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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name J - L


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Jack Gregory  NY0028851
Jackson Kevin CE1000120
Jackson Milan  H. NY0003612
Jackson Casey  S. NY0004118
Jackson Carl  L. NY0004308
Jackson Louise  GWEN NY0005572
Jackson Otis  E. NY0009070
Jackson Clint  NY0041121
Jacob Gregory NY0015729
Jacob Giby NY0370298
Jacobs Rachel CE0000004
Jacobs Mark  E. NY0003565
Jacobs Mark  E. NY0056821
Jacobs Steven  NY0365165
Jaffee Mark  A. NY0264645
Jahchan Lara  B. NY0065215
Jaising Sonia  NY0009502
James Dwight  L. NY0045128
Jaques Eugene  T. NY0005835
Jaques Jeffry NY0074048
Jaramillo Carlos  NY0075237
Jarosz Patrick  J. NY0005637
Jawitz Frederick  A. NY0002975
Jaycox Jr. Richard  PAUL NY0003564
Jazwinski James  J. NY0004539
Jeffries Iii Jay  H. NY0048028
Jennings Frank  W. NY0003716
Jennison Kenneth  A. NY0003200
Jens Bernard  J. NY0069352
Jensen David  K. NY0005102
Jensen Christopher NY0371604
Jentsch Derrick  A. NY0043434
Jerzak Jr. Martin  G. NY0068463
Jobe Lance  R. NY0008153
Johanson Roger  W. NY0004983
Johnson Thomas  B. NY0000740
Johnson Llewellyn  D NY0002413
Johnson Jeffery  H NY0004117
Johnson Michael  NY0004538
Johnson Charles  R. NY0016691
Johnson Thomas  M. NY0041180
Johnson Charles  L. NY0056002
Johnson Dave  NY0361279
Johnson Jr. Joseph P. NY0175679
Johnson Sr. James  L. NY0003611
Johnston Robert  J. NY0008080
Johnston David  J. NY0008152
Johnston Jr. Thomas  A. NY0007840
Jojo David  R. NY0004481
Jones Robert CE1000017
Jones Michael  E. NY0002441
Jones Richard  L. NY0005821
Jones William  H. NY0007974
Jones Stuart  C. NY0010260
Jones Todd  NY0031510
Jones Alan  NY0362550
Jones Jeremy NY0371556
Jordan Roseann  E. NY0030645
Joslyn Charles R. CE1000136
Jourdin Allan  C. NY0007856
Judd Michael  A. NY0006044
Kaczmarczyk Gary  J. NY0004625
Kaczmarek Kerry  NY0030727
Kahl Stefan  NY0007713
Kaleta Michael  R. NY0005777
Kalfur Robert  F. NY0065216
Kalivas Chris  G. NY0005529
Kalka Robert  A. NY0003563
Kalle Lee  M. NY0021463
Kaloz Steven  B. NY0049247
Kaluza Jason  NY0362551
Kampf Michael  A. NY0008735
Kamrowski Tarryn  A. NY0005472
Kanarkiewicz Robert  W. NY0009794
Kane Dawnmarie  E. NY0004395
Kane Kevin  NY0357868
Kania Robert NY0370316
Karasinski Edward  F. NY0050756
Karl Daniel  J. NY0015661
Karl David W. NY0371598
Karstens Elizabeth NY0371545
Kaslow Ronald  G. NY0002776
Kasmauskas Dominick  G. NY0004483
Kasprowicz David  M. NY0346921
Kassem Karen  NY0071360
Katchmir Michael  NY0003240
Kaufman Arthur  S. NY0002890
Kauth Donald  P. NY0007234
Kavleski Callie  A. NY0009069
Kay Lawrence  J. NY0007436
Kaye David  M. NY0007973
Kazmark Ryan NY0371586
Kazmierczak Mark  S. NY0021464
Kear Christopher  G. NY0009321
Kearns Jr. Robert  G. NY0011642
Keefe Timothy  H. NY0005823
Keeler George  J. NY0005300
Keeler Brian  H. NY0009286
Keenan Amanda CE1000075
Keenan Timothy  M. NY0004880
Kefalos Nicholas  S. NY0007233
Kehoe Thomas NY0008719
Keith James  NY0349321
Kelleher David  NY0349071
Kelleher Jr. John  B. NY0036070
Keller Benjamin  S. NY0000075
Keller Scott NY0371445
Kellett Bruce  R. NY0030757
