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Office of Planning and Development
New York Department of State
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Staff Listing

David Ashton
Christopher Bauer
Riobart Breen
Teshannna Brunner
MaryAnn Butler
Denise Caldwell
Greg Capobianco
Peter Clouse
Sarah Crowell
Amy DeGaetano
Jaime Ethier
Myra Fedyniak
Bill Feldhusen
Laurissa Garcia
Gary Haight
Lori Heithoff
Jeff Herter
Wilhelmina Innes
Valeria Ivan
Barbara Kendall
Nancy Kunz
Carolyn LaBarbiera
Andrew Labruzzo
Fred Landa
Tara Lucey
Peter Lauridsen
David MacLeod
Rebecca Newell
Tracey O'Malley
Renee Parsons
Barry Pendergrass
Liz Podowski
Jaime Reppert
Steve Ridler
Nancy Rucks
Lisa Sainato
Vincent Sculco
Ken Smith
Mike Snyder
Jennifer Street
Terra Sturn
Julie Sweet
Lisa Vasilakos
John Wimbush
Stephanie Wojtowicz
Jeff Zappieri