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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name S - U


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Saad Eyal  NY0003169
Sabovic Beadin  NY0057380
Sacco Joseph  A. NY0004903
Sage Donald  C. NY0021952
Sahakian John  NY0041101
Saiz Luis  NY0021304
Sakin Michael  I. NY0030975
Saladino Joseph  M. NY0028867
Salazar Janer NY0371553
Salinovich Jr. George  A. NY0003363
Salley Danielle  NY0048512
Salo Susan NY0370327
Salute Carmine  NY0003005
Salvatore Michael  M. NY0004419
Sampath Douglas  A. NY0005680
Sampone Jr. John  NY0030911
Sanchez Elsa  NY0041197
Sanchez Z. I.  NY0362574
Sanchez Christian NY0371552
Sandarelli Jr. Frank  J. NY0048029
Sandor Andrew  J. NY0028652
Sanford Charles  W. NY0004104
Sanford Jr. Robert  E. NY0009516
Sanseverino Frank  A. NY0004518
Santiago, Iii Eugene NY0371554
Santora Louis  NY0360814
Santoro Thomas NY0370566
Saracino Joseph  NY0005440
Sardone Scott  C. NY0297754
Sargent Dell  A NY0003541
Sarich Peter  J. NY0004600
Sarker Satyajit  NY0357866
Sarvis George  NY0003652
Sauer Steven  NY0071410
Saunders Cheyenne  NY0003960
Saur David  M. NY0008874
Savage Michael  J. NY0005040
Savage Mark  J. NY0062380
Savage Stephen  M. NY0065139
Savarese Jr. James  P. NY0007454
Saviano John  A. NY0004717
Savona John  NY0005039
Sawtelle Thomas  NY0004560
Sawyer George  F. NY0003651
Saxby Terry  M. NY0014320
Saxe Peter  T. NY0004766
Saxe James  T. NY0004967
Sayevich Paul  NY0015663
Scalise Lawrence  M. NY0007938
Scapperotti Adrian  D. NY0009311
Scarfo Joseph  A. NY0002764
Scarson Douglas  J. NY0005622
Scarzella David  R. NY0346967
Schaal Bruce  NY0365626
Schadt Howard  C. NY0065971
Schaub Charles  M. NY0049251
Schell William  F. NY0004428
Schell Russell  D. NY0004800
Schermerhorn Kenneth  G NY0003436
Schermerhorn Jr James  W NY0000891
Scheuer Jr Donald  V. NY0013775
Schieber Michael  J. NY0003956
Schieber Jeffrey  A. NY0035016
Schieder James  P. NY0005080
Schiffman Eric  D. NY0047368
Schilt Richard  A. NY0004154
Schlafer Joseph  A. NY0061646
Schlegel Thomas G. NY0371611
Schleider Christopher  J. NY0008084
Schlenker Byron  NY0365156
Schlicht Yonnie  F. NY0049143
Schmidt Douglas  W NY0002352
Schmidt Walter  R. NY0003484
Schmidt Ronald  E NY0012795
Schmitt Jr. Michael  J. NY0004848
Schmitt Jr. Andrew  G. NY0005872
Schmitt Jr. William  H. NY0007173
Schnall Leonard  A. NY0013242
Schneider Wayne  C. NY0003551
Schneider Jo Ann  NY0005474
Schneider Steven  NY0346968
Schneider Maureen NY0370328
Schneider, Jr. Thomas NY0371612
Schnieder Paul  J. NY0007814
Schoeberl Jeffrey F. NY0000432
Schoenborn Wade  E. NY0007293
Schott William  C. NY0030721
Schreiber John  P. NY0007877
Schreiner Roy  J. NY0022795
Schreppel Gary  R. NY0003704
Schroeder Richard  C. NY0007521
Schryver Christine  A. NY0040011
Schueckler Jr. Donald  A. NY0003205
Schug Jr. Brian  A. NY0003650
Schuh Richard  B. NY0007702
Schulte Scott  F. NY0027135
Schultz John  P. NY0050029
