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Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS)

The New Statewide Learning Management System, or “SLMS,” is a web-based system that allows learners to view their learning history, manage learning activities, and take online training in one central location.  The Statewide Learning Management System is used by various State Agencies to deliver training information to non-state learners such as code enforcement officials and code compliance technicians.  The benefits of this program include:

  • Access training records
  • Browse and search for learning activities
  • Enroll in and begin online learning activities
  • Track and maintain required training and certifications
  • Create and maintain a learning plan for individual development

Instructions for Logging in to SLMS


How to register for a new SLMS account (PDF) - To view your CEO training

How to view training credits (PDF)

How to enroll in BSC online courses in SLMS (PDF)

List of current online classes available in SLMS:

Multiple Uses in a Building
Fixing Broken Buildings with the Existing Building Code
Using Table 503
Unlimited Area Buildings
Occupancy Classification
Types of Construction

Instructions for Logging in to SLMS

At your internet browsers home page, enter the URL: The system uses your BSC/OFPC issued username (NY#######) for the system, if you are unsure of your username contact NYS BSC at 518-474-4073 and speak with someone from the Training Unit or click here. If you know your BSC/OFPC issued username and temporary password log into the system with that. Assistance is also available by going to:  or by calling the SLMS helpdesk at 518-473-8087.




What is SLMS?

The Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) is a Web- based system managed by The Governor’s Office of Employee Relations intended to be used by all NYS Agencies to manage their course offerings, enrollments and training histories for employees and external learners. CEO are considered external users. 

How do I get an account in SLMS?

All NY State employees on the state payroll have (or should have) an account in SLMS.  If you are not sure if you have a State Employee (Internal) account in SLMS call: SLMS Help Desk at 518–473–8087, M–F, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., or email at

IF you are not on the NY State payroll, or are taking training as a Code Enforcement Office or Code , you will need to use an External account to access SLMS.  If you have taken training with BSC in the past, your training records have been moved to SLMS.

For assistance with your external CEO training account call BSC at:  (518)-474-4073

How do I update my profile in SLMS?

For external users it is important to keep your profile updated in SLMS.  Your profile information is used to contact you if we have any questions while approving your enrollment or if we need to provide you with information about the class you will be attending or lodging you may have requested .  To update your profile, login to SLMS and select the Personal Information Home link at the bottom of the page.


Is there a tutorial for students on how to use SLMS?

NYS Governor’s Office of Employee Relations has put together self-service training modules that cover the basic functionality you will need in SLMS. 

To see how to use the modules and make sure they will work in your browser see:

To see the SLMS learning modules for functions a Learner will need go to:

Expand the folders under “SLMS Security Roles” and select the function you would like to learn about.


For more information about SLMS go to: