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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name P - R


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Pacanowski James  E. NY0005774
Paccione Amanda  J. NY0007487
Pace Vincent  J. NY0002531
Pace Frank  P. NY0004747
Pacelli Cheryl J. NY0371609
Packard Rebecca  S. NY0359723
Paddock Jeffrey  M. NY0004947
Paffie Charles  A. NY0036103
Pagano James  A. NY0010812
Pagano John  P. NY0037828
Page Douglas  A. NY0007198
Paladini Scott  T. NY0052252
Palazzo Paul  NY0004721
Palazzo Frank  T. NY0005539
Palermo John  M. NY0005193
Palmer Michael  J. NY0014344
Palmer Eric NY0370164
Palmiero Michael  NY0002789
Pancoast Thomas J. CE1000143
Panek Ronald  G. NY0038355
Panella Michael  NY0363812
Pangarkar Yogini NY0371452
Pangione Joseph  L. NY0030908
Paniccia Louis  D. NY0007390
Panik Robert  J. NY0015693
Pappas Nicholas  P. NY0021953
Parasram Pavindradatt  NY0361283
Paratore Patrick  K. NY0004368
Pardy Robert  NY0003657
Parent Roy  NY0049147
Parent Lauren  NY0364651
Parese Robert  P. NY0003709
Parise Frank  NY0003034
Park Gerald  A. NY0013556
Parker Stephen A. NY0030816
Parker John Scott NY0370325
Parks Gary  L. NY0006040
Parks Dale Marie  NY0048951
Parlman Brian  NY0071444
Parnell Bryan  W. NY0007947
Parnett Claude  NY0010886
Parrotta Joseph  NY0003855
Parrow Wayne  G. NY0041170
Parry Gerald  F. NY0044133
Parsons C Thomas  NY0003091
Parsons Gerald  F. NY0005773
Pashley Heidi  J. NY0047378
Pasquale Francis  NY0048022
Pasqualino Mary Ann  NY0357847
Passarello Thomas  NY0003854
Passuite Thomas  J. NY0008129
Patrick James  E. NY0004770
Patricke JOSEPH NY0007296
Patti Paul  J. NY0005042
Paul David  G. NY0024393
Paul David  NY0030658
Pausley Lane  M. NY0003853
Pavelock John  A. NY0004672
Pawlak David  NY0055158
Payne Keith NY0071246
Peake Mark  A. NY0007946
Pease Scott  NY0349564
Pebler Edward  J. NY0004746
Pecha Michael  J. NY0061643
Pecoraro Anthony  L. NY0004918
Peden Kimberly  D. NY0057879
Pedone Marylou  NY0367844
Peleg Amir NY0010392
Pellegrino Joseph  M. NY0039584
Pellett Jr. Thomas  F. NY0009806
Pellizzi Laura  M. NY0002813
Peloso Laurie  A. NY0051098
Peltz Adam  M. NY0005682
Penhall Richard  NY0002376
Pennella Randal  J. NY0009624
Pennella Donato  R. NY0041070
Pennelle Salvatore  J. NY0005445
Penney David  NY0331600
Pennock William  NY0367845
Perciasepe Peter  R. NY0005937
Perkins Jason  M. NY0001820
Perkins Thomas  A. NY0004110
Perkins Gary  L. NY0005772
Perkins Enoch  D. NY0014287
Perkins Ryan  P. NY0033346
Perkins Neville  A. NY0346964
Perna Jr. George  W. NY0027136
Perniciaro John  J. NY0007223
Perogine Gail  M. NY0009622
Perreault Brenda  L. NY0011007
Perri Michael  P. NY0004485
Perri John  M. NY0004718
Perry James  H. NY0004410
Perry John  B. NY0009803
Perry Todd  M. NY0017565
Perry Douglas  S. NY0018997
Perry Angela  J. NY0049923
Perry Samuel  K. NY0056012
Persaud Dhan  NY0367846
Persaud Simi NY0370303
Persbacker Gretchen  NY0361293
Personius Ralph  NY0004973
Pesavento Christopher  M. NY0008519
Pesavento Bruno  NY0026231
Peter Carl  A. NY0005344
Peters Gerald  J. NY0004609
Peters Edward  H. NY0004852
Peters Richard  J. NY0007522
Petersen Joseph  H. NY0009580
Peterson Kevin  C. NY0000512
Peterson Robert  A. NY0004525
Peterson Todd  A. NY0008196
Peterson Bryan  P. NY0035210
Peterson Jr. George  C. NY0041576
