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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name G - I


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Gabbard Glenn  NY0366830
Gabrielli Scott  P. NY0005207
Gadziala Timothy  T. NY0003732
Gadzinski Richard  E. NY0007245
Gaffney Michael  NY0357871
Gagliano Frank  J. NY0007517
Gagliardi Michael  NY0007244
Gagliardo James  NY0014025
Gaito Jr. John  NY0007820
Galarneau James Robert  NY0000351
Galgana Russell  J. NY0004312
Gallace Salvatore CE1000117
Gallagher Jennifer  L. NY0003517
Gallagher Ronald  W. NY0004412
Gallagher Gregory  W. NY0004681
Gallagher Daniel NY0040304
Gallant Roger  D. NY0004562
Galligan David  NY0031033
Gallo John  NY0001504
Gallo Jeffrey  C. NY0004184
Gallo William  D. NY0005450
Gallo Jr. Michael  G. NY0018826
Galloway Sr. Wayne  J. NY0048018
Galu Iii James  A. NY0031621
Gamble Kevin  L. NY0002748
Gancarz Eric  D. NY0034166
Gandhi Suhani  S. NY0007243
Ganey Timothy  J. NY0007985
Gannon Thomas  P. NY0003003
Garcia Gabriel  NY0033996
Garden Matthew T. NY0371635
Gargiulo Randal  R. NY0034109
Garguiolo Sr. Michael  A. NY0055149
Garip Raul  A. NY0047353
Garozzo Lee Ann  NY0071357
Garrison Neil  A. NY0004413
Garrity Anne  L. NY0005703
Garrity Michael  NY0076705
Garven John  S. NY0003417
Gasbarre John  H. NY0030571
Gasparini Albert  NY0041059
Gasparre Nicholas J. NY0004722
Gates Mary  M. NY0002563
Gattus George NY0030578
Gaudio Anthony C. NY0356303
Gayson, Jr. John J. NY0370293
Geddies Zackery  NY0004353
Geer Jeff  E. NY0033318
Geidel Kevin NY0043465
Geiman Joseph  T. NY0002989
Geisenhof Thomas  V. NY0050104
Geist Andrew  F. NY0005114
Gell Lawrence CE1000071
Gelsomine Peter  M. NY0156221
Gemellaro Blaise  J. NY0193264
Genaway David  NY0348529
Genovese James  A. NY0004705
George Luke  M. NY0004122
George Teffin  I. NY0046884
George Jimson  K. NY0069351
Gerace Peter  S. NY0044522
Geraci Joseph  P. NY0030710
Gerardi Paul  R. NY0000297
Gerber David  J. NY0005113
Gerety William  J. NY0005448
Gerhauser Arthur  H. NY0007819
Gerken Eric  NY0071378
Germani Rocco  D. NY0005427
Gerould Bruce  A. NY0004121
Gerrity Elizabeth  A. NY0063602
Gershowitz Scott  A. NY0007717
Gervasi Jr. Joseph  L. NY0071358
Gesel Douglas  G. NY0007984
Gettel Bette Jean  NY0003673
Getty Andrew  W. NY0003731
Geyer Joseph  G. NY0008168
Geysen Kevin  R. NY0027138
Giacco Stephen  R. NY0009532
Gialanella Mark  A. NY0006935
Giamei Nick  E. NY0030756
Giametta William NY0003173
Giammatteo Jeremy  NY0350086
Giangrasso Anthony  P. NY0032703
Giardiello John  NY0005675
Giardino Daniel  T. NY0004541
Giarraputo Dominick  B. NY0005481
Gibaud Joseph  D. NY0005206
Gibney Brian  NY0003730
Gibson Roger  H. NY0008167
Gibson Daniel  P. NY0069367
Gibson Mecca NY0370294
Gifford Daniel  F. NY0004875
Gifford Iii William  J. NY0004874
Gigliotti David  L NY0005613
Gilbert Jason  A. NY0003569