Kellogg Mark  W. NY0359048
Kelly Douglas  P. NY0004724
Kelly Daniel  F. NY0005843
Kelly Warren  M. NY0008201
Kelly Brian  E. NY0025764
Kelly James  NY0043897
Kelly James  NY0049255
Kelly Kevin  NY0065107
Kelly NY0349072
Kelly James K. NY0370299
Kelly Ryan NY0371288
Kennedy Jean  D. NY0004536
Kennedy Jason  R. NY0359198
Kenney DOUGLAS NY0004753
Kenning Jr. Harry  J. NY0075241
Kenny Scott  P. NY0002237
Kensy Lawrence  J. NY0008151
Kentile Mark  R. NY0009088
Kenyon Adrian  S. NY0001052
Kerin Matthew NY0054668
Kernan Ruth  H. NY0049120
Kernan Jr. James  C. NY0371579
Kesler Lorraine  A. NY0056033
Kessler Markus  J. NY0008150
Kester David  E. NY0069236
Ketchum Thomas  C. NY0005099
Keyloun Robert  V. NY0346958
Khoshsima Maziar  NY0041191
Kibbe Ii George  W. NY0003231
Kick Jr. Robert  E. NY0075261
Kie Joel  R. NY0026819
Kieff Michael  L. NY0010276
Kielb Yvonne  NY0366692
Kiernan Michael  P. NY0025040
Kiewra Steven  A. NY0010718
Kilcommons Timothy NY0371555
Kilgallon Susan  NY0008862
Kilgallon Kevin  W. NY0010892
Kilmer Steven  M. NY0007970
Kimble Clark  J. NY0002535
Kinan Kathleen  M. NY0016671
Kincaid Jamie  R. NY0025766
King Charles  A. NY0003780
King Daniel  L. NY0004394
King James  R. NY0005411
King James  A. NY0009343
King Robert  P. NY0010891
King Roger  J. NY0048522
King Elyse  NY0367835
King Jr. Edwin  R. NY0007853
Kinnally Timothy  J. NY0004304
Kinne Lawrence  J. NY0003871
Kinsella Kristopher  D. NY0030226
Kir Emine  NY0005526
Kirby-Barnes Jessica NY0347519
Kirch Charles  M. NY0065187
Kirk James  M. NY0003715
Kirkland Elizabeth CE1000137
Kirkmire Gary  M. NY0004779
Kirsch Donald  I. NY0005809
Kirschenheiter John  NY0007679
Kitchen Stephen T. NY0055115
Klaus Keith  NY0360810
Klein Paul  R. NY0005420
Klein Jeffrey  R. NY0007969
Klemann Peter  L. NY0004001
Klemann Chris  L. NY0076593
Klimchak Michael NY0055893
Klimek Anthony  J. NY0005502
Klimowicz Ronald  F. NY0005726
Klock Michael  NY0367836
Klossner Robert  W. NY0021305
Kluck Stephen  J. NY0005997
Knab Doug  C. NY0003041
Knab Jr. Donald  F. NY0030468
Knauss Judith  L. NY0056232
Knee Clifford  NY0121721
Kneis Marilyn  R. NY0005098
Knickerbocker William  F. NY0000336
Knight Sr. Kelvin  J. NY0056254
Knizeski Joseph  W. NY0005676
Knorr Greg NY0303419
Knowles Joshua S. CE1000139
Knox Stephan  NY0367837
Kobialka Marek  NY0358612
Kochem Ii John  NY0014375
Kochmanski Katie NY0371289
Koehler Scott  A. NY0075238
Kofahl Floyd  NY0004213
Kolb George  A. NY0004857
Kolisz Edward  W. NY0009285
Kollias Chris  NY0035431
Koloski Stanley  F. NY0004841
Koons Steven  J. NY0006042
Kopec Joseph  L. NY0005097
Kopera Joseph  J. NY0358613
Koridis Nicholas  NY0004752
Korieocha Linus  C. NY0009076
Kosalek Michael  W. NY0030883
Kosmerl Carla A. NY0371290
Kostrzewa Arthur  R. NY0004000
Kotary Eugene  NY0003714
Kotlarsz John  R. NY0004951
Koval John NY0129184
Koval Iii Stephen  NY0030904
Kowalczewski Leonard  NY0041146
Kowalik Joseph  W. NY0002511
Kozakiewicz Patrick  Z. NY0004856
Kozlowski Alan  P. NY0068453
Kozsan James  F. NY0002744
Kraft Arthur  F. NY0005857
Kraft Cheryl  L. NY0007678
Kramer William  R. NY0004207
Kraus Michael  E. NY0003869
Krawczyk Stanley  F. NY0009551
