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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name A - C


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Abbott James  J. NY0004657
Abbott Raymond  T. NY0009146
Abdallah James  NY0010244
Abdelrahman Al  NY0056610
Abdo Thomas  E. NY0005146
Abdou Richard  L. NY0002672
Abram Kenneth  J. NY0015743
Abramski Patrick  M. NY0346948
Abriatis Thomas  D. NY0003216
Ackerman George  S. NY0005975
Ackerman Lester  T. NY0007192
Ackerson Peter  A. NY0003692
Adamczak Thomas  J. NY0005561
Adams Michael  H NY0002480
Adams John  J. NY0004473
Adams Gregory  W. NY0071350
Adams Jr. Robert  E. NY0003638
Addario John  R. NY0004488
Aderhold Gerald  NY0004582
Adil Douglas  H. NY0030421
Adrian Jeffrey  C. NY0005145
Adsit Michael  G. NY0005603
Afify Mohamed  S. NY0071390
Agbi Casimir  E. NY0003691
Agostinelli Joseph  V. NY0032696
Agresta Anthony  J. NY0030859
Aguero Luis  A. NY0007202
Ahrans Jeffrey  NY0350457
Aiello Peter  A. NY0007427
Aiello Gregory  T. NY0007564
Aiken Timothy  C. NY0004135
Aiossa Chris  NY0004167
Aksterowicz Daniel NY0371300
Alauddin Mohammed  NY0053941
Albamont Steven  NY0049252
Albanese Robert  H. NY0046873
Albert Gilman  P. NY0002574
Albert Mario  J. NY0004906
Albert Vincent  M. NY0046874
Alberto Donald  NY0004177
Alberts Kenneth  R. NY0056807
Albinagorta John  J. NY0030706
Albinski Peter  NY0348521
Albright Donald  C. NY0005713
Albrigo Peter  J. NY0008348
Aldrich Christopher  B. NY0002753
Alexander Thomas  J. NY0004566
Alexander Jr. Frank  A. NY0032697
Alexanian Charles  S. NY0004861
Algarin Albert A. NY0371600
Alguire Paul  G. NY0033249
Alilionis Henry  NY0362542
Aliperti Michael  NY0046875
Allegretti David  F. NY0013699
Allen Michael  A NY0002433
Allen Marcia  NY0002880
Allen Lawrence  W. NY0004494
Allen Scott  W. NY0005226
Allen Kurt  C. NY0008195
Allen David  W. NY0010723
Allen Stephen M. NY0371284
Allen  David  NY0000146
Allison Richard CE1000132
Almy Kenneth  M. NY0016170
Alonge Christopher  G. NY0004364
Alston Larry  D. NY0007340
Altieri Nicholas  NY0033438
Alvarenga Juan C. NY0196565
Alvarez Carlos  A. NY0055974
Alweis Robert  F. NY0016555
Amante John  T. NY0023804
Ambrose Keith  NY0360111
Amendola George  A. NY0006059
Amerbach Gary  W. NY0009389
Amico Roberta  O. NY0007845
Ammon Udo  A. NY0016198
Amoroso Vincent CE1000111
Andersen Michael  P. NY0003224
Andersen Maryann  NY0007650
Andersen Donn  P NY0041103
Anderson Kemp  L. NY0002392
Anderson Mark  J. NY0003534
Anderson Walter  S. NY0003583
Anderson Gregory  J. NY0005711
Anderson Todd  C. NY0008015
Anderson Christopher P. NY0371630
Anderus Gerald  T. NY0041182
Ando Anthony  A. NY0004049
Andreades Daryl  NY0009085
Andreassen Paul  NY0003466
Andrews Richard  NY0003212
Andrews Renee  C. NY0346994
Andruszkiewicz David  J. NY0007649
Anfiteatro Peter  A. NY0004702
Angerami Joseph  M. NY0008040
Angiello Joseph  NY0349534
Anglim Peter  NY0041201
Angotti Joshua  NY0030770
Angrisani Robert  M. NY0027086
Angrisano Jack  J. NY0007651
