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2016 New York State Athletic Commission Licensees

The New York State Athletic Commission (SAC) is authorized to regulate professional boxing and wrestling contests, matches, and exhibitions within the state of New York pursuant to Title 25 of the Unconsolidated Laws. Comprised of three members appointed by the governor, in addition to a physician, a Medical Advisory Board, and staff, SAC administers licenses, enforces rules and regulations, and ensures that medical and safety standards are being met. It provides training seminars for referees, judges, and inspectors, oversees hundreds of events annually across the state, and is committed to promoting and maintaining the health, safety and integrity of its regulated athletic activities.


The New York State Athletic commission is mandated PURSUANT TO Title 25 of the Unconsolidated Laws of the State of New York, together with the implementing regulations set forth in 19 NYCRR §§ 205-217, to accomplish the following activities with respect to boxing and wrestling contests, matches and exhibitions:

  • Review, grant and administer all licenses involved with the Commission’s activities and enforce where necessary regulations according to law, rules and regulations pertaining to the supervision and regulation of boxing and wrestling activities in the State of New  York.
  • Review all regulations that may enhance or streamline the effectiveness of the Commission and recommend changes or alternatives as appropriate for the sports of boxing and wrestling in the State of New York.
  • Re-evaluate the commission’s outlook on medical and safety standards by research and that the normal procedures that have been utilized in the past.
  • Promote the sports of boxing and wrestling with innovative ideas to advance these sports and ensure that New York State continues to host many great sporting events.