Krebs-Fogel Allison NY0370317
Kreiger Jr. John  E. NY0004477
Kress Daniel  J. NY0007968
Kretschmann Michael  R. NY0041194
Krieger Erika  NY0005401
Krieger Robert NY0370300
Kriese Theodore  E. NY0005299
Krug Tracy  A. NY0003998
Krug David  N. NY0003999
Krut Robert CE1000121
Krutki Kathleen  NY0005274
Krychear Louis  J. NY0003450
Krygowski Robert  J. NY0050656
Kudela David  S. NY0037713
Kuebler David  J. NY0021257
Kuethen Joseph  H. NY0007493
Kuhlmey Scott  M. NY0005200
Kukawa Michael  F. NY0035318
Kulhanek Jack  L. NY0061432
Kuller Bryan NY0370301
Kump Thomas  G. NY0004339
Kunkel Stephen  P. NY0056035
Kuppinger Edward  P. NY0016928
Kurtelawicz Stephen  R. NY0009982
Kusse Gerald  W. NY0007967
Kuter Kenneth  J. NY0025772
Kwaczala Dennis  A. NY0003996
La Barbera Charles  J. NY0006041
La Count William  C. NY0009593
La Guardia Thomas  L. NY0004622
La Joy Richard  NY0367839
La Monte Gina  M. NY0056267
La Pierre Barry  J. NY0056215
La Pietra Antonio  J. NY0041169
La Rock Raymond  J. NY0002743
La Rosa Linda  NY0005840
La Veglia John  T. NY0026580
Laboissiere Paul  J. NY0030736
Lachenauer David  M. NY0010313
Lachow Glen  R. NY0002997
Lacomb David  NY0005053
Ladin Edward  J. NY0002360
Ladoceour Michael  NY0003809
Ladouce Edward  M. NY0003778
Lafaver Mark  S. NY0034758
Lafond John  P. NY0002370
Lagnese Anthony  C. NY0005532
Lagree Edward  NY0010281
Lahnen Douglas  E. NY0041442
Lake Joseph  F. NY0004778
Lake Ronald  B. NY0005915
Lalonde Anthony  NY0003665
Lamanna Sr. Anthony  NY0349544
Lamb Garet  F. NY0004168
Lamb Barry  E. NY0007463
Lamberti Nicholas  NY0002344
Lamere Thomas  NY0366341
Lamichhane Sudeep  NY0046891
Lammers Frank  E. NY0013544
Lamonica Sebastian  NY0007231
Lamontagne Michael  W. NY0075251
Lamson Robert  R. NY0003867
Lanberg Michelle  M. NY0031039
Lance James  E. NY0021465
Landers Timothy  M. NY0007908
Landi John  H. NY0061641
Landman Michael  S. NY0007526
Lang Kevin  C. NY0009874
Lang Daniel  J. NY0071361
Lang Jr. Fred  M. NY0009584
Langhans Jr. Robert  W. NY0003562
Langless Vaughn  NY0358958
Langley Charles NY0003315
Lanigan Stan  M. NY0009851
Lansing Francis  M. NY0066332
Lanterman Larry  G. NY0003239
Lape Craig  D. NY0071380
Lapier Richard  P. NY0003607
Lapin George  NY0005893
Laplante Keith CE1000077
Lapoint Jules  G. NY0073347
Larche Richard  M. NY0056603
Larios Ricardo  A. NY0030716
Larkin Edward P. CE1000078
Larkin Thomas  W. NY0003449
Larnard Gregory  NY0366342
Larose Carol A. NY0371447
Larrabee Scot  NY0365150
Larson Hope  H. NY0007424
Larson Thomas  J. NY0046849
Laruccia John  B. NY0031040
Lascola Mel CE1000079
Lasky Christopher  M. NY0045218
Latina David  NY0367840
Lattanzio Peter  A. NY0004302
Lattanzio Benjamin P. NY0060047
Latuso Paul  J. NY0004621
Lau Gary  D. NY0007966
Lauria Fred  A. NY0004533
Lauria Paul  A. NY0005882
Lauria John  J. NY0007230
Laurie Sarah  NY0008048
Lauth Steven C. NY0371291
Lavalasse Jack  NY0073807
Lavoie Kenneth  J. NY0007462
Lawlor Marc  P. NY0055116
Lawrence Jason  W. NY0007168
Lawrence Andrew  W. NY0008713
Laws Dwain  C. NY0003994
Lawson Edwin  H. NY0035916
Lawton James  H. NY0027154
Lawton Kevin A. NY0371306
Lawton Jr. Paul  V. NY0017746
