mentrasti Christopher  A. NY0015235
Mera Raymundo  J. NY0025037
Mercado Anthony  NY0293161
Mercado David  NY0007545
Mercer Richard  W. NY0005298
Merrick Gregory  D. NY0005198
Merritt Leonard  L. NY0004805
Messenger Mollie  J. NY0347506
Metzger David  R. NY0003982
Metzler Kenneth  S. NY0005635
Meunier Carolyn  F. R. NY0007838
Meyer John  P. NY0007754
Meyerdierks Scott  H. NY0065218
Meyers Richard  D. NY0007347
Meyers Timothy  F. NY0008136
Miano Michael  NY0364865
Michaels Daniel  J. NY0041595
Michalczyk Christopher NY0371590
Michalski Lawrence  NY0003980
Michel Wilner  NY0102150
Michel Alix C. NY0371597
Michelitsch Raymond  NY0365163
Miele Angelo  J. NY0007826
Miggiani Victor NY0371309
Migliaccio Ralph  NY0068727
Migliore Ryan  P. NY0046852
Mignone Albert  NY0005271
Mikiciuk Richard  NY0004559
Milburth Gail  A. NY0003978
Miles Jr. Allen  W. NY0060023
Milkiewicz David  P. NY0003605
Milks Ronald  D. NY0003208
Miller Duane  NY0349325
Miller Alex  NY0009861
Miller Heather  NY0071239
Miller William  T. NY0055121
Miller Derek  P. NY0005634
Miller Donald  D. NY0003229
Millington Jr James  G. NY0007404
Mills Eric NY0011393
Minder Edward  J. NY0007489
Mineau Michael  N. NY0041068
Miner Michael  J. NY0005048
Minicozzi Sr Mark  C. NY0027161
Minor Thomas M. NY0371293
Minozzi Jr. Charles  V. NY0056229
Mintz Mary  A. NY0031514
Minuta Joseph  J. NY0005818
Miotto James NY0370302
Mistler Glenn  A. NY0007226
Mistretta Jason  M. NY0007676
Mitchell Michael  T. NY0075270
Mitchell Frederick  L. NY0003773
Mizgier Kurt  T. NY0021477
Mlcoch Joseph  J. NY0005270
Mociun Thomas  J. NY0035321
Moed Matthew  L. NY0004528
Mohawk Timothy  J. NY0003419
Monacelli Bryan  J. NY0006762
Monaco John  W. NY0007375
Monaghan Robert  F. NY0014350
Monaghan Michael  J. NY0004666
Monahan Jennifer  F. NY0046893
Monan Patrick  J. NY0015797
Monast Joseph  R. NY0005047
Moniello Ralph  A. NY0061350
Moniz Kathryn  L. NY0005830
Monroe Richard  NY0007878
Monroe James  J. NY0002381
Monroe Barbara NY0370322
Montana Phillip  A. NY0005501
Montemarano Paul  J. NY0002976
Montesano Joseph  NY0358969
Monthie David NY0052491
Montilli Joseph  A. NY0075242
Montour Leroy  J. NY0056349
Mooney Robert NY0371608
Moore Kevin  NY0005447
Moore J Lance  NY0008052
Moore Paul  S. NY0004392
Moore Geoffrey  NY0004359
Moore Charles  P. NY0003974
Moose Jay  D. NY0056007
Morabito Frank  J. NY0005395
Morabito Domenic  J. NY0023847
Moran Mark  S. NY0004360
Moran Gregory  C. NY0008135
Morawski Robert  J. NY0031391
Morehouse Harold Daniel  NY0007954
Morehouse George  W. NY0003604
Moreland Jr. Robert  J. NY0005090
Morelli John  NY0010888
Morello Iii Salvatore  A. NY0005824
Moreno Gerardo P. NY0371450
Morettoni Paul  F. NY0041110
Morey Logan  E. NY0003658
Morey Joseph  F. NY0010574
Morgan Kayley  R. NY0006509
Morgan Phil  NY0359201