Petit-Homme Samuel  NY0365619
Petramale Nicholas J. NY0361778
Petrarca Daniel  R. NY0032065
Petricca Teresa  L. NY0007203
Petriccione Claudio  NY0002788
Petrich Jack  C. NY0000339
Petrie Matthew  J. NY0073357
Petrucci Louis  J. NY0003964
Petrus Joel  J. NY0004243
Petteys Barry  W. NY0030746
Pettingell Fred  P. NY0007851
Pfeiffer Michael  E. NY0025833
Pfeiffer Jr. Joseph  J. NY0005510
Pfister Jr. Karl  A. NY0030695
Phalen Kenneth  E. NY0004665
Phalen Daniel  R. NY0007837
Philipp Eric  S. NY0003367
Philipson Richard  E. NY0135685
Phillips Marques J. CE1000044
Phillips John  F. NY0003768
Phillips Brian  G. NY0004524
Phillips Daniel  NY0031077
Phillips Patrick  D. NY0055160
Phipps Lawrence  R. NY0002787
Piacente Jr. Raymond  J. NY0005936
Piasecki James  R. NY0071371
Piazza Richard  R. NY0018900
Picarello Lawrence  A. NY0009716
Piccolo Michael  W. NY0009801
Piccolo Michael J. NY0371294
Pici Vincent  NY0004266
Pickell Nordeen  A. NY0007448
Pidgeon John  M. NY0002060
Pidgeon William  G. NY0005085
Piechuta Michael  NY0004917
Piemonte Vito  NY0003708
Pierce Joshua  NY0367847
Pieri Steven  L. NY0003963
Pierpont John  T. NY0009127
Piersa Edward  G. NY0007794
Piester Ronald  E. NY0034604
Pietrosanti Nunzio  NY0005935
Pighini Richard  NY0362691
Pike Timothy  NY0075254
Pilczak Bohdan  J NY0004146
Pilgrim Steven  S. NY0009511
Pine Jeffry  R. NY0003600
Pintagro Brian  L. NY0069252
Pintavalle Thomas  A. NY0002786
Pionessa Jonelle NY0371581
Piotrowski Timothy  J. NY0007945
Pititto David  M. NY0041196
Pitocco Jr. Peter  A. NY0004726
Pitt Brian  A. NY0041100
Pitula Greg  NY0366345
Pizzuto Joseph  M. NY0021732
Platel Mark  J. NY0008858
Platt Richard  G. NY0004405
Platt Denise  D. NY0065104
Platt Wilkie  NY0362537
Platz John  C. NY0008729
Plevniak John  P. NY0005722
Plume Jr. Roy  J. NY0013455
Plumley James  A. NY0010766
Poczkalski Kenneth  W. NY0004901
Podolak Anne  M. NY0007944
Pohl Alan  J. NY0003851
Polacelli Michael  T. NY0066677
Polaski Raymond  NY0063798
Polcari Richard  B. NY0004698
Polito John  J. NY0003766
Polovchena William  H. NY0007460
Polsinelli Dino V. NY0371453
Pomales, Jr. Jose R. NY0370304
Pontrello Benjamin  A. NY0003033
Popp Iv Fred  J. NY0004223
Port Nancy  M. NY0007291
Porter Alvin  J. NY0065190
Porter Brenda  NY0073376
Porto Armando  NY0036055
Posillico Mario  NY0007633
Post Michael  H. NY0003656
Post Kevin  J. NY0005294
Post Gary  D. NY0006021
Post John  R. NY0010257
Potanovic Jr. Joseph  V. NY0041038
Potrzeba Jr. Joseph  NY0367848
Potter Rodney  J. NY0007943
Potter Jan  NY0009479
Potts Richard  NY0075271
Poupalos Nick  NY0008126
Poupalos Anthony  NY0365621
Powell William  H. NY0004607
Powell Peter  J. NY0359215
Powrie Laurie  C. NY0005266
Prativadi Rekha  G. NY0015736
Pratt Kent  J. NY0005812
Preiato Thomas  NY0009823
Premuroso William  F. NY0004688
Prentice Jr. Richard  NY0012047
Presley Samuel  H. NY0005342
Press Bill  NY0016107
Presvelis Peter  NY0007816
Preville Ronald  E. NY0003599
Price William  R NY0003850
Price Thomas  E. NY0005293
Price S Lee  NY0034168
Price Dennis A. NY0371595
Priest Jr. John  J. NY0005873
Primard Kenneth  M. NY0010258
Primerano David  P. NY0010684
Prince Robert  L. NY0007662
Pringle David  J. NY0004916
Prinzing Brian  D. NY0137581
Prochilo Thomas  P. NY0357856
Procopio Steven  J. NY0002323
Pronto Charles  F. NY0002375
Pross Christopher  W. NY0009975