Schurr Robert  G. NY0015665
Schwanke Kimberly  R. NY0065194
Schwarting Bruce  A. NY0076709
Schwartz David  E. NY0047369
Schwarz Mark  A. NY0003042
Schwarz Raymond  NY0004193
Schwier Sean  C. NY0016766
Sciandra Luigi  C. NY0007458
Sciara Paul  C. NY0005925
Scibetta Dennis  K. NY0007919
Scimeca Vincent NY0370305
Scott Jimmy  B. NY0004765
Scott Valerie  Y. NY0005901
Scott William  R. NY0030759
Seaman Robert  J. NY0056296
Searles Jason  NY0035323
Secor Michael  H. NY0000109
Seeloff Mark J. NY0002506
Segelken Michael  C. NY0004245
Seibert Marc  T. NY0070716
Seidner David  A. NY0002864
Seigfred Gregory  J. NY0005182
Selby Scott  NY0106741
Selin Lauri  NY0004495
Semenetz Gregg  M. NY0005820
Seminara Michael  M. NY0002785
Senecal Jeffrey  D. NY0002552
Senecal Jon  NY0365157
Seng Robert  A. NY0004596
Senitta Paul  P. NY0005428
Senno Henry  J. NY0004695
Serino David  NY0367850
Serrano John  A. NY0044290
Serrano Luis NY0286278
Servello Jr. Richard  N. NY0041636
Sessler Adam  M. NY0041081
Seweryniak Mark  A. NY0005340
Seymour Michael  G. NY0001498
Seymour Senior  H. NY0010904
Shadood Raad  NY0371566
Shaffer Steven  E. NY0016604
Shalaeva Irina  NY0365629
Shalvey Jr. Thomas  L. NY0007213
Shane Scott  H. NY0003843
Shannon Ronald  NY0004517
Shannon Robert  A. NY0014741
Sharif Jerome  O. NY0007402
Sharif Farooq  NY0069338
Sharma Deven  NY0005431
Sharma Ramesh  NY0008706
Shaughnessy James  D. NY0026868
Shaver Greg  A. NY0004863
Shaw Stephen  R. NY0001289
Shaw Melvin  T. NY0015936
Shaw Richard  O. NY0027413
Shaw Mark  D. NY0056939
Shaw William  D. NY0061124
Shaw Linda  NY0065172
Shawki Fouad  R. NY0009074
Shea John  J. NY0004369
Shearer Douglas  E NY0007701
Sheehan William  J. NY0005264
Sheeran David  W. NY0005037
Sheil Ryan  M. NY0030453
Shepard Paul  D. NY0007200
Sherer Betty-Ann  NY0265541
Sheridan Patrick  S. NY0025779
Sheridan Dennis  T. NY0031045
Sheridan Peter NY0368018
Sherman William  E. NY0007661
Sherman Charles  J. NY0162372
Shero Edward  NY0003760
Sherwin Christopher  J. NY0011080
Shield Alan NY0020551
Shilling Eric  W. NY0041072
Shipe John  A. NY0003841
Shipley Christine  A. NY0359217
Shoemaker Julie  A. NY0003807
Shoemaker Daniel  NY0064241
Shreve Kathleen  A. NY0004595
Shufelt Jeremiah B. NY0028245
Shumsky Janet  L. NY0012267
Shumway Spencer  L. NY0056263
Sickles Timothy  D. NY0007774
Sierzega, Jr. John   NY0030921
Siino James  R. NY0002763
Silk William  J. NY0010314
Sill Steven  NY0367852
Silvaroli Richard   NY0000442
Simme Jeffrey  H. NY0006033
Simmons Donald CE1000082
Simmons Eryk  L. NY0021607
Simone Jr. Joseph  A. NY0005885
Simonsmeier Walter  NY0005813
Simpson Robert  C. NY0043886
Sinclair Gene  NY0003759
Singleton Jeffrey NY0068875
Sinnickson Scott  A. NY0005890
Siragusa Gregory  C. NY0346969
Sisson Jeffrey  S NY0002367
Sisson Michael  C. NY0071407
Siudy Jacqueline  M. NY0005754
Siviglia James  J. NY0006001
Siwinski Stephen  L. NY0004188
Skebey Thomas  R. NY0004342
Skellett Mark  A. NY0003481
Sklener Lisa  A. NY0071408