Anthony Joseph  NY0009317
Antoine Aline  NY0363803
Aparicio Nestor  S. NY0030805
Applebee Bruce  R. NY0007409
Aquino Joseph  S. NY0005141
Arena Daniel  J. NY0359194
Arico Joseph  A. NY0004655
Armando David  J. NY0004465
Armellino Joseph  NY0004171
Arms Bryant  D. NY0001823
Armstrong Seth  T. NY0005283
Arnold William  R. NY0004133
Arsenault Matthew  J. NY0004332
Arthur Michael  C. H. NY0030753
Arundale Matthew  B. NY0054990
Asaro Leonard  F. NY0004758
Asheim Erik  NY0003464
Ashkenazy Jillian  K. NY0346950
Astuto Stephen  NY0004668
Athineos Paul  W. NY0007477
Aubuchon Phil  L. NY0002828
Audino Mark  A. NY0009165
Ault Terry  J. NY0010275
Aumand David  NY0358970
Avity Kwami NY0371588
Ayhens Kenneth  R. NY0055992
Azeez Mohamed  NY0364864
Azevedo Claudio  NY0007509
Babbitt-Henry Deborah  J. NY0004936
Babcock Arthur  J. NY0003894
Babcock Leslie  W. NY0004997
Babcock James  T. NY0027171
Baccari Daniel  NY0055292
Bacher Michael  G. NY0028309
Backus Adam  NY0362538
Bagnoli Jacqueline  NY0358965
Bahnsen Robin  NY0007265
Bahnsen Jr. William  H. NY0007264
Baicich Anthony  J. NY0004162
Bailey Edward  J. NY0004132
Bailey James  C. NY0007775
Bailey Michael  NY0347497
Bailey Lloyd  NY0348522
Baird Michael  R. NY0056240
Baird Linda  K. NY0061648
Baker William  E. NY0003098
Baker Steven  A. NY0003746
Baker Thomas  R. NY0007725
Baker Charles  H. NY0008194
Baker Holly  A. NY0041165
Baker Lawrence  NY0359195
Baksa Jeffrey  G. NY0011831
Balcer David  A. NY0015792
Balcerzak Jr. Raymond  R. NY0030628
Baldassare Thomas  NY0009578
Baldwin Matthew  NY0362555
Balesteri Richard  A. NY0004047
Balinda George T. NY0004331
Ball James  G. NY0003893
Ball Jeffrey  E. NY0004466
Ball William  NY0004830
Ball Larry  V. NY0008347
Ball Robert  B. NY0346909
Ballerstein Mark  K. NY0069239
Balmer Dale  L. NY0030896
Bambino Robert  J. NY0007263
Bambrick Elizabeth  A. NY0065204
Banks Lawrence  J. NY0005139
Banks William  W. NY0007262
Banks Matthew  NY0362682
Banta Michael  C. NY0056290
Banyi Paul  M. NY0004046
Barbach Robert  G. NY0030960
Barber Douglas  R. NY0014136
Barber Ryan J. NY0041390
Barbieri Richard  J. NY0003019
Barbieri Alfred  A. NY0007537
Barbiero Edward  J. NY0008193
Barbuti David  NY0031078
Barcori Richard  NY0363453
Bardeen Kevin  J. NY0005225
Barham Willard  H. NY0009123
Barkaus John  M. NY0346951
Barker Michael  NY0003582
Barlow Eric NY0037708
Barnard Raymond  E. NY0005224
Barnes Andrea  NY0030879
Barnes Chad  R. NY0041602
Barnes Annette  NY0366686
Barnett Maryalice  C NY0002334
Barnett Glenn  R. NY0046876
Barney John NY0223586
Barnhart David  J. NY0002434
Barnum James  G NY0007276
Barnum Eugene  R. NY0007368
Baron Leonard  NY0007562
Baron Jr. Patrick  J. NY0005611
Barr Timothy  F. NY0007194
Barr Vance  A. NY0010299
Barrali Robert  A. NY0004045
Barrett Peter  C. NY0004249
Barringer Paul  F. NY0243019
Barrios Erick  NY0362569
Barroca Paul  D. NY0003020
Barry Priscilla  E. NY0003636
Barry Robert  L. NY0047360
Barry Kevin NY0371589
Barry Sr. Ronald  NY0365142
Barter LAWRENCE NY0006058
Barth Jeremy  NY0027088
Barton David  E NY0002520
Barton Jack  D. NY0003801
Barton Scott  NY0021343
Basile James  J. NY0005316
Basnight David  E. NY0002807
Bastian William  M. NY0003800
Bastiani David  A. NY0000017
Bastiani Merideth  F. NY0017554
Batchelder Joseph  B. NY0030925
Bathie Michael  NY0007536
Battaglia Joseph  L. NY0038664
Bauch James NY0015988
Baudille Sr James  L. NY0007535
Bauer Paul  W. NY0004706
Baxter Iii George  C. NY0004651
Baylinson Lester  F. NY0324384
Beach Walter  R. NY0007581
Beahan Joseph  M. NY0026441
Beahen David  O. NY0049705
Beale Douglas  P. NY0049253
Beary Peter  J. NY0005282
Beaudoin Raymond  NY0031493
Beciana Juan  C. NY0056272
Beck William  M. NY0005370
Beck Raymond  J. NY0005494
Beck John  J. NY0008013
Beck Jr. Gary  E. NY0004260
Becker Raymond  L. NY0004180
Becker Paul  B. NY0035311
Becker John  R. NY0041087
Becker Raymond  B. NY0357865
Beckhusen Cindy  L. NY0005303
Beckhusen Rolf  E. NY0008901
Beckmann Robert  C. NY0162638
Bedetti Iii Francis  NY0003402
Bee-Donohoe Karren  S. NY0000359
Beeman Clair  W. NY0003798
Beerle Richard  K. NY0010897
Behn Jr. George  T. NY0076688
Behrman Michael  J. NY0004677
Beitl Diane  K. NY0005325
Belding Robert  K. NY0005223
Bell Robert  P. NY0004961
Bello Paul  D. NY0046877
Belsky Sanford  F. NY0004044
Belson Sr. Brian  M. NY0015721
Belziti Richard  R. NY0002974
Bendel Mark R. NY0013188
Bender Karl  J. NY0005138
Bender Cole  B. NY0041046
Bendert Gary  P. NY0073725
Benedetti Domenic  M. NY0365591
Benedict Alan  J. NY0008911
Benedict Conrad  D. NY0015657
Benedict Joseph  W. NY0055994
Ben-Habib Soraya  NY0009316
Benincasa Michael  J. NY0009581
Benjamin David NY0371301
Benkwitt Iii Robert  R. NY0032172
Bennett Clifton  F. NY0034742
Bennett Jr. George  E. NY0011402
Berben Harold  J. NY0004330
Berecz Timothy A. NY0008272
Beresford Shawn  T. NY0004860
Berg Barron  O. NY0005261
Berg Gregory W. NY0371631
Berkhoudt Daniel CE1000045
Berlow John  S. NY0003463
Bernard Bryan D. NY0371285
Berns Michael  D. NY0016677
Bernys James J. NY0012352
Berrios Ruben  NY0005281
Bertini Amy  NY0003225
Bertolotti Anthony  J. NY0028865
Bertone Joseph  NY0005855
Besic Fikret  NY0026883
Besso Roberto  NY0367825
Best Robert  P. NY0004398
Bettina Vincent NY0371632
Bettmann Michael  B. NY0005672
Betts David  A. NY0030707
Betz Carl  A. NY0065182
Beyer Kenneth  NY0009301
Bezner Schawn  NY0362527
Bicknese Karl  F. NY0004650
Bidwell Michael  NY0365146
Bielefeld Mark  C. NY0030631
Bielefeld Jr Donald  C NY0003411
Bifaro Jr. Frank  P. NY0015723
Bilek, Jr. Joseph J. CE1000133
Bingham Bruce  J. NY0004190
Binkiwitz Philip  NY0364246
Binner John  S. NY0006057
Binozi Aldi NY0371559
Biondo Vincent  S. NY0007426
Biro George  M. NY0008189
Bishop Richard  J. NY0065206
Bisognano Joseph  J. NY0007182
Bistoff James  A. NY0006056
Bittner Jeffery  S. NY0010232
Blackwell Jason  M. NY0025049
Blades David H. NY0038708
Blake Mark  D. NY0002517
Blake Richard  V. NY0007647
Blanchard Gary  NY0007534
Blanchard Thomas  E. NY0012056
Blanco Marvin  G. NY0041183
Blasewitz Herbert  NY0021460
Blasi Frank  J. NY0005449
Blask Craig  M. NY0055995
Bleichfeld Richard  S. NY0004895
Blersch Kraig  J. NY0051877
Blizniak Patrick  S. NY0005136
Blodgett Malcolm  S. NY0005567
Bloom Arthur  P. NY0016246
Bloomer Michael  J. NY0005367
Blue Russell  W. NY0002825
Bob Joseph  S. NY0025799
Boberg Joseph  NY0357861
Boddie, Jr. Robert NY0021293
Boden Jr. Richard  G. NY0002967
Bodnar John  J. NY0041603
Body Christine  E NY0002380
Bogart Michael  NY0005892
Bollman Thomas  A. NY0004041
Bologna Jr. Vincent  A. NY0007646
Bombardo Mark  A. NY0003891
Boncore Joseph  R. NY0002689
Boncore Frank  C. NY0055145
Bonesteel Jr. Lester  W. NY0002390
Bongino John  F. NY0004648
Bonnie Robert  S. NY0007760
Bono Marylou  NY0071235
Boock Iii Gerald  F. NY0002710
Boodley Jeanne  E. NY0270626
Booker Walter  G. NY0009718
Booth Joseph  A. NY0005492
Boothroyd Brian  D. NY0000357
Bordeau Wilfred  NY0362541
Boris Douglas  S. NY0008012
Borisenko Paul  T. NY0004328
Borrero Diego  NY0360808
Borrino Allyn  J. NY0004131
Borth Michael NY0368857
Bossung Jr. John  W. NY0009090
Bostick Shawn  NY0009648
Botros Nabil   NY0169980
Botsford Brian  J. NY0009543
Bouchard Ronald  D. NY0003326
Bouchard Claude  A. NY0010740
Boucher Raymond  F. NY0046878
Bourassa Jennifer  M. NY0003553
Bourgoine Robert  H. NY0030848
Boutell Ii Robert  O NY0048493
Boutillier Jr. Robert  S. NY0008011
Bova Michael  J. NY0003889
Bove Kevin  J. NY0003008
Bowen Donald  W. NY0061633
Bowens Edwina  NY0005499
Bowers Paul  M. NY0346910
Boyle James  S NY0004238
Boyle Kenneth  J. NY0004647
Boyle Barbara  A. NY0055141
Boysuk Michael  D. NY0009368
Braddick Edward  W. NY0007337
Bradshaw Eric  C. NY0009106
Bradshaw Scott  A. NY0027118
Bradt Debora CE1000068
Brady Robert  M. NY0056235
Bragg Ronald  J. NY0144241
Braman Neal  L. NY0055165
Braman Sherrill NY0371633
Braun William  T. NY0005333
Braun J Michael  NY0008010
Braun Bryan  B. NY0034122
Braun Keith  R. NY0358603
Brayman Jeffrey  T. NY0041178
Brecker Gary  A. NY0005782
Bregante Joseph  NY0005406
Bremer Steven  J. NY0008188
Bremner Anthony  C. NY0005525
Brennan Matthew  NY0007822
Brennan Kevin  G. NY0013694
Brennan John  W. NY0025755
Brennan Sean  P. NY0049242
Brenner Mary  M. NY0048009
Bresin Steven  M. NY0005856
Brevi Daryl  F. NY0009541
Brickman Linda  S. NY0015659
Bridenbaker Ronald  E. NY0031553
Briere Jeffrey  NY0367826
Briffa Albert  NY0360806
Brigandi Keith  NY0009130
Brillantino Joseph NY0370290
Brinsley Robert  S. NY0005859
Brinsley Adam NY0366702
Brittain Gary  L. NY0346911
Broberg Kenneth  P. NY0003631
Brocher Charles  A. NY0056291
Broderick William  J. NY0007274
Brodfuehrer Thomas  A. NY0005723
Brofman Andrew  J. NY0007261
Brojer Timothy  M. NY0074306
Bronson Edwin  E. NY0230035
Brooks Kevin J. CE1000013
Brooks Randall  B. NY0005135
Brooks Jeffrey  W. NY0008187
Brooks Sr. Albert  J. NY0010319
Brooks-Avni Lynn  S. NY0076690
Broughel Iii David  J. NY0004344
Brower Kyle  E. NY0008741
Brown William  J. NY0003745
Brown Michael  S. NY0004995
Brown Gregory  E. NY0005528
Brown Michael  R. NY0008186
Brown Anthony  L. NY0009490
Brown Kenneth  NY0010880
Brown Richard  D. NY0030899
Brown David  E NY0048494
Brown Peter  M. NY0058547
Brown Kevin D. NY0069626
Brown Michele  L. NY0101854
Brown Elery  NY0362539
Browne David  B. NY0007724
Bruner Charles  F. NY0061649
Brunet Eric NY0038737
Brunet Robert  L. NY0061436
Bruno William  F. NY0007644
Bruno Christopher  R. NY0007645
Brutschin Ronald  M. NY0005886
Buccafusca Stephen  A. NY0005970
Buccilli Stephen  NY0358604
Buchalski Jay  C. NY0065164
Buchholz Andreas  NY0004935
Buchner John  R. NY0007533
Buchter Lisa  A. NY0001506
Buck Steffen  G. NY0009877
Buckland Jr. Albert  W. NY0003236
Buckley Kareem CE1000112
Buckley Lawrence  J. NY0003462
Buckley Edmund  P. NY0004327
Buckley David  J. NY0009858
Buckley James  T. NY0031506
Buckley Jr. Thomas  T. NY0007437
Bucklin Michael  P. NY0001775
Bucknam Timothy  L. NY0008185
Buckner Nicole  L. NY0002822
Buczkowski Mikel  P. NY0003744
Budde Gavin  R. NY0055253
Budgeon-Baker A Tori  NY0003797
Buehler James  P. NY0000229
Bueno Jr. Rafael  A. NY0009326
Bujarski William  C. NY0073332
Bulmann Brent  D. NY0042771
Bunn Terry  A. NY0027147
Bunting Thomas  J. NY0004150
Bunzey Brad  F. NY0002878
Burd Kevin  M. NY0041140
Burden Joseph  NY0005829
Burdett Leo  W. NY0069240
Burdo Kyle  NY0009463
Burey Lynda  A. NY0041164
Burger EMERSON NY0003400
Burkard Keith  M. NY0005134
Burkard Joseph  H. NY0008854
Burke Thomas  NY0007561
Burke Thomas  NY0362528
Burke Jr. David  B. NY0005133
Burke Jr. Stephen  U. NY0120881
Burkholder Robert  NY0349065
Burl David  G. NY0007834
Burlingame Jr. Le Roy  C. NY0004447
Burns Joseph  J. NY0004346
Burns Thomas  J. NY0008677
Burnside Donald  E. NY0004993
Burroughs Jr. James  W. NY0009116
Burton James  R. NY0003796
Busch John  R. NY0007201
Busch Martin  R. NY0009611
Busse, Jr. Douglas NY0371286
Butkowski Ii Kenneth  M. NY0005132
Butler Richard  NY0003687
Butler Gary  S. NY0065200
Butt Edward  P. NY0035347
Buttino John  P. NY0065151
Buttner Brian  NY0003221
Buxton Harry  D. NY0004274
Buxton James  G. NY0030752
Buyce Victoria  A. NY0010300
Byrne William  G. NY0002794
Byrne Scott  L. NY0004553
Byrne Peter  W. NY0009325
Byrne Ii Owen  NY0008199
Cackett Michael  NY0007396
Cagle Charles  A. NY0055166
Cahill Philip  A. NY0004958
Cahill Peter  J. NY0007643
Caillat Catherine  NY0007563
Cain Vanessa  NY0350458
Caines Dale  F. NY0004552
Calaca John  R. NY0003528
Caldararo John  A. NY0009994
Calderon Sylvia  NY0357854
Caldwell Jr James  R. NY0005530
Caliendo Gerald  J. NY0003527
Calin Adriana  NY0069324
Camann Raymond  H. NY0365594
Cameron Roderick  J. NY0004894
Camp Donald  A. NY0003794
Camp Alphonse D. NY0153871
Campagna Kreig NY0074915
Campanaro Thomas  J. NY0005988
Campbell James  W. NY0003398
Campbell Patrick  A NY0007501
Campbell John  S. NY0010289
Campbell Desiree  L. NY0035312
Campbell Iii Thomas  N. NY0039564
Camuto Glenn  R. NY0004934
Canavan Theresa  D. NY0030708
Cancro James  E. NY0003526
Candella Kenneth  J. NY0003349
Cange David  J. NY0347045
Cangro Joseph  G. NY0007476
Cannizzaro Eileen  NY0007475
Cannizzo Thomas  J. NY0007773
Cannon Edwin M. NY0369214
Canzoneri Jr. Joseph  NY0046879
Caparelli John  J. NY0005280
Caparotta Jr. Giacomo  NY0348523
Capicotto Antonio  V. NY0007514
Capozzi Cosimo  R. NY0008184
Cappelli Christopher  J. NY0004551
Cappello Francesco  R. NY0013808
Cappello Anthony  J. NY0046907
Capriotti Randy  J. NY0023683
Caputo Neil  F. NY0004725
Caracciolo Anthony  M. NY0010295
Caras Emanuel  P. NY0005402
Carcone Attilio  G. NY0068450
Cardali Anthony  M. NY0005706
Cardarelli David  J. NY0005518
Cardile Jr. Thomas  S. NY0065226
Cardone Matthew  J. NY0004182
Carletti Jr. Henry  A. NY0005968
Carlson Ronnie  D. NY0055146
Carlson Michael  NY0349315
Carlson Jr. James  M. NY0007681
Carmona Manuel  A. NY0007364
Carnevale John  L. NY0056242
Carney Michael  J. NY0014217
Carnovale Louis  NY0003011
Caron Brian  NY0359726
Caropreso Dominick  NY0004237
Carpaneto Ronald  A. NY0005410
Carpenito Guido  NY0362570
Carpenter Daniel  B. NY0003743
Carr David  C. NY0008007
Carr William  L. NY0030769
Carrasquillo Ivan  NY0007800
Carrasquillo Jr Jose  A. NY0027089
Carrera Mario  M. NY0004645
Carrington Sean  L. NY0071351
Carroll Patrick  S. NY0004326
Carroll Leo  M. NY0010763
Carroll Philip  J. NY0031829
Carroll Daniel  J. NY0034745
Carroll Jr. Norman  G. NY0000241
Carruth Michael  G NY0005242
Carter James  M. NY0005914
Carter Ronald  A. NY0007260
Carter Robert  NY0025756
Cary Leon  R. NY0003238
Cary Richard  S. NY0010940
Casale Michele  E. NY0009347
Casciaro Ellen  NY0023808
Case Jr. Donald  C. NY0008006
Casella Daniel  V. NY0004192
Casey John  J. NY0004273
Casey Daniel  J. NY0010676
Cashel James  J. NY0004676
Cashin John  G. NY0010731
Cashin Thomas  J. NY0027119
Cassano Nicholas  NY0004179
Cassara Giuseppe  NY0365596
Cassavaugh Owen  J. NY0041049
Castaldo Francis  P. NY0069325
Castellano Luis CE1000015
Castelli Michael  NY0046880
Castiglione Vincent  N. NY0009492
Castillo Carlos  E. NY0005868
Castro Geraldo  NY0004550
Castro Michael  NY0005131
Catalfamo Anthony  R. NY0003396
Catanzaro Frank  NY0002963
Caterino Jr. John  T. NY0069241
Cattani Gerard  F. NY0008913
Cavanaugh Mark  E. NY0004129
Cavuto Stephen  J. NY0009833
Cecere Nicholas  J. NY0018912
Cecil Mari  L. NY0007844
Celotti Seth  J. NY0065165
Centolella Raymond  Joseph NY0009115
Cerio Patricia  A NY0002313
Cerniglia Bruce  D. NY0007193
Cesare Iii James  F NY0003628
Cesario Lawrence  P. NY0075244
Cespedes Gricelda  M. NY0071185
Chaborek Dana  M. NY0001777
Chaisson Trevor  J. NY0030900
Chandler Philip  M. NY0000036
Chandler Kevin  J. NY0004128
Chandy Jiju  NY0009505
Chapman Matt  D. NY0010753
Charalambous Erinoulla  NY0007560
Charleson Joan NY0371287
Chase Lane  NY0008197
Chase Samuel  C. NY0008353
Chase Thomas  C. NY0014780
Chay Leonyi  NY0007559
Chearmonte Joseph  J. NY0004155
Chebuske Alexander  L. NY0007474
Checksfield Gary  L NY0020808
Chen Jason  NY0365223
Chen Ming  NY0371563
Chernow Robert  J. NY0004144
Cherson Steven  I. NY0007558
Cherubino Melissa  A. NY0041041
Chester Donald  A. NY0069327
Chiappisi Robert  G. NY0056350
Chick Joseph  C. NY0071353
Chick Jr. Charles  A. NY0000246
Chih Michael  C. NY0074541
Chilcott John  P. NY0002984
Childs Joseph  G. NY0005463
Childs Chris  J. NY0005600
Chirdo Sebastian  NY0015667
Chisari Robert  NY0349957
Chiulli Lawrence  NY0026442
Chotkowski Steven  C. NY0167985
Christiansen Mark  S. NY0002899
Christophides Michael NY0370564
Chung Dong-Ha  NY0055109
Ciamarra Robert  M. NY0005967
Ciambra Joseph  M. NY0007473
Ciampa Frank  J. NY0015710
Ciccarelli Patrick  J. NY0008182
Cichetti Wayne  NY0008898
Cichon Wayne  M. NY0003686
Ciraco Alberto  NY0002335
Ciraco William  M. NY0005738
Ciraco Jr Vittorio  NY0002336
Circelli William NY0056602
Circosta Rocco  NY0010009
Cirillo Robert  NY0015671
Ciszek Daniel  NY0037722
Citarella Efrem  NY0010010
Citriniti Anthony  V. NY0003577
Clair Jr Kenneth  W. NY0009857
Clancy Vincent  P. NY0007765
Clapp David  NY0004456
Clark Gordon  A. NY0003576
Clark Edward  F. NY0008005
Clark Timothy NY0039198
Clark Todd  M. NY0041583
Clark Frederick  NY0362529
Clark Adam  NY0364142
Clark Jr. Harry  L. NY0066275
Clarke Donald  W. NY0030924
Clarke-Williams Susan  NY0349958
Clarkson Jeremy  J. NY0008003
Clayton John  M. NY0015040
Clayton David  C. NY0048014
Clayton Michael  S. NY0048015
Cleaveland Dennis  NY0003742
Clement Terry  C NY0056823
Clemons Alonzo  E. NY0005966
Cleveland Roy  J. NY0033645
Clifford Carl  L. NY0004787
Clift Paul  P. NY0004039
Cline Patricia  G. NY0005627
Cline James  E. NY0047362
Closson Louis  D. NY0002667
Clothier Richard NY0142095
Clouse John  R. NY0005781
Coates Jay  D. NY0018969
Coats Donald  J. NY0003237
Coats Gary  L. NY0009331
Coburn Lawrence  J. NY0005313
Coburn Richard  C. NY0006052
Coccia Joel  A. NY0008002
Cocker Donald  E. NY0004257
Cocks James  NY0002806
Coffyn Tom  NY0362526
Cogan Daniel  J. NY0010273
Cohen Richard  A. NY0009626
Colaiacovo Loreto  O. NY0010855
Colandrea Brian  L. NY0014216
Colangelo Gregory  NY0003414
Colangelo Christy  M. NY0003741
Colangelo Michael  S. NY0358617
Colavito Jenny  M. NY0008071
Cole Stephen  J. NY0003395
Coleman Robin  J. NY0003685
Coleman Mark  P. NY0076704
Colern Jr. Joseph  P. NY0005129
Colletta Michael NY0037404
Collier Neil Michael NY0369367
Collini Andrew  NY0348902
Collins Ronald  T. NY0004038
Collins Kerry  G. NY0004549
Collins Edward  D. NY0008001
Collins Michael  NY0055980
Collins Jim  NY0365599
Collum Kenneth  E. NY0007257
Collver Donald  J. NY0003740
Cologero Robert  J. NY0055981
Colombo Curt  NY0004815
Colombraro Patricia  A. NY0007256
Colozza Richard  E. NY0005639
Colwell Philip  NY0037743
Combs Michael  A. NY0001779
Comegys James  NY0005063
Comparetta Gregory  F. NY0000043
Comparetta Vincent  A. NY0027028
Comstock James  R. NY0015709
Comstock Randal  NY0349067
Conant Kimberly  NY0055110
Conboy Martin J. NY0254379
Concra Vincent  J. NY0004236
Condon James  M. NY0005312
Conklin David  R. NY0001317
Conklin Barry  L. NY0005241
Conklin Patricia  E. NY0010814
Conlee Steven  G. NY0283119
Conlon James  F. NY0005311
Conners John  V. NY0023851
Connolly Brian  C. NY0011562
Conrad William  NY0002688
Conrad Laverne  H. NY0005062
Conroy Dennis  P. NY0005212
Constas John  G. NY0001438
Conti David  J. NY0008181
Conti Gabriel  NY0069330
Conti Anthony  NY0362546
Contois Sr. Joseph  D. NY0004348
Convertino Michael  A. NY0075279
Convey John  NY0321295
Conway Kevin  J. NY0061428
Cook Roger  S. NY0004323
Cook Brian  D. NY0005432
Cook Karl  M. NY0030880
Cooney Laura  M. NY0003792
Cooper Matthew  G. NY0007352
Cooper Jr. John  C. NY0021629
Copp William  S. NY0007780
Corbett Edward  J. NY0034746
Corcoran Jr. Thomas  J. NY0003393
Cordell Robert  J. NY0004498
Corio Joseph CE1000113
Corneau Michael  A. NY0003815
Corrado Nicholas  E. NY0010496
Corrao Thomas  NY0008044
Correia Joseph  A. NY0005964
Correira Joseph  P. NY0009099
Corron Allan  L. NY0010747
Cortes Jr. Manuel  A. NY0346954
Cortes, Jr. Angel L. CE1000016
Cortese Francis  P. NY0003624
Cortright Steven  R. NY0008946
Cosentino Donald  J. NY0004037
Costa James  J. NY0003022
Costa Vincent  A. NY0013794
Costa Jr James  J. NY0003006
Costanza Anthony  NY0007472
Costanzo Philip  W. NY0005310
Costanzo Salvatore  A. NY0005898
Costello Delmas  J. NY0004036
Costello Thomas  F. NY0049113
Cotter Jeffrey  E. NY0002364
Couch Thomas  J. NY0008000
Coulter Robert  S. NY0006051
Couse Gerald  M. NY0004459
Covello Dominick  V. NY0003682
Cowan Timothy  S. NY0007872
Cowles Jr. Robert  L. NY0000254
Coyle Daniel  C. NY0030767
Coyne Kevin  J. NY0004035
Coyne Corey  J. NY0071395
Cozza Jr. Daniel  NY0030755
Craig Ronald  G. NY0002993
Cramer William  C. NY0005309
Cramer Jeremy  E. NY0055140
Crane Aaron  NY0365144
Creegan Thomas  J. NY0002983
Creen William  J. NY0004234
Crist Dave  NY0365168
Cromp John NY0366688
Cromwell Michael  J. NY0005435
Cronin Kevin  M. NY0027091
Crooks John  W. NY0004570
Croop Thomas  L. NY0008269
Crosby James  L. NY0003351
Crosby Anthony  M. NY0013773
Cross Brent  A. NY0004437
Cross Adam  NY0349317
Crossley David  H. NY0007997
Crossman Robert  D. NY0009489
Crouse Jack C. NY0012314
Crowell James  E. NY0008180
Cruciani Andrew  J. NY0017264
Crump Jason NY0371601
Cucinella Dennis  P NY0002337
Cullinan Patrick  M. NY0003415
Culver Darrin  T. NY0002540
Cummings Patrick  M. NY0005128
Cummings Gary  F. NY0018144
Cunningham David  H. NY0002875
Cunningham Patrick  J. NY0005127
Curcio Michael  NY0362633
Curley Frederick  NY0073797
Curran Dennis  E. NY0004644
Currier Sr Patrick  J. NY0027165
Curry Wade  G. NY0006005
Curtin Timothy  M. NY0004034
Curtin Christopher  F. NY0007916
Curtis Frances  L. NY0004169
Curtis David J. NY0126807
Curtis Sandra  NY0357850
Cusato Jr. Edward  P. NY0005308
Cushman Timothy  L. NY0020502
Cussen John M. NY0039163
Cutler Kenneth  R. NY0005721
Czaja Kevin  J. NY0005126
Czapranski Paul  J. NY0005365
Czechowski Joseph  W. NY0004203



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