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New York Times: May 18, 2016
'Roots,' Remade for a New Era

New York Times: May 12, 2016
A Fictional Apology to Dred Scott, Born of a Real Family's Painful Legacy

Associated Press: May 12, 2016
Honor at last: Former slaves reburied centuries later

Education Week: May 6, 2016
Praise for a Book That Will Change Teaching About Slavery

Wall Street Journal: May 5, 2016
African films are Celebrated at City Festival

New York Times: May 4, 2016
This is Harriet Tubman, Who Will Appear on the $20 Bill. Accept No Substitutes.

New York Times: April 27, 2016
Horace Ward, U.S. Judge Who Triumphed Over Bias, Dies at 88

Albany Times-Union: April 28, 2016
State copy of Emancipation Proclamation to get new case

Buffalo News: April 26, 2016
Tubman decision is a win for women and upstate New York

Associated Press: April 24, 2016
Harriet Tubman's upstate New York home to be National Historical Park

TWC News: April 22, 2016
Harriet Tubman has Deep New York Roots

Reuters: April 20, 2016
Harriet Tubman to be first African-American on U.S. currency

Syracuse Post-Standard: April 20, 2016
It's official: Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill; Auburn welcomes the news


New York Times: April 16, 2016
272 Slaves Were Sold to Save Georgetown. What Does It Owe Their Descendants?


NY Daily News: April 3, 2016
Fifty years later, Spring Valley coach Willie Worsley recalls Texas Western's upset over all-white Kentucky in 1966 NCAA Championship March 7, 2016
Ona Judge Staines: She Challenged George Washington and Won Her Freedom


ABC News: March 6, 2016
Museum Marks 175th Anniversary of Amistad Captives' Freedom


New York Magazine: February 29, 2016
The Invisible Black Man on a Prospect Park Statue


Queens Chronicle: February 25, 2016
The Underground Railroad in NYC


Aljazeera: February 21, 2016
Remembering Malcolm X, 50 years on


New York Times: February 19, 2016
A Civil Rights Warrior, Armed With Spoons and Thank-You Notes


New York Times: February 18, 2016
Remembering A Vile Civil War Act, On Fifth Avenue


The New Yorker: February 18, 2016
Telling the Story of Slavery


Associated Press: February 7, 2016
Black History Month marked at New York's Capitol


Colorlines: February 3, 2016
New Video Asks 'Can You See White Privilege?'


New York Times: February 1, 2016
New York Today: Celebrating Black History


New York Daily News: February 1, 2016
Yes Black History Month and celebrate the struggles and triumphs of America


Auburn Citizen: February 1, 2016
Auchampaugh: Who owned slaves in Owasco?


Observer-Dispatch: January 31, 2016
OUR VIEW: Make black history American history


Amsterdam News: January 29, 2016
Black History Month theme highlights African American historic places


Daily Journal: January 28, 2016
A project aimed at memorializing America's slave-trade ports is targeting Rhode Island, where some 1,000 slave-trading voyages were launched


New York Daily News: January 28, 2016
Challenger 30th anniversary: Remembering Ronald McNair January 26, 2016
Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation Sells for Record Price at Sundance


The Nation: January 25, 2016
Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation Sells for Record Price at Sundance


The New York Times: January 21, 2016
Evidence of Burial Ground Is Discovered


New York Times: January 7, 2016
At the Studio Museum in Harlem, 4 Shows Engage a Cultural Conversation January 7, 2016
Literary Women Pay Homage to Zora Neale Hurston on Her 125th Birthday


Huffington Post: November 30, 2015
Urgency and Optimism: Chisholm's Legacy and the Status of Black Women in American Politics Today


New York Times: November 20, 2015
Mal Whitfield, Olympic Gold Medalist and Tuskegee Airman, Dies at 91


NY Daily News: November 6, 2015
Brooklyn Tuskegee Airman who joined FDNY after WWII dies at age 95 October 26, 2015
A Rare, Firsthand Account of an African Muslim Enslaved in Brazil October 4, 2015
Textbook Company to Update Description of Slaves as ‘Workers’ After Criticism


New York Times: August 23, 2015
Rhode Island Church Taking Unusual Step to Illuminate Its Slavery Role


New York Times: August 13, 2015
Missing Historical Marker Resurrects Debate Over Photographer’s Birthplace


Sag Harbor News: August 13, 2015
Slave Dwelling Project, A Stay in the Manor’s Attic


New York Times: August 12, 2015
Confronting Slavery at Long Island’s Oldest Estates


New York Daily News: July 30, 2015
Tuskegee Airman William White, a 'humble' hero, dies in Virginia home aged 88


Huffington Post: July 22, 2015
Frederick Douglass and Southern Politics


New York Times: July 13, 2015
CUNY Exhibition Documents Lives of Black Africans in Early Dominican Republic


New York Times: July 6, 2015
Adirondack Town Mystery: Who Stole Marker for a Civil War Photographer?