Gilbert Timothy  C. NY0021042
Gilbride John  J. NY0005607
Gilchrist Mark  R. NY0003619
Gilchrist Bryant  NY0367833
Giles Benjamin T. NY0001353
Gilhooly James  M. NY0005876
Gill Gerald  J. NY0008166
Gilliland Gregg  S. NY0038176
Gillingham Duane  L. NY0003617
Gilmore Dan  NY0364063
Gilmour David  P. NY0004012
Gilson David  L. NY0007910
Gilson Jeffrey  L. NY0010739
Ginter Sr. Matthew  NY0362547
Gioia Christopher  F. NY0004540
Giordano Vincent  NY0371624
Giovannetti Louis  A. NY0009970
Giraldi William  NY0065213
Girzone Edmund  F. NY0004490
Giuliano Derek M. CE1000072
Gizzi Robert  J. NY0010729
Glanstein Jeff  NY0027121
Gleason Shannon CE1000073
Gleason James  NY0002747
Gleason Michael  V. NY0025503
Gless Frederick  J. NY0016778
Glogg Kenneth  NY0030711
Godbee Gary  M. NY0003387
Godfrey James  D. NY0004475
Godin Michael  J. NY0049146
Goessl David  A. NY0005442
Golazeski Daria  M. NY0004441
Gold Joshua NY0371442
Goldsmith Richard  NY0363807
Goldstein Jack  L. NY0005433
Gonzales-Ross Elaine  NY0365169
Gooch John  M. NY0046885
Good John  L. NY0004208
Goodman Bradley  G. NY0004254
Goodman Lee  NY0007716
Gor Rohit  NY0358967
Gordon Adam  L. NY0009530
Gosline Paul NY0314972
Goss Gary  NY0362203
Gotte Martin  K. NY0004703
Gould Kevin  J. NY0004885
Gould Ii Thomas  E. NY0065132
Gove William  NY0007358
Gowe Steve  NY0246523
Gower Paul  J. NY0005237
Grabel Robert P. NY0140484
Graden Laura NY0371584
Graham Robert  J. NY0004120
Graham Angus  C. NY0041203
Gramolini Ronald  NY0009691
Granados Robert  P. NY0065100
Grant Michelle  C. NY0069332
Grasby Shawn  T. NY0035876
Grass Mary  T. NY0005484
Grass James  M. NY0005485
Grasso Gary  F. NY0005867
Gray Daniel  T. NY0004712
Gray Michael  G. NY0034756
Greaves Jr. James  R. NY0073371
Greco Vincent  NY0075235
Green Timothy  J. NY0002988
Green Philip  D. NY0003727
Green Charles  R. NY0003728
Green David  S. NY0009528
Green Jason  E. NY0049949
Green Jr. Thomas  R. NY0046886
Greene Anne CE1000074
Greene Maureen  P. NY0002962
Greene Jeffrey  F. NY0004869
Greene Richard  J. NY0005305
Greene Michael  T. NY0014205
Greenfeld David  T NY0003818
Greenman Charles  L. NY0030766
Greer John  NY0044181
Greer Mark  L. NY0075763
Gregory Mark  NY0365162
Greguski Bryan  J. NY0030712
Greig Mitchell  J. NY0065179
Greisheimer Carl  J. NY0071244
Grella Chris NY0237017
Grenier Adrian  NY0366701
Grey Kenneth  J. NY0008864
Grier Robert  A. NY0003786
Griffin Michael  C. NY0000306
Griffin Kevin  P. NY0003726
Griffin Michael  G NY0004230
Griffin Mark  E. NY0005955
Griffin John  M. NY0007983
Griffin Stephen  J. NY0010907
Griffin Richard  G. NY0013715
Griffin Craig  W. NY0034147
Griffin Michael  C. NY0073356
Griffith Robert  C. NY0009949
Griffiths Roger  W. NY0005742
Grisel Frederick  G. NY0003568
Grisi Mark P. CE1000135
Grispino Joseph  NY0007288
Grizzanti Richard  A. NY0015675
Groff Rosanne  T. NY0003876
