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Workbooks will not be provided or available at the classroom for individuals attending the New York State Code Enforcement Basic Training Courses. It is strongly suggested that the respective workbook be downloaded and printed prior to attending these courses.  

While the workbook is not a requirement for attendance at these classes, it may be to your advantage to have one available during the class presentation to assist in following the course material, minimize the need for excessive note taking and possibly for reference during the examination at the conclusion of the course.  Therefore, due to the fact that use of computers during the course is restricted, downloading and printing of these documents is highly recommended. 

9A - Fire Code and Building Code (6.26MB PDF)

9B - Fire Code and Building Code (3.9MB PDF)

9C - Fire Code and Property Maintenance Code (15.5 MB PDF)

9D - Building Code, Residential Code, Energy Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code and Fuel Gas Code (13.9 MB PDF)

9E - Residential Code (10.1MB PDF)

9F - Building Code, Fire Code, Energy Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code and Fuel Gas Code (11.3 MB PDF)