Code Enforcement Officer Certified Training

According to Part 434 of Title 19 NYCRR, code enforcement personnel shall annually receive a minimum of 24 hours of in-service training.

The New York Department of State Division of Local Government Services is pleased to provide the following courses certified by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Contact the training unit at (518) 473-3355, to schedule a session in your region. Additional courses are provided by the Educational Services Unit of the Department of State's Division of Code Enforcement and Administration.

The following courses have been certified for code enforcement in-service training by the Division of Code Enforcement and administration as of March 1, 2013. NYS Code Enforcement In-Service Training credits will only be awarded to individuals who have taken the NYS Basic Training Courses for code enforcement officials.

  • Topic A: Code Enforcement Practices & Organization
  • Topic B: Occupancy Classifications & Hazard Recognition
  • Topic C: Building Construction & Structure Design Criteria
  • Topic D: Building Systems
  • Topic E: Plans Review & Building Specifications
  • Topic F: Code Interpretation and Application
  • Topic G: Public Policy Considerations Affecting Building Construction & Maintenance

Course Name Course Number Topic Areas
Adopting and Amending Zoning 49-5374 1 Hour Topic G
Case Law Update for Planning and Zoning 49-5205 1 Hour Topic G
Community Design Tools 49-6189 1 Hour Topic G
Comprehensive Planning 49-5149 1 Hour Topic G
Enforcement of Zoning and Other Local Laws 49-5004 2 Hours Topic G
Farmland Protection and Ag Viability (1 hour) 49-6160 1 Hour Topic A
Farmland Protection and Ag Viability (2 hours) 49-6152

1 Hour Topic A
1 Hour Topic G

Form-Based Zoning 49-6508 1 Hour Topic G
Historic Preservation 49-6371 1 Hour Topic A
Intermunicipal Cooperation: Building Code Enforcement 49-5146 1 Hour Topic G
Intermunicipal Planning 49-5627 1 Hour Topic G
Land Use Moratoria 49-5628 1 Hour Topic A
Locally Unwanted Land Use Regulation 49-6065 1 Hour Topic A
Planning and Zoning: An Introduction 49-6023 1 Hour Topic A
Planning Board Overview 49-5002 1 Hour Topic E
1 Hour Topic G
Public Meetings and Hearings 49-5324 1 Hour Topic G
Public Officers: Powers and Duties 49-6290 1 Hour Topic A
Record Keeping 49-5626 1 Hour Topic A
1 Hour Topic G
Revising Zoning 49-6073 1 Hour Topic A
Revitalizing Downtown 49-6097 1 Hour Topic A
Rural Planning 49-6036 2 Hours Topic A
Sign Regulation 49-5032 1 Hour Topic G
Site Plan Review 49-5908 1 Hour Topic G
Smart Growth 49-5376 1 Hour Topic G
Special Use Permits 49-5373 1 Hour Topic G
State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Basics 49-5007 1 Hour Topic E
1 Hour Topic G
Stormwater Regulation 49-6421 2 Hours Topic A
Subdivision Review 49-5148 1 Hour Topic C
Zoning Board of Appeals Overview (short course) 49-6212 1 Hour Topic A
Zoning Board of Appeals Overview 49-5003 1 Hour Topic E
1 Hour Topic G