Slack William  M. NY0050689
Slavin Jane  C. NY0007435
Slingerland Frank  M. NY0004491
Slycord Frank  C. NY0031468
Smalley William  G. NY0002986
Smetaniuk Igor  NY0005251
Smith Joshua  D. NY0000115
Smith Kevin  S. NY0002424
Smith Patrick  K. NY0002694
Smith Thomas  A. NY0002762
Smith Jayson NY0003305
Smith Bradley  E. NY0003701
Smith John  R. NY0003806
Smith Jerome  P. NY0004594
Smith David  H. NY0005179
Smith Neal  J. NY0005581
Smith Glenn  T. NY0005814
Smith Gregory  G. NY0005995
Smith Donald  R. NY0007300
Smith Ian  NY0007342
Smith Charles  L. NY0007373
Smith Joel  N. NY0007937
Smith Richard  A. NY0008912
Smith David  P. NY0009797
Smith Ross  A. NY0010000
Smith James  E. NY0015773
Smith Steven  J. NY0016202
Smith Martin  E. NY0041210
Smith Andrew  J. NY0065221
Smith Stephen  L. NY0071382
Smith Roger  NY0349973
Smith James  E. NY0359206
Smith Timothy  M. NY0365632
Smith Jr. Thomas M. NY0000446
Smith Jr. James  J. NY0008732
Smith Sr Joseph  W. NY0005842
Smithing Gary  W. NY0007183
Smithler Jackelyn  L NY0003838
Smyth Dan  J. NY0009293
Sneyd Glen  G. NY0004246
Snowden James  K. NY0061123
Snyder Mark  W. NY0007660
Snyder Christopher  M. NY0062052
Snyder Scott P. NY0371455
So Tien Ho  NY0031470
Sodano Jr. Giovanni  NY0031042
Sofoklis Andreas  P. NY0007212
Sola Maria  NY0362545
Sole Patrick  NY0046871
Sollin William  D. NY0056297
Sommer Phillip  M. NY0002677
Sonnak Reinhardt  K. NY0009273
Sorensen Lee  M. NY0007812
Sorrell Carson  E. NY0003699
Sorrento Joseph NY0371613
Sorriento Vittorio  C. NY0002551
Soszynski Daniel  NY0366347
Soszynski Dariusz  NY0366348
Sottile Virginia  NY0365633
Soullas Chris  NY0367853
Soya Marlon  S. NY0004516
Spaman Mishele  L. NY0007568
Spanfelner John  P. NY0003698
Spano James  S. NY0007540
Sparling David  W. NY0003649
Spata Nicholas  J. NY0002811
Specchio Jr. Mark  L. NY0005229
Speck Douglas  R. NY0007287
Spedaliere Gus  NY0013697
Speech Matthrew D. NY0021048
Spenziero Wayne  M. NY0007858
Sperber Joseph  L. NY0009320
Spina Barry  NY0005500
Splain Leonard  J. NY0006018
Sprada Gerald  E. NY0008116
Sprague Stacy  L NY0002525
Sprague Michael  C. NY0007389
Spratz James  D. NY0015738
Springer Edward  K. NY0004592
Spruce, Sr. Charles N. NY0163632
St. John Michael J. NY0186605
St. Pierre Paul W. NY0069339
Stables Maureen  A. NY0005175
Stachelski Jr. Daniel  A. NY0003110
Stacy Elizabeth  A. NY0033403
Staffo James  NY0000453
Stager Anthony  P. NY0009333
Stagnitti Richard  D. NY0005493
Stahl Joseph  H. NY0005036
Stahlman Jeffrey  M. NY0003536
Stahlman John  T. NY0008115
Standinger Debra  T. NY0003188
Stanescu Marcela  NY0051439
Stangle John  T. NY0005744
Stango Linda  M. NY0004579
Stankavich David  NY0004670
Stanley Jr. Robert  H. NY0003423
Stannard Jr. Lloyd  H. NY0004282
Stanton Brian  C. NY0004173
Stark Michael  F. NY0003433
Stark Ronald  G NY0005035
Staton Linwood  NY0360815
Stauss Donald  R. NY0005701
Stavalone Kenneth  L. NY0025787
Steele Michael A. CE1000063
Steele Richard  NY0367858