Morgan Stephen  J. NY0022347
Morgan Dean  A. NY0003182
Morgan Jr Andrew  J. NY0009815
Morgan Sr Jonathan  NY0026532
Morganson James  E. NY0007174
Morganti Mark  A. NY0015746
Morin Robert  D. NY0000342
Morley Matthew  D. NY0004112
Morog Gary  L. NY0005346
Morrill Jesse  A. NY0005254
Morrill Michael  NY0009522
Morrill Jr. Donald  R. NY0061642
Morris Gerald  C. NY0007297
Morris Noel  F. NY0005945
Morris Jr. Patrick  J. NY0007953
Morrissey Clay  V. NY0005320
Morse James  H. NY0004567
Morse Michael  NY0002740
Moseley Martin  D. NY0049140
Moser Michael  G. NY0009509
Moses Michael  C. NY0004271
Mostipak Michael  J. NY0240588
Mourer Ryan  NY0364867
Mousso Paul  G. NY0008134
Mowbray Jr. Garry  J. NY0060479
Mowers Vernon  J. NY0005297
Moyer Roger  L. NY0007952
Mueller Frank  NY0003187
Muff August  H. NY0031041
Muftic Jesenko  NY0000363
Muhammad Keith  D. NY0065202
Mulcahy Robert  H. NY0248529
Mulderig Jason NY0371550
Mullen Maurice  H NY0003772
Mullen Lester  L. NY0002698
Muller Robert  G. NY0046894
Muller Patricia  G. NY0008701
Muller Ii Joseph  T. NY0007569
Mullikin Mark  A. NY0071369
Mullins Robert  J. NY0005416
Mundy Jr. James  M. NY0076698
Munoz Francisco  H. NY0346962
Munrett Kevin  NY0362572
Murnane Michael J. CE1000142
Murph Irving  G. NY0007664
Murphree Jefferson V. NY0289291
Murphy Bryan  J. NY0076699
Murphy James  E. NY0007433
Murphy Thomas  NY0361282
Murphy Eric  D. NY0003555
Murphy Ryan  J. NY0030725
Murphy Thomas  NY0360547
Murphy Lauren  H. NY0103944
Murphy Timothy  W. NY0003603
Murphy Michael  J NY0002493
Murray Michael  P. NY0003154
Murray Joseph  P. NY0003971
Murren Natalie  NY0365170
Murtari John  NY0001813
Musal Edward  A NY0002349
Muscarella Michael  L. NY0003970
Muxo Raymond  J. NY0004611
Muzzi Peter  J. NY0003439
Myers Gregg  D. NY0005716
Mykel William  S. NY0045557
Mykins Mark  E. NY0003602
Naccarato Michael  D. NY0004748
Nack Garry  A. NY0010912
Nacy Mark  E. NY0033654
Nagle Courtney  J. NY0075239
Nalivyko George  E. NY0004111
Naney Christopher  P. NY0003373
Nankey Douglas  R. NY0005088
Nanni Mark  P. NY0005941
Napierala Daniel  T. NY0030907
Napoli Bridget  A NY0009871
Napolitano Robert  C. NY0003023
Napolski Sharon  A. NY0071370
Narciso Joseph  M. NY0010527
Narciso Vincent  M. NY0004268
Narducci David  J. NY0326739
Naso Denise  NY0074536
Natalini Anthony NY0371594
Nathan Garry  F. NY0014348
Nation Courtney  W. NY0004527
Nawotka Jr. Paul  R. NY0005087
Nealon William  F. NY0025368
Neary David  M. NY0010219
Nechis Barry  S. NY0005940
Neff Adam  D. NY0004159
Neglia Fredrick  NY0366909
Neidl Richard S. NY0071491
Nejathaim Hooshang  NY0007525
Nelson Joseph  E. NY0007849
Nelson Alan  B. NY0030652
Nemeth-Weisser Julie  C. NY0007781
Neri John J. NY0371451
Neske Paul  NY0003180
Netti Jack  J. NY0003858
Neubauer John  D. NY0009844
Neville Everett  NY0015806