Prosser Jr. Richard  F. NY0065191
Protopsaltis Nicholas  NY0361284
Przybycien John  P. NY0000099
Puentes Arlene  NY0007301
Pugh Elaine  NY0008097
Pugliese Stan  NY0004197
Purcell Daniel  J. NY0005265
Purcell Scott  R. NY0054561
Purdy Brian  K. NY0041173
Putt Jr. Walter  H. NY0007942
Pyne Douglas  J. NY0013457
Quackenbush Brian  L. NY0003183
Quadrozzi Brian  A. NY0034490
Quaglietta Richard  F. NY0004850
Quartucio Gerald  J. NY0026530
Quattrociocchi Richard  A. NY0010317
Queeno Philip  L. NY0007785
Quick George  A. NY0003598
Quigley Richard  H. NY0002374
Quiles Iii George  E. NY0041209
Quinn Matthew T. CE0000001
Quintana, Jr. Gustavo NY0371610
Rabinowitz Keith  J. NY0070714
Rachun Alexander  NY0007893
Rackmyre, Jr. David C. NY0010885
Radecki Mark  L. NY0008125
Radke Phyllis  M. NY0004425
Radzyminski Henry  D. NY0324909
Rafferty Stephen  A. NY0006020
Raftery Daniel  J. NY0013765
Raftery Brian  J. NY0020386
Ragaini Michael  J. NY0004222
Ragaini Jr. Michael  NY0365155
Raguseo Anthony  L. NY0056287
Raichel Walter  D. NY0002508
Raines David  I. NY0004849
Rallis Damon  P. NY0010813
Ramage Iain  NY0010545
Ramkeesoon Richard  NY0004523
Ramos Ricardo  NY0028428
Ramos Jr Felix  NY0007771
Ramotar Valmiki  NY0004522
Ramsey Jr. Robert  NY0366694
Ramskill Warren  P. NY0036067
Randall Douglas  E. NY0008124
Randig Edwin  K. NY0010305
Raner Randolph  E. NY0004971
Rang Keith  NY0165817
Rank Kevin  A. NY0006037
Rankin John  J. NY0007674
Rapacciuolo Vincent  NY0041174
Rascoe Roger  A. NY0056228
Raskin Bruce  D. NY0005858
Rasmussen Lauritz  NY0041175
Raymond TIMOTHY NY0004803
Raymond Ted  J. NY0005708
Raynor Thomas  T. NY0005986
Razzano Scott NY0370326
Rea James  A. NY0006426
Read Spencer  NY0002696
Reagan William  B. NY0005292
Rearick David  D. NY0025778
Reavey Levi  NY0347507
Rech Terry  W. NY0005190
Recio Michael  NY0004606
Reece Allen  W. NY0041176
Reed John  R. NY0004221
Reed Sheryl  A. NY0004290
Reed Ryan  A. NY0004915
Reed Deborah  ANN NY0007217
Reed Charles  F. NY0030979
Reed David  R. NY0055178
Reibsome-Dodge Linda  NY0362535
Reichl Daniel  A. NY0007216
Reid Charles  F. NY0002499
Reilly Timothy  W. NY0005521
Reilly Patrick  NY0005522
Reimann Erik  K. NY0049142
Reiss Joshua M. CE1000081
Reiss Howard  J. NY0003490
Rella Vito  NY0007541
Relyea Kevin T. NY0017456
Remington Mark  D. NY0005084
Remmel Jon  F. NY0007941
Remsen Darryl  A. NY0004945
Renda Salvatore  NY0002544
Renihan Jeffrey  D. NY0003364
Renzi Scott  NY0004288
Repp Jr. Michael  J. NY0004686
Requa Richard  J. NY0007295
Rera Debra  B. NY0049863
Rethmel Marvin  F. NY0004391
Reuss Paul  C. NY0004287
Revelas William  T. NY0006036
Reyes Charles  V. NY0003765
Reynolds Joseph  A. NY0004436
Reynolds Mark  H. NY0006008
Rice David  H. NY0004462
Rice John  D. NY0004520
Rice David  NY0044132
Richards Allan  B. NY0007459
Richards Paul  NY0023201
Richards Darren  T. NY0061645
Richardson Jr William  P. NY0004699
Richert Roger  NY0071241
Richter Joel  H. NY0005455
Richter Adam  D. NY0030664
Rico Edgar  NY0362573
Ricotta Samuel  V. NY0034603
Ricotta Vincent NY0218776
Riddle Steven  C NY0048510
Rider Scott  A. NY0005083
Riebel George  L. NY0005746
Riedel Thomas  J. NY0007632
Riege Fritz  W. NY0007793
Riekofski Robert  E. NY0004968
Riesdorph Richard  J. NY0041610
Rieu-Sicart Gary  E. NY0008733
Riley Vicki  A. NY0002553
Riley Shari  L. NY0004256
Riley Romeo  NY0005932