Grom Tony F. NY0030683
Gromkowski Paul  J. NY0065169
Groom Joseph  R. NY0005112
Gross Paul  J. NY0006047
Gross Daniel  A. NY0007914
Gross Melanie S. NY0370313
Grover Carlo  L. NY0014055
Grundy David  J. NY0004884
Grust Jamie  C. NY0365606
Gsellmeier Reinhard  L. NY0225649
Guarniero Joseph  A. NY0005954
Guarnuccio Raymond  J. NY0004270
Guglielmo Joseph  NY0348531
Guido Jr. Eugene  M. NY0042136
Guiles Gilbert  W. NY0049134
Gulino John  A. NY0009322
Gullo John  A. NY0007909
Gundlach Brian  G. NY0346956
Gunn Loretta  A. NY0062506
Gunther Jr. Roy  R. NY0004196
Gutilla Anthony  NY0007803
Guyette Alton  W. NY0009282
Guynup Robert  M NY0003616
Haar George  W. NY0007496
Haas Daniel  J. NY0007466
Hackett Scott  A. NY0005357
Haduck Joseph  NY0363808
Hagan William  J. NY0013585
Hager Timothy  M. NY0011593
Hahn Richard  D. NY0007241
Hahn Mark  NY0041060
Haigh Craig NY0002136
Haight Holly  M. NY0004715
Haimes Andrew  S. NY0021352
Hainer George  F. NY0004275
Haines-Sharp Gillian  E. NY0013786
Hajeck Randall  NY0002871
Hakes Lawrence  P. NY0004883
Haley James  W. NY0360060
Hall Todd  M. NY0004401
Hall William  NY0350461
Hall Ronald  J. NY0359212
Hall Jeffrey  NY0362548
Hall Ii Wayne  R. NY0011397
Hall Iii William  H. NY0003567
Hallett Raymond  NY0365607
Halley Gordon  A. NY0041168
Hallgren Bryan  L NY0001785
Halloran Neal  NY0005480
Halpern Leonard  NY0007384
Halstead Dennis  J. NY0004010
Halt Krista  B. NY0041161
Halverson Jr. Robert  W. NY0031035
Halvorsen David  C. NY0049254
Hamacher William  NY0362205
Hamann Carl  F. NY0041187
Hamernik Michael NY0005108
Hamid Nasim  NY0003456
Hamilton Chris   NY0004985
Hamilton Michael  L. NY0007548
Hamilton Michael  NY0349543
Hamilton John  NY0362685
Hamilton Jr. John  D. NY0007507
Hammond Brad  NY0030713
Hance Robert  A. NY0041587
Hancock Bruce  NY0003725
Hanford David  B. NY0025458
Hanford Russell NY0371443
Hangac Gregory  NY0007832
Hanners James  L. NY0041145
Hansen Christian  E. NY0007239
Hansen Craig  J. NY0014379
Hansen Lacey A. NY0371444
Hanss Patrick  G. NY0002745
Haramis Stephen  N. NY0004175
Harbinger Justin  R. NY0032704
Harbison Walter Ross  NY0008163
Hardie Robert  A. NY0008718
Harding Martin  NY0004356
Harding James  L. NY0005331
Harding Christopher  J. NY0005533
Hardy Aaron  T. NY0004387
Hardy Sr Davon  L NY0002513
Hare James  E. NY0005202
Hare Robert  S. NY0005992
Harford John  L. NY0007238
Hargather John  C. NY0004119
Harkins Samuel  T. NY0003385
Harnish Erwin  R. NY0007197
Harrington Scott  D. NY0014378
Harrington David NY0016351
Harrington James M. NY0370314
Harris GREGG NY0004009
Harris Gerard  W. NY0007237
Harris Fredrick  NY0008096
Harris Jr. James  T. NY0027163
Harris, Jr. Robert F. NY0371637
Harrison Edward  D. NY0035315
Harrison Jr. George  A. NY0026015
Harrop Gill  J. NY0003232
Hart Jr. William  J. NY0007818
Hartje Paul  K. NY0005874