Lawyer Luke  J. NY0030432
Lazzari Richard  D. NY0009128
Le Clair David  R. NY0008910
Le Cuyer Harvey  NY0010254
Le Rose Michael  J. NY0055172
Le Valley Jr. Fred  B. NY0052751
Le Van Timothy  W. NY0065177
Learman Douglas  M. NY0008144
Lecuyer Tamara  Y. NY0347502
Leddy Daniel  P. NY0004531
Ledwith John  C. NY0004751
Lee Lisa  C. NY0000081
Lee William  A. NY0005836
Lee Jonathan  F. NY0020547
Lee Stephen NY0371606
Lefeve Jeremy C. NY0022111
Lehmann Chris  P. NY0055152
Lehrman Richard  C. NY0036069
Lemire Tyler NY0076521
Lenhardt Joseph  P. NY0056021
Leo Daniel  J. NY0005951
Leonard Thomas  P. NY0257282
Leonard Nathan  NY0362553
Leonard Jr. John  J. NY0003230
Leonardi Gino  NY0004449
Lerner Richard  S. NY0002968
Lesold Benjamin  L. NY0032525
Lester Daniel  J. NY0013548
Letts Raymond  G NY0002345
Leva Frank  P. NY0041096
Lever Michael E. NY0371448
Leverich Jody  L. NY0011757
Levesque Iii Joseph  W. NY0041207
Levine Michael  J. NY0007305
Levine Robert  NY0057872
Lewandosky Keith  M. NY0287939
Lewellyn Gregory L. NY0367718
Lewis Darin  J. NY0000408
Lewis Michael  F. NY0002510
Lewis Keith  E. NY0002656
Lewis Charles  A. NY0003866
Lewis Oscar  C. NY0004777
Lewis John  F. NY0005495
Lewis Scott  NY0008143
Lewis Paul  E. NY0015691
Lewis Patrick  T. NY0055163
Lewis David  NY0357859
Lewis Iii Theodore  L. NY0003504
Lexer Christopher  B. NY0010716
Licata Ryan C. NY0065097
Liebe Dennis  F. NY0004421
Liebermann Mark  J. NY0004241
Light James  P. NY0004499
Lighty Chester  NY0007325
Liguori Thomas  G. NY0357869
Lim Dan  NY0004458
Limbeck John  P. NY0008064
Linares Juan  P. NY0004573
Lincoln Jr. David  C. NY0000364
Lindsay Paul  C. NY0004809
Linsalato Ronald  A. NY0009586
Lipinsky Jon  W. NY0065217
Lis Glenn  A. NY0023848
Lisi Frank  J. NY0003503
Lisi Joseph   NY0014036
Lissow Michael  J. NY0004115
Little Mert  J. NY0357806
Llanes Thomas  C. NY0004258
Llewellyn Kevin  E. NY0071238
Lloyd Robert  E. NY0004927
Lo Cicero Enrico  P. NY0007452
Lo Presti Michael  J. NY0005978
Lodespoto Michael  G. NY0007827
Loft Darin NY0371292
Logue Michael  P. NY0005322
Lojac Vincent  J. NY0007324
Lombardi Michael  NY0349545
Lomison Steven  NY0362314
Lonergan Patrick  J. NY0004878
Long Lorraine  NY0365151
Longi Peter  M. NY0004253
Longobardi Francis  J. NY0005950
Lopez Michael  J. NY0055153
Lord Jason  A. NY0015673
Lorefice Joseph  A. NY0007492
Lorenzo Robert  N. NY0003993
Losco Patrick  A. NY0005949
Loucks Iv Thomas  NY0367841
Louvaris Rebecca  R. NY0003010
Loveland David  NY0000346
Lowe Frank  NY0371562
Lowrey Matthew  NY0349645
Lozano Daniel  NY0047741
Luby John  NY0015733
Lucarelli Andrea  L. NY0014356
Lucas Craig  D. NY0007795
Lucas Brian  J. NY0030892
Lucchesi Thomas  R. NY0000796
Lucey Angela  L. NY0010303
Lucido John  NY0007323
Ludtka Scott  NY0055154
Luffred Michael  A. NY0034759
Lukonaitis Richard CE1000018
Lund Susan  M. NY0004142
Lupold Christopher  S. NY0000122
Luthringer Kevin  J. NY0003992
Luyando Rafael  A NY0002346
Lydon John  NY0012608
Lyman Richard  C. NY0007491
Lyman Daniel  NY0358968
Lynch Donald  G. NY0001502
Lyon Bruce  W. NY0004977
Lyon Kelly  S. NY0056036


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