New York State Gasoline Price Hotline 

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Consumer Assistance Hotline:
(518) 474-8583
(800) 697-1220

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Avoid Unfair Practices at the Gas Pump and Save Money on Fuel

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In response to steadily rising gas price and uncertain market conditions, Governor Cuomo has directed the Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection and the Department of Agriculture & Markets to work together to ensure consumers are properly armed with the tools they need to save money at the pump.

See the Governor’s Press Release announcing the partnership between the NYDOS’ Division of Consumer Protection and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to help consumers avoid unfair business practices when purchasing fuel.

New York State Gasoline Price Hotline: (800) 214-4372
A dedicated toll-free hotline providing information on how to report suspected gouging activity.

Gas Gouging Complaint Form
A web-based complaint form where New Yorkers are able to report suspected price gouging or concerns about improper delivery of quantity.

Tips to Save Money at the Pump
As gas prices increase, consumers should be cognizant of these simple tips to ensure your vehicle maximizes gas mileage.

Department of Agriculture & Markets Division of Bureau of Weights & Measures
Using a combination of state and local officials, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets’ Bureau of Weights and Measures carefully inspects gas stations across New York to assure measurement accuracy and promote a fair and equitable marketplace.