Hartman Michael  S. NY0007980
Hartman Jeffrey A. NY0362588
Haruk Michael  NY0050105
Harvey Christopher  C. NY0008162
Haseley Charles  E. NY0004008
Hassan Leslie  B. NY0003164
Hassett Kenneth  P. NY0005057
Hassett Robert  M. NY0025794
Hassman James  NY0004578
Hatch Ii Russell  D. NY0005763
Hathaway Eric  NY0010810
Hauck Fred  E. NY0007175
Hauschild William  NY0005415
Hauser Jr Edward  W. NY0027093
Hausle Frederick  T. NY0007715
Havelin Jeffrey  NY0033710
Haviland Chad  A. NY0015705
Hawkins John  M. NY0007639
Hayden Brian  J NY0004007
Hayden William  E. NY0007528
Hayes Iii Robert  E. NY0010284
Heady James  P. NY0014377
Hearn James  C. NY0120426
Hebert Glenn  J. NY0003190
Heckman David  A. NY0009104
Heffner Larry  E. NY0053328
Heimiller Carl  NY0003209
Heininger Pe Laurence  E. NY0061637
Heinrichs Brian  K. NY0015085
Heiser Dale  E. NY0008261
Heisler Jr. Steven  NY0076695
Held William  E. NY0010893
Helf Curtis  W. NY0007978
Helfer Lawrence  R. NY0041133
Helgager John  L. NY0047364
Helm Barbara  E. NY0015718
Henderson Scott  A. NY0061638
Hendrickson John  C. NY0003671
Hendrikse Albert  F. NY0007977
Henion Ronald NY0221369
Henkel Karl  T. NY0003670
Hennekey Paul  D. NY0033650
Henning Raymond  B. NY0041160
Henry Rebecca  L. NY0004005
Henry Karl  D. NY0004006
Henry Tyler  M. NY0005511
Henry Scott  T. NY0008160
Henry Allen  NY0350462
Hensley David  NY0360548
Hepner Donald G. NY0073794
Herberger Steven  L. NY0001998
Herberger Alan  D. NY0007976
Herbst Kevin  L. NY0009625
Herko Randall  L. NY0003875
Herko Jr. James  J. NY0002702
Herlihy John  NY0362686
Hermance Greg  NY0004355
Hernandez Jose  NY0009853
Heron Keith  W. NY0003566
Herrick Dean  G. NY0004502
Herring David  L. NY0003785
Herrmann Mathew CE1000118
Herrmann William  E. NY0009499
Herrmann Jr. Robert  G. NY0007285
Hess Raymond  S. NY0008159
Hester John  EMBREE NY0008049
Hethcoat Michael  NY0009155
Hethcoat Barbara  J. NY0056266
Hetherington Thomas  C. NY0000064
Hetherington Patrick  T. NY0000529
Hetzel Patrick  J. NY0009607
Hewes Donn W. NY0011478
Hickman James  F. NY0005877
Hickok Leon  O. NY0075266
Hidalgo Francisco  NY0008158
Higby Philip G. NY0005478
Higgins Brian  J. NY0004881
Highway Jr. Gerald  N. NY0008157
Hildenbrand Joseph  C. NY0030242
Hilgendorff Richard  J. NY0002537
Hill George  R. NY0004229
Hill Dennis  G. NY0007527
Hiller Stephanie  NY0366690
Hillriegel Sr James  L. NY0027123
Hillyard Dean  D. NY0056247
Hinckley Patricia  M. NY0069245
Hines Erik  W. NY0001946
Hinton Daniel  I. NY0004176
Hlebica Paul  E. NY0011599
Hoag Jr. Edmund  A. NY0004442
Hobby William  A. NY0005573
Hoch Kenneth  M. NY0007330
Hodapp Kevin  M. NY0007513
Hoehman Jr Joseph  D NY0002487
Hoffman Steven  N. NY0004358
Hoffman David  L. NY0005276
Hoffman Wayne  C. NY0008351
Hoffman Iv Lawrence  A NY0004004
Hoffmeister Mitch  NY0005496
Hoffstatter Glenn  D. NY0023817
Hogle Daniel  V. NY0060678
