Amistad Commission Members

Amistad Commission Members

Cesar A. Perales – New York Secretary of State
John P. King – Commissioner of Education, New York State Education Department
Nancy L. Zimpher – Chancellor, State University of New York
Robert Balachandran
Harold Bellinger
Nuriyah Angela Marie Boné-Owens
David Byer-Tyre
Lisa Catalfamo
Jonathan Cornue
Julius D. Edwards
Frederick Harris
Sylvia Wong Lewis
Robert V. Lloyd
Jacqueline Musiitwa, Esq.
Enid Schildkrout
Mary Theresa Streck
James Turner

Amistad Commission Subcommittees

Website Re-Design. Focused on website re-design, this Amistad Commission Subcommittee will create a robust and user-friendly interface and provide content which explains the rationale for the formation and work of the Commission and links to information and resources e.g.. SUNY, NYSED, and other sources which can provide the public and educators with the resources needed to understand and place in context American slavery, African American History and its broad significance for our culture, history and society:

Subcommittee Liaison:  Lazaro Benitez


Sylvia Wong Lewis, Chair

Jonathan Cornue, Co-chair

Mary Theresa Streck, Co-chair

Educational and Cultural Resources: The Educational and Cultural Resources Subcommittee will contribute to developing a “cultural tourism map” by identifying historic sites throughout the state, coordinate links with other NYS entities; and further develop a list of resources, including libraries, museums, galleries, exhibits, events, historic places, educational entities; and assist in drafting a list of experts and thought leaders able to assist the commission. To the greatest extent practicable, resource listings will be developed for all regions of the State.

Subcommittee Liaison: Casey Jakubowski


David Byer-Tyre, Chair

Robert Lloyd, Co-chair

Nuriyah Boné-Owens, Co-chair

Educator Input.  The Educator Input Subcommittee will seek education professionals’ input regarding “Best Practices” for teaching about slavery; review sample Lesson Plans/Units on Slavery; develop list of books about slavery for grades K-12 and related American and African-American history topics; Survey what is currently available in schools and Report what is needed to support Amistad Commission’s mission.

Subcommittee Liaison: Tamu Chambers


Jonathan Cornue, Chair,

Harold Bellinger, Co-chair

Lisa Catalfamo, Co-chair

Sylvia Lewis, Co-chair