Steen James  T. NY0005667
Steenberge Mathew NY0370230
Steenrod Edwin  J. NY0037383
Steers Christopher  D. NY0051827
Stefanko Richard  NY0349974
Steffen Nicholas  D. NY0076797
Steimer, Iii Joseph A. NY0028847
Stein Eric  NY0035325
Stein Simon  I. NY0055989
Steinberg Thomas  J. NY0008114
Steinbrenner Jeff  NY0366697
Stempel Avery  B. NY0075273
Stephens Jennifer  A. NY0071374
Stephens Craig NY0371547
Steppe Jr Robert  NY0004194
Sterio Anthony NY0062274
Sterling Clifford J. NY0365159
Sternburg Mark  R. NY0007388
Stevens Edward  J. NY0000117
Stevens Wayne  A. NY0003480
Stevens Roger  E. NY0003836
Stevens Teresa  M. NY0007591
Stevens Jr. Paul  E. NY0075768
Stevens Jr. John  A. NY0363341
Stever Jr. James  K. NY0005374
Stewart Michael  J. NY0004820
Stewart Joshua  J. NY0007787
Stewart Douglas  E. NY0041126
Stickles Dean  D. NY0005249
Stigi Iii Ernest  C. NY0008725
Stillman Gary  K. NY0014332
Stine Richard  J. NY0005515
Stiner Marcie  A. NY0003757
Stirone Thomas  A. NY0004099
Stojanovic-Ranjbar Snezvana  NY0360816
Stone Jr. Harry  J. NY0009081
Stooks George  F. NY0000338
Stout Jillian NY0042110
Stout Wendy M. NY0365630
Strabel David  G. NY0004930
Strack Eric  NY0358043
Straface Jr. Ralph  L. NY0002784
Strain Sherrie NY0371640
Strang Peter  NY0003647
Strapach Jr. Bob  J. NY0001825
Straut Harold  E. NY0005681
Strawgate Amy  NY0003024
Streit Clay NY0340550
Striegel John  NY0004907
Stringham Cheryl  J. NY0071376
Strong Daniel  D. NY0003755
Strong Michael  G. NY0004514
Strumpfler Jocelyn NY0001790
Stryker Keith  M. NY0347516
Studley Steven  NY0007934
Stupp Christopher NY0011403
Stutz Greg NY0365140
Suchy John  NY0030913
Sullivan Michael  R. NY0003953
Sullivan Patrick  M. NY0004908
Sullivan Edward  J. NY0027107
Sullivan Thomas  F. NY0029826
Summa Richard  M. NY0046897
Sutherland James  R. NY0030891
Sutton Paul  A. NY0003478
Sutton Robert  D. NY0008731
Suveges Endre  P. NY0007933
Swanson Jeffrey A. NY0283767
Swasta Michael K. NY0068461
Sweeney Michael  P. NY0007519
Sweet Jeffrey  N. NY0005075
Swehla Mark W. NY0001958
Swenson Thomas  E. NY0008707
Swingly James  R. NY0056269
Swistak Gail  L. NY0005285
Sylvester Karen  M. NY0007224
Szafraniec Robert  NY0004913
Szarowicz Paul  NY0027177
Szatko Thomas  P. NY0015699
Szczerbinski Leon  NY0008112
Szilagyi Joseph  A. NY0041112
Szmul Edward  NY0010883
Szpylka Basil  NY0349754
Szymanski Paul  G. NY0002990
Taborda Kathryn  A. NY0002761
Taft Paul  M. NY0076700
Talai Mina  NY0360817
Talarico Ronald  J. NY0033661
Talbot Christopher  M. NY0007211
Talento Thomas W. NY0035207
Tallents Brace  M. NY0003832
Tallon Kristopher  J. NY0069253
Talmadge Susan  L. NY0365635
Tam Justin  G. NY0001739
Tambe Thomas  J. NY0022340
Tango Thomas  J. NY0023837
Tanner Mark  NY0048514
Tanner Howard  E. NY0069254
Tarchine Jr. Ralph  C. NY0005407
Tarolli Brian  A. NY0003831
Tatem Jr. Robert  C. NY0004157
Tawil Jacob  S. NY0031517
Taylor Christopher  A. NY0006805
Taylor Peter  J. NY0049145
Teale Jeanne  M. NY0004669
