About the Community Services Block Grant -[CSBG] Advisory Council

The CSBG Advisory Council was created to fulfill the mandate of Chapter 884 of NY State Laws of 1982. In compliance with this statute, the council includes representation from local government, private nonprofit providers, and the public. Half of the representatives are appointed by the governor, one quarter by the president pro-tempore of the Senate, and one quarter by the speaker of the Assembly. In 1997, Part 701 was added to Title 19 of the New York Codes Rules and Regulations through adoption of a new rule pursuant to provisions of the State Administrative Procedure Act. The stated purpose for rule making was to recognize the existing council, and provide for membership to be a number certain of twenty. Part 701 creates the CSBG Advisory Council in DOS, establishes the number of members, and reiterates the percentage of appointments by each official, as described above. Duties of the council delineated in Part 701 include the following:

(a) to assist low-income persons to overcome the barriers of poverty. This may include providing services to individuals or performing activities intended to achieve institutional change;
(b) to consult with the Secretary of State in the preparation of reports, and development of applications and the Community Services Block Grant plan;
(c) to advise the Secretary of State on strategies and activities to achieve these goals by either responding to actions proposed by the Secretary or suggesting new initiatives to the Secretary; and
(d) to adopt and amend bylaws necessary to address the appointment and terms of Council officers and their duties, meetings of the Council, attendance by members, and other matters incidental to the Council's duties and proper function.