Huffington Post: July 2, 2015
Recovering New York City's Black History


Associated Press: July 1, 2015
Misty Copeland's promotion at ABT breaks barriers


New York Times: May 31, 2015
Grim History Traced in Sunken Slave Ship Found Off South Africa


Amsterdam News: May 15, 2015
Recognizing How Slaves Helped Build NYC May 13, 2015
8 Interesting Facts About Cathay Williams, the Only Black Woman Enlisted as a Buffalo Soldier

Associated Press: May 10, 2015
West Point names barracks for black graduate who was shunned

New York Times: May 7, 2015
Diane White Clatto, Weathercaster Who Broke a Color Barrier, Dies at 76 May 1, 2015
With 150th Anniversary of Reconstruction, Federal Govt. Delves Into Greater Examination of That Crucial Period in American History

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New York Times: April 20, 2015
Use of ‘African-American’ Dates to Nation’s Early Days


New York Daily News: April 15, 2015
New York’s lasting shame: Marking the site of a slave market in lower Manhattan is a fitting commemoration

New York Daily News: April 15, 2015
NYC plans to erect memorial at site of Wall Street slave market that operated in the 1700s

New York Times: April 9, 2015
Civil War's Lessons Resound 150 years Later

New York Times: April 5, 2015
Phyllis R. Klotman, Scholar and Archivist of African-American Cinema, Dies at 90 April 1, 2015
With Its Release 100 Years Ago, ‘Birth of a Nation’ Horrified The Black Community But Eventually Led to The Creation of a Freedom Movement

New York Times: February 26, 2015
Building the First Slavery Museum in America February 17, 2015
How A look Inside a Slave Ship Turned the Tide Toward Abolition

New York Times: February 15, 2015
Spider Martin’s Photographs of the Selma March Get a Broader View February 9, 2015
Carol Taylor’s 1st Flight made History for African Americans

New York Times: February 6, 2015
Who Rosa Parks Was, Not Just What She Meant

New York Times: February 4, 2015
Charlie Sifford, First Black Player on PGA Tour, Dies at 92

amNEWYORK: February 2, 2015
Celebrate Black History Month in NYC

amNEWYORK: February 1, 2015
Black History Month puts a spotlight on great Americans

Chicago Tribune: January 24, 2015
Ernie Banks, legendary ‘Mr. Cub,’
dead at 83 January 22, 2015
Ernest J. Gaines: A Great American Author Pays It Forward to a New Generation of Black Writers

Washington Post: January 22, 2015
The story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s first secretary, Maude Ballou

New York Times: January 14, 2015
Words From The Past Illuminate A Station On The Way to Freedom January 13, 2015
The Complexities of Race Hidden Within a Simple Display or Everyday Life

UN News Centre: January 8, 2015
UN, educators applaud Paramount’s ‘Selma,’ chronicling Martin Luther King’s campaign for voting equality

New York Times: January 3, 2015
Edward W. Brooke III, 95, Senate Pioneer, Is Dead

New York Times: January 1, 2015
Recalling Blind Tom, An Autistic Pianist Born to Slavery

Washington Post: December 20, 2014
Artist’s paintings of Amistad slave mutiny tell of African triumph over slavery

New York Times: October 29, 2014
Historical Society Exhibition to Commemorate Selma-to-Montgomery March

My Eastern Shore MD: October 20, 2014
U.S. Senate approves legislation for Tubman national park

New York Times: October 8, 2014
Burial Vaults Inspire a Celebration of a Church Opposed to Slavery

New York Daily News: September 8, 2014
Preservationists look to Harlem to safeguard NY estate of trailblazing African-American entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker



Black History Month Observed: A roundup

The Origins and Significance of Black History Month

New York Daily News: January 20, 2014
Freedom’s King: New online tape of MLK’s words in N.Y. Recording of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. giving 1962 speech in Midtown made public

New York Post: January 19, 2014
MTA to move depot built on slave graveyard

New York Daily News: January 8, 2014
Freed slave burial ground found in Elmherst; St. Marks A.M.E. Church hopes to preserve the burial site, where bones from more than a dozen bodies were discovered

New York Daily News: November 26, 2013
Feds confirm slave grave discovery at Joseph Rodman Drake Park by group of kids at Bronx’s PS 48

Saratogian: November 9, 2013
NYS Museum exhibits Civil War soldier’s art

New York Times: September 28, 2013
An Escape From Slavery, Now A Movie, Has Long Intrigued Historians

Governor Cuomo Statement: August 28, 2013
Governor Cuomo Issues Statement on 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

New York Daily News: August 6, 2013
The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 was the first step toward ending more than two centuries of African-American bondage in U.S.

New York Daily News: August 1, 2013
New program encourages students to learn about Olde Towne of Flushing Burial Ground

Troy Record: July 28, 2013
Permanent Civil War exhibit opens at the New York State Military Museum

Journal News: July 2, 2013
Silver Lake Preserve offers glimpse of slaves' freedom journey

New York Daily News: April 13, 2013
There's no dodging the legacy of Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson

New York Times: March 18, 2013
Slaves’ Forgotten Burial Sites, marked Online

Albany Times Union: March 10, 2013
Black History Belongs in Every Month

New York Daily News: February 6, 2013
African-American women have played role in every war effort in U.S. history, research shows