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New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code Enforcement
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2016 Code Update
Advanced In-Service Notice

Department of State – Division of Building Standards and Codes
Advanced In-Service Training for Code Enforcement Officials and Building Safety Inspectors

In accordance with 19 NYCRR 1208-3.4, the 2016 CEO Code Update Class and 2016 BSI Code Update Class, developed by the Division of Building Standards and Codes, shall be considered advanced in-service training. The 2016 CEO Code Update Class shall be 9 hours in duration and shall provide three hours in each of the following topic areas: 1) Code Enforcement and Administration 2) Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code 3) Energy Conservation Construction Code.  Code Enforcement Officials must attend the 2016 CEO Code Update Class and achieve a score of 70% or higher on an examination administered at the end of the class to successfully complete advanced in-service training.  The 2016 BSI Code Update Class shall be 3 hours in duration and shall provide three hours in the following topic area:  Code Enforcement and Administration.  Building Safety Inspectors must attend the 2016 BSI Code Update Class and achieve a score of 70% or higher on an examination administered at the end of the class to successfully complete advanced in-service training.  Building Safety Inspectors and Code Enforcement Officials must successfully complete advanced in-service training by December 31, 2016 to maintain certification.
Secretary of State

2016 CEO Code Update

To maintain the necessary level of safety and to keep pace with advances in technology concerning fire prevention and building construction, New York State periodically revises and updates the standards of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the State Energy Conservation Construction Code. This course addresses the proposed updates and highlights significant changes in the next code update, which is anticipated to become effective in 2016. It is mandatory to successfully complete this course to maintain Code Enforcement Official Certification, pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208. This course will also serve to provide the student with 9 hours of Code Enforcement In-Service Training credit towards their annual 24-hour training requirement. Participation during the entire 9-hour course is required to obtain credit. A comprehensive examination, based upon the information provided during this course will be conducted at the conclusion of the program (included as part of the 9 hours.)  Individuals are required to successfully pass the exam with a score of 70% or better to receive credit for the course. Students will be allowed three attempts to successfully complete the exam, individuals who are unsuccessful after the third attempt will be required to complete the new sequence of Basic Training Class based on the 2016 Code Update.

“2016 CEO Code Update” Course
In-Service Topic Area per Part 1208 - Hours
Code Enforcement and Administration - 3 hours
Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code - 3 Hours
Energy Conservation Construction Code - 3 Hours

The “2016 CEO Code Update” course will be provided by the Division of Building Standards and Codes (DBSC) at the conferences listed below or by attending the course at a DBSC sponsored event.

  The “2014 Commercial Energy Code Update” course is a prerequisite to the “2016 CEO Code Update” course.  The “2014 Commercial Energy Code Update” course was provided at many of the conferences during 2014 and was also available on line.  If you have not completed this course yet, it is still available online at:

NYSERDA – New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Website 

SLMS - Statewide Learning Management System 

Click here for instructions on registering for the “2014 Commercial Energy Code Update” class in SLMS.

Classes presented by third party presenters, though approved for credit toward annual in-service training, will not count toward taking the prerequisite class offered by DBSC staff.

You will not be permitted to attend the 2016 Code Update course without completing the “2014 Commercial Energy Code Update” course. Credit for taking the “2016 CEO Code Update” class will not be given if a student has not completed the “2014 Commercial Energy Code Update” class.


Building Safety Inspectors will be required to successfully complete the “2016 BSI Code Update” Class (3 hour Training.) This course will be offered by DBSC approved Adjunct Instructors through local Fire and Building Departments. In addition, it is anticipated that the 3 hour “2016 BSI Code Update” course will be available online in the 2nd half of 2016.

2016 CEO Code Update Course Offered at Upcoming 2016 Conferences

You must contact each individual conference for the schedule and registration.
DBSC does not handle the registration for these events.

DATE Conference Website
Jan-16 Niagara Frontier Building Officials  (
Feb-16 New York State Assoc. of  Towns (
Feb-16 NYSBOC  Capital District Chapter (
Mar-16 Northern Adirondack Building Officials (
Mar-16 Finger Lakes Building Officials (
Mar-16 NYSBOC  Central Chapter (
Apr-16 NYSBOC Westchester Chapter    (
Apr-16 Hudson Valley Code Enforcement Officials (
Apr-16 Rockland County Code Enforcement (
Aug-16 Maritime College Conference (
Sep-16 Western Southern Tier Building Officials (
Sep-16 NYS Fire Marshals and Inspectors 
Oct-16 OFPC Fire Marshal’s Seminar 
Dec-16 NYSBOC  Tri-County Chapter (
To be determined SCUBA Buffalo
To be determined SCUBA Albany