Hohle Martin  E. NY0005106
Hojnacki Joseph  W. NY0027162
Holcomb Brandon  NY0002561
Holiday Michael  NY0003874
Holland John  W. NY0003613
Holland David  G. NY0008156
Holland Edward A. NY0371638
Holler Jeffrey  A. NY0005778
Hollister Gary  E. NY0003197
Holmes Richard  F. NY0003722
Holmes Lynn  A. NY0056248
Holmstrom Steven  J. NY0003783
Holsopple George  W. NY0004228
Holsopple Jeffrey  V. NY0004754
Holt Wayne  R. NY0055137
Holter Erik  J. NY0000067
Holtkamp William  G. NY0016083
Hom Henry  NY0075236
Hood Gabe  NY0075249
Hooper Robert  C. NY0003454
Hooper Richard B. NY0371298
Hoover Jerry  J. NY0004396
Hoover Jayson  NY0362549
Horender Wayne  B. NY0165016
Horgan John  P. NY0075267
Horishny Thoedore  A. NY0002992
Horton Geoffrey  R. NY0007235
Horton Eric J. NY0370315
Hotchkiss William  P. NY0003241
Houck Jr. Michael  P. NY0069334
Houlihan Paul  J. NY0027304
Houseknecht Dale  W. NY0009072
Houser John  R. NY0071400
Howard James  J. NY0007742
Howard Edwin  R. NY0009500
Howard-Mann Gwen  A. NY0030937
Howe Dawn  E. NY0004563
Howe Stephen  E. NY0004836
Howe Wayne  A. NY0007298
Howie John Kent NY0032370
Howland John  H. NY0007842
Hromowyk Larry  L. NY0020839
Hu Yuhu  NY0057378
Hubble David  E. NY0003782
Huber Jeremy  A. NY0004953
Hudi Martin  NY0055150
Hudson Edward  W. NY0006815
Hudson John  E. NY0063967
Huertas Jr. Ausberto  NY0031037
Huestis Nicholas  D. NY0055114
Huff Gary  L. NY0006401
Huffman Donald  NY0362687
Huften Timothy  D. NY0017312
Hughes Don  NY0026534
Hughes Robert  NY0362565
Hughes Jr. Charles  E. NY0005055
Hughs James  E. NY0006010
Hulbert John  J. NY0026860
Hulbert Jr. Gene  NY0071401
Hulett Kevin  M. NY0008067
Hull Larry  V. NY0071359
Humphrey William  G. NY0076591
Hungerford Adam  C. NY0004984
Hunt Paul  L. NY0006004
Hunt Penny  S. NY0061639
Hunter Steven  C. NY0005475
Hunter Annie-Laurie  NY0013843
Hunter Martin NY0370297
Hurlburt Daniel  L. NY0056250
Hurley James  E. NY0007329
Huseby Robert  L. NY0065133
Husted Richard  D. NY0009071
Husted Jr. Philip  B. NY0007657
Hutchins Meade  C. NY0010762
Hutton Jesse  G. NY0007354
Hvisdak Andrew  E. NY0004003
Iacovissi Thomas  M. NY0003718
Iauco Joseph  P. NY0005301
Ierlan Melissa  M. NY0004928
Ikes, Iii Robert E. CE1000119
Illingworth John  J. NY0004919
Imbergamo Michael  NY0027094
Imhoff Stephen  NY0010277
Impelluso Anthony  NY0005578
Improte Lawrence  H. NY0005536
Incagliato Robert  N. NY0005531
Ingenito James  J. NY0004659
Ingerson Richard  A. NY0027152
Ingles Douglas  J. NY0007975
Ippolito Timothy  J. NY0003512
Ippolito William  F. NY0008154
Irwin Carl  H. NY0002659
Irwin Peter  R. NY0005054
Irwin Stephen  R. NY0030429
Ivan Ann  NY0050916
Ivanauskas Francis  A. NY0003717
Ivans Christopher  NY0017689
Izenman Dawn  P NY0002339
Izykowski Richard  L. NY0049136
Izzo Michael  J. NY0005398


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