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Reports, Management Plans and Guides

The following forms are for use by Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) grantees in New York State. These and other forms were sent to CSBG grantees. These and other forms are also available to grantees on disk. Grantees should direct requests for disks to their assigned program analyst. To receive a hard copy version of the publications and forms listed below click on the "contact and ordering" link at the bottom of this page.

Acrobat PDF File Download Information:


CSBG Annual Report -Federal Fiscal Year 2011 (pdf)

CSBG Annual Report -Federal Fiscal Year 2010 (pdf)

CSBG Annual Report -Federal Fiscal Year 2009 (pdf)


Expenditure Descriptions for Budget Preparation (pdf)

Program and Fiscal Monitoring Process and Guidelines (revised 2007)

Comprehensive Organizational Review and Evaluation (CORE) 2012
(PDF) Download
(Microsoft Word Document) Download

Management Plans

CSBG Management Plan FFY 2015 (pdf)

CSBG Management Plan
FFY 2013 & FFY 2014

CSBG Management Plan
FFY 2011 & FFY 2012 (As Submitted)

Revised Page 9 and 10 of CSBG Management Plan FFY 2011 & 2012 (pdf)

CSBG Management Plan
FFY 2010
(word doc) (pdf)