“2016 CEO Code Update” course Sponsored by the Division of Building Standards and Codes

Due to the high demand for these courses and class size limitations and constraints, the following restrictions on class attendance have been established. Efforts will be made to accommodate an individual’s preferred class dates and locations as indicated on the course application form, however, not all requests may be able to be honored. Be sure to provide two class dates/locations in order of preference. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP FOR A CLASS FOR WHICH YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED CONFIRMATION. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO THE CLASS. Only those individuals who have received prior confirmation, from the DBSC, to attend a course on a particular date will be allowed to participate on that given day. All individuals must bring a copy of their confirmation notice to class. No substitutions for a confirmed student by another individual will be permitted. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend a class for which you have received confirmation, please contact this office at (518)-474-4073 as soon as possible to allow scheduling of the attendance of another individual. If you miss a class that you had been confirmed to attend, DO NOT show up on one of the following days. You will be required to contact this office to confirm scheduling another class for you to attend. Please recognize that there are numerous opportunities in all geographic areas of the State to participate in this mandatory training program. Not everyone can be accepted into the first sessions that are scheduled for a particular area/location. Your consideration and patience is requested and appreciated. Please be respectful of the above limitations and the instructors and staff who will be required to administer these restrictions. Your understanding and cooperation is anticipated and appreciated. Future classes across the state will be scheduled based on the demand.

An individual must attend the entire 1 ½ day class to receive credit. Partial attendance at an event will not be allowed for any reason. Individuals who do not attend the entire 1 1/2 day class will be required to re-register and repeat the entire class to receive credit.

Course No. County/City Dates
49-0092-1 Oneida County/Westmoreland February 2, 9am-4pm  and  February 3, 9am-noon
49-0092-2 Oneida County/Westmoreland February 3, 1pm-4pm  and  February 4, 9am-4pm
49-0092-3 Schuyler County/Montour Falls March 8, 9am-4pm  and  March 9, 9am-noon
49-0092-4 Schuyler County/Montour Falls March 9, 1pm-4pm  and  March 10, 9am-4pm
49-0092-5 Nassau County/TBD March 22, 9am-4pm  and  March 23,9am-noon
49-0092-6 Nassau County/TBD March 23, 1pm-4pm  and  March 24, 9am-4pm
49-0092-7 Orange County/New Hampton May 3, 9am-4pm  and  May 4, 9am-noon
49-0092-8 Orange County/New Hampton  May 4, 1pm-4pm  and  May 5, 9am-4pm
49-0092-9 Albany County/Voorheesville May 10, 9am-4pm and May 11, 9am-noon
49-0092-10 Albany County/Voorheesville  May 11, 1pm-4pm and  May 12, 9am-4pm
49-0092-11 Onondaga County/Clay June 7, 9am-4pm and  June 8, 9am-noon
49-0092-24 Onondaga County/Clay  June 8, 1pm-4pm  and  June 9, 9am-4pm
49-0092-12 North Country/TBD June 14, 9am-4pm  and  June 15, 9am-noon
49-0093-13 North Country/TBD  June 15, 1pm-4pm  and  June 16, 9am-4pm
49-0092-14 Broome County/Binghamton June 21, 9am-4pm  and  June 22, 9am-noon
49-0092-15 Broome County/Binghamton June 22, 1pm-4pm  and  June 23, 9am-4pm
49-0092-16 Monroe County/West Henrietta July 12, 9am-4pm  and  July 13, 9am-noon
49-0092-23 Monroe County/West Henrietta  July 13, 1pm-4pm  and  July 14, 9am-4pm
49-0092-17 Dutchess County/Staatsburg July 12, 9am-4pm  and  July 13, 9am-noon
49-0092-18 Dutchess County/Staatsburg  July 13, 1pm-4pm  and  July 14, 9am-4pm
49-0092-19 Erie County/TBD July 19, 9am-4pm  and  July 20, 9am-noon
49-0092-20 Erie County/TBD  July 20, 1pm-4pm  and  July 21, 9am-4pm
49-0092-21 Suffolk County/Farmingdale July 26, 9am-4pm  and  July 27, 9am-noon
49-0092-22 Suffolk County/Farmingdale  July 27, 1pm-4pm  and  July 28, 9am-4pm

2016 CEO Code Update Instructions and Registration Form (PDF)