Riley Fred  J. NY0158790
Rimmer Michael  J. NY0002865
Rinaldi Thomas  J. NY0201725
Rinck Jr. Robert  R. NY0004802
Rinker Janet  A NY0037744
Rinko Richard NY0041681
Ripa Robert  P. NY0004424
Ripley Kenneth  E. NY0067833
Risolo Michael A. NY0363552
Rivera Lenor  B NY0002419
Rivera Luis  NY0004107
Rivera Francisco  NY0004108
Rivera Randolph  NY0004468
Rivers Jr. Robert  L. NY0075272
Rizzo Steven  M. NY0004106
Rizzo Daniel  J. NY0065138
Robbins Jr. Donald  R. NY0004467
Robert Thomas  V. NY0004505
Robert Charles  S. NY0009494
Robertaccio Joseph S. CE1000144
Roberti Barbara  L. NY0032709
Roberts Donald  J. NY0005082
Roberts Kevin  W. NY0034238
Roberts Arlene  V. NY0046918
Robertson Dennis  J. NY0365624
Robinson Lon  C. NY0004944
Robinson Garry  NY0005633
Robinson Kristina  L. NY0007687
Robinson Richard  L. NY0041136
Robinson Arthur  E. NY0074755
Roca Frank  G. NY0007187
Rocchi Peter  M. NY0003228
Rocco John  NY0004198
Rockelein Robert  W. NY0003043
Rockey Cindy  D. NY0359220
Rocklin Steven  NY0004489
Rodrigues Edward  C NY0030466
Rodriguez Scott  M. NY0007485
Rodriguez Faustino  T. NY0009086
Rodriguez Dion  T. NY0056041
Roeske Trenton  NY0364483
Roethel Stephen  D. NY0003762
Rogel William  NY0362544
Rogers Richard  E NY0003040
Rogers Lance  E. NY0005041
Rogers Martin  G. NY0005841
Roglieri Lyne  M NY0003540
Rogozinski Kerry  NY0009870
Rokitka Larry  NY0008123
Rollings Ronald W. NY0035648
Roma Lawrence  NY0007269
Roma Jeffrey  P. NY0009621
Romano Santo  J. NY0005740
Romano Christopher  M. NY0007484
Romano James  R. NY0014335
Romanowski Brian  B. NY0003961
Romanowski Thomas  W. NY0005609
Rominger Signe  E. NY0002730
Roosa Gary  E. NY0021468
Root Matthew  W. NY0346928
Rosa Mark  B. NY0008056
Rose Joseph  T. NY0027102
Rosen Philip  J. NY0056288
Roser Edwin  L. NY0030763
Ross David  H. NY0010315
Ross Steven G. NY0027362
Rossi Robert  L. NY0005904
Rossi John L. NY0371295
Rossiter John  A. NY0003849
Rostern Steven J. NY0021142
Roth Christopher  A. NY0005621
Roth Heather  L. NY0034103
Roth Glenn NY0371454
Roth, Jr. Edward CE1000126
Rothrock John  W. NY0042549
Rottkamp Sr. John  E. NY0002765
Rowe Mitchell  NY0008684
Rowe David  NY0347857
Roy David  NY0007703
Royce John  D. NY0002611
Rozsypal Jr. Paul  C. NY0065171
Rozuk Karen  J. NY0055161
Rozzi Nathan  W. NY0004105
Ruane John  E. NY0003706
Rubach Stephen  M. NY0008121
Rubenstein Carl  NY0007572
Rudgers Alan  L. NY0005771
Rudiger Craig  R. NY0008723
Rudy John  T. NY0048511
Rudzinski Boris  NY0049250
Rue Jeremy NY0027396
Rueger William  J. NY0009512
Ruffinen Michael  E. NY0061437
Rumatoski Carl  W. NY0003045
Rupert Keith  D. NY0008857
Rusnak Stephen  P. NY0002999
Russell Alexander  E. NY0003486
Russell Whitney  K. NY0004821
Russell Charles  P. NY0009513
Russell Justin NY0067762
Russell Scott  NY0359216
Russello Frank  J. NY0007790
Russo Peter  A. NY0005452
Russo Leonard  M. NY0005929
Russo Heath  NY0346966
Russo Joseph  NY0362693
Russo Jr. Joseph  A. NY0005443
Russo Jr. Joseph  A. NY0030724
Rutland Eric  J. NY0055133
Ruvio Jr. James  R. NY0005183
Ryan Christopher  M. NY0003485
Ryan Ronald  G. NY0009339
Ryan Donald  M. NY0010216
Ryan John  NY0012219
Ryan Timothy  J. NY0013804
Ryan Timothy  NY0061204
Rychlowski Robert CE1000127
Ryder Michael  NY0004170
Ryerse Jr. Paul  E. NY0003207



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