Neville Andrew  J. NY0008880
Nevin William  J. NY0025767
Newbold Sidney  NY0034121
Newkirk Robert  C. NY0005253
Newton Wayne  NY0003857
Newton Leslie  B. NY0009089
Ng Chek Beng CE1000080
Nicholas Dody  A. NY0030697
Nichols William  J. NY0038291
Nicholson Leah  E. NY0014347
Nicollet James  A. NY0007461
Niechwiadowicz Michael  L. NY0004429
Niewender John  W. NY0002995
Nighan James  G. NY0056010
Niles Stephen  C. NY0017037
Nisita Craig  NY0346963
Nitti John  C. NY0002697
Nixon Richard  C NY0034538
Nixon Iii James NY0370323
Nobiletti Michael  C. NY0007636
Noble Robert  NY0015735
Nocella Sr. Brian  M. NY0005899
Noel Mary Lou  NY0003808
Nokland John  O. NY0018758
Nolan Timothy  J NY0008338
Nolan Jody  NY0005196
Nolan, Sr. James C. NY0256920
Nolder David  A. NY0047371
Nolland Ronald  G. NY0347494
Noonan Timothy  J. NY0346925
Norjen Glenn  K. NY0005866
Nowak William  M. NY0007635
Nowak Michal  J. NY0015676
Nowicki John  P. NY0010744
Nuciforo Anthony  J. NY0004479
Nuttle Joseph  T. NY0055157
Oaksford Barry  NY0005295
Obalde Manuel  A. NY0009686
Obler Jennifer  A. NY0030740
O'Brien John  W NY0004834
O'Brien James  NY0349970
O'Brien Robert  F. NY0017252
O'Brien Timothy  J. NY0010748
O'Brien William  J. NY0002739
O'Brien Patrick F. NY0371557
Obrotka Jr James  J NY0002801
Occhipinti Peter  NY0002979
O'Connor Daniel  F. NY0009971
O'Connor Michael  J. NY0057913
O'Connor Kevin NY0247462
O'Connor Iv John  M. NY0022395
Odera Omondi  NY0005424
O'Donnell Kelly NY0370324
Ogden Keith  B. NY0358614
Ogorek Jr. Richard  L. NY0003967
Ogrady Jr John  J. NY0003007
O'Hara Brian  A. NY0014346
O'Hara Angella  N. NY0056257
O'Hara Brian  M. NY0008132
O'Hearn Paul  R. NY0007950
O'Keefe Dean  C. NY0007949
O'Keefe Liam  P. NY0041195
O'Keefe William  M. NY0016092
Okeke Ajuluchukwu  NY0349552
Okerlund Kevin P. NY0358956
Olam Thomas  E. NY0056039
O'Leary Paul  NY0027157
Olenik Joseph  V. NY0007753
Olin Ii Ernest  A. NY0041597
Oliva Salvatore  J. NY0004526
Oliver Susan  A. NY0004978
Oliver Michael  S. NY0005086
Oliver Richard  A. NY0002800
O'Malley Paul  NY0362560
O'Neal Robert  D. NY0051649
O'Neal Robert NY0051649
Oneill Timothy  J. NY0005296
O'Neill Timothy NY0036437
O'Neill-Knasick Darren  K. NY0069336
Onufrychuk Jr. John  NY0004362
Orchard Steven  M. NY0014305
Orey Conrad  NY0005938
Oriol Jr. Raymond  NY0056285
Orlich Mark  J. NY0000341
Orlowski, Jr. Robert R. NY0024516
O'Rourke Dennis  G. NY0007675
O'Rourke Michael  NY0003494
Orr John  S. NY0003493
Ortega Manuel  NY0358957
Ortiz Judith  NY0365618
Ortiz Randy  J. NY0002799
O'Shea Robert  E. NY0065951
Osman Gregory  A. NY0007948
Ostroff Matthew NY0371310
Ott Thomas  NY0004431
Ovensen Jeanne  M. NY0003492
Overbaugh Mark  C. NY0004365
Overocker Jay  P. NY0007769
Overton Ronald  L. NY0003420
Ozols Roland  V. NY0031572



Last Name: