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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name D - F


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Dachenhausen Dennis  NY0004321
D'Agate Santo Sal  NY0004200
D'Agostino Thomas  NY0004785
D'Agostino Lorenzo  NY0007254
Daigler John  R. NY0005125
Daigler Sandra  L. NY0009571
Daignault David  L. NY0007690
Dailey Ward  J. NY0004872
Dale-Hall Shellye  J. NY0004127
Dalen John  NY0367828
Dallas James E. CE1000069
Dalto James  NY0002980
Dalton Robert  E. NY0003885
Daly John V. NY0349768
Dam Robert  D. NY0007308
Dam Ronald  F. NY0007333
D'Amato Ralph  J. NY0000355
D'Ambrosi Luigi  J. NY0047355
D'Amico Adam  M. NY0006952
D'Andrea Joyce  J. NY0004643
Daniels Joseph  R. NY0030704
Danyko James  B. NY0004697
Danyko Michael  J. NY0039017
Dao Susan  H. NY0004414
Darbey Stacie  A. NY0004116
Darcangelis Robert  NY0017956
D'Arcy Jami  NY0196293
Dargis Douglas  NY0349537
Dashnaw, Iii Arthur G. NY0037812
Daugard Casey  A. NY0056024
Davenport Wayne  A. NY0035314
David Jeffrey NY0371602
Davie Jordan NY0346858
Davies Keith  NY0004033
Davies Dirk  K. NY0009171
Davino Neil  F. NY0028907
Davis Pablo  NY0000046
Davis Carl  P. NY0003523
Davis Albert  E. NY0003681
Davis Morgan  W. NY0007722
Davis Kimberly  A. NY0046881
Davison Dennis  C. NY0009875
Dawley Travis  H. NY0009277
Day Lynn  W. NY0004404
Day Jr. Robert  E. NY0000257
Day Sr Jeffrey  W. NY0009345
De Carlo Anthony  J. NY0024145
De Florio Michael  NY0009315
De Fruscio Iii Dominic  A. NY0056812
De Graw John  F. NY0041091
De Hond Steven  H. NY0007995
De Lorenzo John  P. NY0011177
De Luca Mark  W. NY0005869
De Lude Donald  NY0365145
De Maio Thomas  NY0363391
De Marco Ronald  NY0056356
De Maria Mark  A. NY0038273
De Minck Charles  D. NY0005364
De Name Craig  NY0357848
De Paolo Robert  C. NY0056243
De Pole Iii Thomas  NY0365147
De Rienzis David  H. NY0002964
De Rosa Phil  NY0003218
De Rubertis Vincent  P. NY0009573
De Santis Christopher  M. NY0028412
De Smidt Hendrik  J. NY0033647
De Socio Kimberly  A. NY0041732
Dean Robert  C. NY0002978
Dean John  M. NY0007565
Dean Sean  W. NY0007589
Dean Ronald  W. NY0023400
Dean Iii John  C. NY0358606
Deary Susan G. NY0371303
DeBacco Sante   NY0004347
Decicco Jr Anthony  J NY0002378
Decina Pasquale  NY0032701
Decker Barbara  NY0362530
Dedrick Gerald  J. NY0003343
Dedrick Mark  L. NY0004448
Dee Christopher  J. NY0017237
Deeley Paul  M. NY0003575
Defries Linda  C. NY0008179
Degen Paul  R. NY0007798
Degre Rayne  NY0364866
Dehaan Christopher  E. NY0005469
Deiter Dusty  O. NY0004932
Deitman Christopher  NY0359210
Delancy Hilgrove  NY0003574
Delaney Robert  F. NY0004320
Delap Greg  M. NY0024348
Delarede Stacy  A. NY0003175
Delgado Michael  L. NY0022843
Della Vecchia Vincent  NY0002362
Dellaripa Cris NY0033139
Dellavecchia Anthony  NY0007881
Dellner Kevin NY0026007
Delp Diana  J. NY0004233
Deluca Robert  M. NY0001819
Delucia Jerry CE1000114
Delucia Jr. Theodore  F. NY0007857
Delvecchio Jr. Steven  NY0348525
Demarco Anthony  NY0030732
Demars Michael  J. NY0033670
Demartini John  NY0367829
Dematteo Jill  M. NY0075262
Dembski Joseph S. NY0346913
Demps Iii James  H. NY0004813
Denaker James  W. NY0007994
Denardi Danielle  E NY0002409
Denatale Jr. Frank  NY0007882
Denet Scott  C. NY0028580
Denny Jr. Lloyd  H. NY0004476
Deordio James  K. NY0003882
Dermody William  J. NY0000048
Desarro Jeffrey R. NY0008788
Desimone Susan  NY0000352
Desimone Laurence  V. NY0003392
Desimone Beau  P. NY0005574
Desjardins Jacques  Y. NY0346915
Deskin Michele  NY0071398
Desotelle Joseph  NY0008177
Devereaux James  A. NY0014215
Deweerdt Duane  NY0046974
Dewey Lora  J. NY0007284
Dexter Timothy  P. NY0010879
Dexter Jr. Timothy  P. NY0025044
Dhondt John  C. NY0008176
Di Buono Jr Edward  G. NY0005962
Di Gennaro Frank  L. NY0005122
Di Gilio Jr. Theodore  NY0039019
Di Giose Joseph  J. NY0061652
Di James Frank  NY0004890
Di Maggio Andrew  J. NY0060913
Di Metro Jeffrey  A. NY0047921
Di Raffaele Guido  NY0007498
Di Resta Zachary  S. NY0003012
Di Russo John  J. NY0003391
Di Salvo Charles  J. NY0006050
Di Salvo Joseph  S. NY0007554
Di Tullio James  A. NY0010737
Diak Sam NY0371304
Dianni James  W. NY0004709
Diaz Sergio  D. NY0005436
Diaz Joseph  S. NY0007532
Dibuono Thomas  R. NY0030806
Dicaprio Thomas  J. NY0009796
Dicarlo Michael NY0371558
Dicarlo-Schermerhorn Pamela  J. NY0046846
Diciolla Gino  NY0002438
Dickerson Daniel  L. NY0042264
Dickinson Edward  R. NY0030733
Dickinson Jeffrey  L. NY0359196
Didio Charles  NY0358607
DiFiore Robert NY0004639
Dillingham Drew  NY0365164
Dillon Kenneth  J. NY0005674
Dils Matthew A. NY0034551
Dimarco Gene  J. NY0002567
Dimeglio Louis  M. NY0004696
Dimmick Clayton  C. NY0030642
Dinsmore Andrew  E. NY0015708
Dinsmore Jr. Michael  P. NY0015707
Diodati Frank  NY0005439
Diproperzio Anthony  S. NY0007685
Disalvo Alejandra NY0370291
Disarro Eric  P. NY0004480
Dishaw Jacob  R. NY0041585
Dishaw Joseph  NY0349960
Ditucci Ralph  NY0363431
Ditullio Thomas NY0369503
Dodd Albert  F. NY0003679
Dodge Steven  M. NY0009121
Dodge Jason  A. NY0346916
D'Oelsnitz Alex  P. NY0010900
Doerner Gregg  B NY0002432
Dogonniuck Theodore  E. NY0007721
Doherty Maureen  P. NY0003522
Doherty Peter J. NY0371548
Domanico Thomas  P. NY0004172
Domenico Mark  NY0005715
Domingo Nicholas  J. NY0007469
Donley Raymond  J. NY0076589
Donlon Daniel  W. NY0004675
Donlon William  NY0010895
Donlon Timothy  NY0365148
Donnelly Joseph  R. NY0007251
Donnelly Iii John  T. NY0004349
Donnison Amy  J. NY0002665
D'Onofrio Vincent  J. NY0032176
Donohue Lawrence  J. NY0009697
Donohue Kevin  C. NY0049577
Dool Jason  C. NY0027175
Dooley Susan  NY0007250
Dorrer Thomas  E. NY0008879
Dorrough Clifton  E. NY0004319
Dorso Steven  P. NY0007752
Dosch William  H. NY0004352
Doser Michael  S NY0048496
Doty Timothy  S. NY0005120
Dougherty Timothy  H. NY0004160
Dougherty William  M. NY0004186
Dougherty Roy  V. NY0007363
Douglas John  W. NY0002566
Douglas Thomas  J. NY0005119
Douglas James  P. NY0011065
Dow Oren  S. NY0015779
Dower Edward  M. NY0004450
Downes Norman  F. NY0003521
Downin Dale  R. NY0004433
Downing Stephen  E. NY0003791
Downs Richard  W. NY0004636
Doyle Iii J Patrick  NY0021954
Drake Lonny  J. NY0000050
Drake Merle  NY0004577
Drew James  K. NY0004423
Drobysh John  A. NY0003677
Drosdowich Robert  NY0010775
Drozdziel David  L. NY0007993
Drumm James  T. NY0007331
Druschel Norman  F. NY0004210
Dubetsky Thomas  J. NY0003520
Dubins Frank  G. NY0005985
Duerr-Clark Kevin CE1000070
Duffy Timothy  S. NY0003459
Duffy Hugh  P. NY0018217
Duggan Susan  K. NY0033648
Duhigg James W. NY0004739
Dumont James  C. NY0010760
Dunaway Douglas  NY0349539
Duncan Neal  D. NY0008716
Dunlap Sean D. NY0161645
Dunn Christopher  J. NY0003790
Dunn Philip  M. NY0065127
Dunn Iii Walter  E. NY0007249
Dunne Jr Dennis  NY0002973
Dunnigan Edward  J. NY0004756
Dunphy Henry  D. NY0009151
Duque Antonio  J. NY0002707
Duque Hilda  NY0359804
Dushynskiy Andrew  NY0037500
Dutcher Stephen  L. NY0068452
Dutton Daniel  L. NY0002991
Dwan James  J. NY0007642
Dwyer BRIAN NY0007248
Dwyer Christopher  NY0367832
Dyer Jeffrey  E. NY0002565
Dyer Charles  M. NY0004824
Dzinanka John  S. NY0010815
Dzuroff Gerard  E. NY0004957
Ebersole Timothy  D NY0027252
Eck Iii John  NY0366338
Eckelman Stephen  W. NY0056209
Ecker Benjamin  W NY0001560
Eckert Daniel  C. NY0056030
Eckman Maureen  NY0009695
Econom Jeffrey  A. NY0004259
Economos Paul  M. NY0003174
Eddy Melanie  A. NY0007378
Edling Joann  E. NY0002970
Edsell Nick  J. NY0346917
Edwards David  R. NY0002388
Edwards Mark  D. NY0004149
Edwards Jeanne  NY0363452
Efaw Kevin  S. NY0041057
Egbuchulam Lambert  U. NY0009077
Eggert Lawrence  C. NY0004889
Eggleston Daniel  NY0007273
Ehlers Glenn R. NY0007451
Ehnes Joseph  E. NY0024357
Eichholtz Debra  B. NY0007289
Eighmie George  B. NY0004416
Ekstein Yoel  NY0018333
Ekwell Terry  L. NY0005668
Elco Joseph  NY0031051
Elder Richard NY0075000
Elia Jr. Dominick  R. NY0000640
Ellingsworth John  D. NY0005912
Ellis Lincoln  C. NY0004440
Ellis Harry  E. NY0065208
Ellis Donald  NY0365601
Ells William  R. NY0007990
Emad Jeffrey  S. NY0010245
Emerson Robert  L. NY0003676
Emhardt Donald D. NY0057460
Emmel David  W. NY0070718
Emmons, Jr. Carl M. NY0038982
Emser James  M. NY0055147
Enderby Timothy  M. NY0041143
Englert Louis  J. NY0056246
English Terence CE1000115
English Keith  F. NY0004929
English Bernard  D. NY0005579
Ennis Gerald  L. NY0004232
Epthimiatos William  NY0003879
Erb Don  L. NY0007989
Ercoline Nicholas  A. NY0005838
Erlich Jeremy  NY0023812
Ernst Daniel  G. NY0005210
Erstenuick Stephen  R. NY0004125
Erzkus Jonathan  A. NY0065129
Escalante Jose NY0371543
Esposito Robert  NY0004635
Esposito James  A. NY0061427
Esposito Michael  G. NY0071237
Esposito Holly NY0370310
Eubanks Tashene  NY0358610
Evangelista Ronald  M. NY0009751
Evangelista Frank  NY0029230
Evans Jeremy  S. NY0002664
Evans Christopher NY0012862
Evans William  NY0026824
Evans Scott  D. NY0034554
Evener Scott  E. NY0007171
Everett Danny  R. NY0009177
Everett Al  J. NY0023681
Everett Roy  E. NY0070532
Ewen Todd  NY0361292
Ezell Kevin  W. NY0003204
Fabrizio Michael  P. NY0007552
Fabry Chad  H. NY0041144
Faiella Jaime  M. NY0005397
Fairchild Kim  E. NY0003203
Fairley Millard  D. NY0009153
Falchi Paul D. CE1000134
Falco Philip  A. NY0021451
Falcone John  J. NY0013695
Fallerman Brad  NY0069331
Famiglietti Eric  J. NY0003039
Fanton Jamie  NY0350460
Farina David  P. NY0005519
Farina Frank  J. NY0041092
Faris Peter  V. NY0004783
Farley George  J. NY0005709
Faro Richard  G. NY0036169
Farr Richmond  E. NY0017308
Farrell Michael  J. NY0002751
Farrell Jr. Jon  NY0349541
Farron Robert  A. NY0002316
Faulhaber Janet  A. NY0063797
Faulk Roger P. CE1000189
Fay Brenda  J. NY0068469
Fazio Gary  V. NY0004030
Fazio Erich  NY0349318
Fedick Lawrence  M. NY0004782
Feeley Kenneth  W. NY0004545
Fehlhaber Craig NY0371580
Feigel William  A. NY0009535
Feinstein Ian R. NY0371441
Fellman Stephen  R. NY0007247
Felschow Jr. Robert  J. NY0004029
Feltman Richard  P. NY0009092
Fennell Robert  D. NY0003390
Fenske Jo NY0371603
Fenster James  NY0348528
Fenton John  J. NY0002894
Fenton David  H. NY0165087
Fermoso Alex  NY0005959
Fernandes Danae  NY0346918
Fernandez Joseph  NY0055985
Ferrara Theodore  J. NY0013799
Ferraraccio Jr. Vincent  P. NY0004028
Ferratto Edward  M. NY0005059
Ferrer Clotilde  I. NY0076693
Ferris Lee  A. NY0004314
Ferrotta Joseph L. NY0370311
Fews Steven  E. NY0005423
Fey Ronald A. NY0001709
Fiacco Philip  A. NY0010302
Field Kurt  R. NY0005379
Fields Michael  L. NY0006048
Fields Jr Dennis  J. NY0004876
Figliomeni Carlo  J. NY0014210
Fineberg Brian  D. NY0015725
Finkel Richard  G NY0010746
Fiore Thomas  E. NY0003388
Fiore Marie  NY0007246
Fiorello Larry  D. NY0009582
Fiorentino Vincent  NY0005673
Firneis Robert  J. NY0009694
Fischer Edward  R. NY0007406
Fischer Christy  L. NY0041093
Fischione Matthew  NY0076590
Fischione Tony  NY0204801
Fish Allan  L. NY0007428
Fish Gary  J. NY0010155
Fisher Craig  M. NY0001806
Fisher Robert  A. NY0007797
Fisher Robert  L. NY0010153
Fisher Rita  A. NY0065209
Fisher Jr. Harold  W. NY0007626
Fitanzo Jimmy CE1000116
Fitzgerald Kevin  J. NY0004016
Fitzner Michael  W. NY0346919
Fitzsimmons Robert  W. NY0005430
Fives Rachel  A. NY0001788
Flagler Ernest  S. NY0015706
Flaks Brian  J. NY0005862
Flanagan Bartholomew  NY0055986
Flanigan John  H. NY0007772
Fleck Ii ANDREW NY0030251
Fleming William  J. NY0008694
Fletcher Robert  J. NY0003735
Fletcher Mary  NY0357858
Fleury Kathy  L. NY0048017
Flohr-Parler Susan  G. NY0034750
Flora Carl  J. NY0055148
Flower Bruce  M. NY0005697
Flower Jr. Jerry  D. NY0004140
Flynn John  F. NY0015682
Flynn Ronald  M. NY0048497
Flynn Robert M. NY0064131
Fogarty Jane  L. NY0002966
Fogarty Brian NY0371305
Fogel Jeffrey  B. NY0009313
Folber Justin  F. NY0065211
Foley Matthew  D. NY0009693
Foley Jr Edward  J. NY0007195
Foltmer Peter  NY0361277
Folts Michael  E. NY0069243
Fon Richard  C. NY0004690
Fontana Louis  E. NY0008169
Forbes Robert  W. NY0010270
Ford Lewis  H. NY0007170
Ford Daniel J. NY0044991
Formica Stephen  NY0005417
Fornataro Joseph  NY0005209
Fornataro Richard  D. NY0007987
Forster Christine  V. NY0065149
Fort David  M. NY0003734
Forte Lori  J. NY0007640
Forth Donald  NY0349963
Foster George  F. NY0005990
Foster Michael  J. NY0007282
Foster Gerald  NY0009913
Foster Jonathan  B. NY0016243
Foster Kevin  W. NY0018371
Fox Steven  L. NY0002662
Fox Charles  W. NY0004123
Fox James  V. NY0004674
Fox William  A. NY0005359
Fox Jr Fred  L. NY0009810
Frabizio Edward  NY0004634
Fragola Peter  T. NY0014209
Fraietta Steven  J. NY0005958
Frame Manson  A NY0003018
Francis Victor  NY0349964
Frandino Jr Anthony  J. NY0004497
Frangella James  C. NY0015660
Frank Bruce  R. NY0003518
Frank Christopher  C. NY0065130
Frank Adam  S. NY0346971
Fraser Thomas  N. NY0004397
Fraser Donald  R. NY0046883
Fraser Christopher  D. NY0074542
Frazier Donna NY0370292
Fredrickson Edwin  J. NY0002687
Freeborn Patrick D. NY0371634
Freer William  T. NY0000058
Freer Wayne  T. NY0041276
Freida Gordon  G. NY0007986
French Matthew  W. NY0030902
French Jr. William  R. NY0055112
Frese Joseph  P. NY0004887
Freund Elizabeth  M. NY0004486
Frey Michael  D. NY0359211
Frisbie Jeffrey  NY0075762
Frissora Dominick  NY0002965
Fritz William  R. NY0021040
Fritz Jr. Arthur  J. NY0003788
Fromigia Dennis  NY0031508
Fronczak Gene  M. NY0004015
Froyton Peter  R. NY0005421
Fry Edward  A. NY0003877
Frye Joshua  T. NY0002925
Fucci Joseph  L. NY0058020
Fuchs Howard  G. NY0003674
Fuchs Gary  S. NY0031031
Fuda Nadine  A. NY0004313
Fukes Allen  W. NY0002749
Fullam David  J. NY0015683
Fuller Andrew  NY0362531
Funk Lawrence  K. NY0001781
Fuqua Craig  R. NY0005115
Furch Monika  NY0003537
Furlong John  F. NY0160325
Fusco Lina  NY0004156
Fyvie Sr. Anthony  NY0349319


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