Tedesco Sergio  NY0007682
Tedesco Ralph  A. NY0009989
Tedino TED NY0003546
Teed Norman  S. NY0005338
Teeter Jeffrey  PAUL NY0015739
Teeter Alan  J. NY0020606
Teetz Robert  F. NY0070715
Tehan Jonathan  C. NY0004590
Tenkate Michael  P. NY0007889
Tennies David C. NY0028828
Ternosky Jr John  J. NY0021456
Terrance-Rivera Amy  NY0004764
Terrell Kurt  A. NY0057382
Territo Mark  V. NY0015740
Terry John  L. NY0003477
Terry William  J. NY0004741
Terry Karen  M. NY0050106
Terry Steven NY0371456
Terwilliger Bruce  C. NY0005248
Tesik Michael  A. NY0009292
Tesoriero Stephen  NY0361276
Testa Kenneth  NY0007422
Testa Jr. Michael  A. NY0003361
Tetreault Jr. Michael  J. NY0009594
Tette Thomas  M. NY0007659
Theriault Richard  P. NY0004474
Theriault Brian  A. NY0035821
Thieme Jody  C. NY0057883
Thomas Lawrence  NY0005922
Thomas Stephen  P. NY0007482
Thomas Burton  NY0011349
Thomas Rolland  R. NY0015802
Thomas Robert  J. NY0362441
Thomas Victor  B. NY0371565
Thomas, Jr. Donald P. NY0371641
Thomasberger Gary  J. NY0007443
Thompson Jo'Elle CE1000019
Thompson Robert  NY0002693
Thompson Jason  M. NY0005074
Thompson David  S. NY0005767
Thompson Bruce  K. NY0006019
Thompson Aron  F. NY0043425
Thompson Charles  F. NY0073352
Thompson Howard  NY0136022
Thompson Gregory  R. NY0279027
Thompson Brian  NY0357864
Thorpe Kendall  R. NY0011031
Thurston Jr. Robert C. NY0006673
Tibbitts Shawn  D. NY0065146
Tice Robert NY0366901
Tichenor Joseph  NY0357802
Tier Nicolas  NY0358974
Tietjen Kurt  W. NY0323105
Tillery Michele  A. NY0003360
Timmons William  P. NY0005337
Tinklepaugh Robert NY0009575
Tiso Joseph  J. NY0027082
Tobin Thomas  M. NY0065195
Todaro Anthony  NY0001497
Tojek William  M. NY0008110
Tomasello James  C. NY0008109
Tomasso Lawrence  J. NY0004845
Tomosky Eric  J. NY0003828
Tompkins Tomi N. NY0371457
Tomsic Gregory  A. NY0041158
Tonachio Jr. Joseph  F. NY0046898
Tooma Jr. Thomas  J. NY0004687
Toomey Joseph  J. NY0057638
Topolovec Ana  NY0013764
Topor Peter  A. NY0010877
Torian Eric  L. NY0010882
Torpey Daniel  J. NY0004370
Torres Carlos  R. NY0004763
Toscano Tony NY0370307
Toth Vicki  R. NY0031043
Tourville James  E. NY0003590
Townsend Brian  M. NY0002045
Trabert Jr Thomas  L. NY0004912
Tracy Richard  L. NY0004097
Tran Loi NY0371587
Trapp James W. NY0365636
Trask Shane  A. NY0041599
Traver Gary  A. NY0007292
Travis Richard  F. NY0004262
Travis Arthur  T. NY0004409
Travis Richard  J. NY0365637
Treadwell Albert  R. NY0002809
Trejo Theresa C. NY0366905
Tremblay Phil  NY0014323
Trevett James  P. NY0007653
Triebs Elizabeth  J.W. NY0005534
Trotta Albert  NY0004720
Trotta Michael  L. NY0075240
Trotto James  M. NY0007457
Tsaktsirlis Thomas  NY0004141
Tsaruk Yelena  NY0007518
Tsu Kuo  NY0367854
Tucci Richard  F. NY0009083
Tuccillo Robert NY0370308
Tucker David  NY0002373
Tucker Lester  L. NY0004513
Tucker Evan  R. NY0007400
Tucker James  A. NY0037372
Tufano Anthony  NY0365167
Tumulty Kevin  NY0365172
Tunmer Edward  E. NY0049257
Tunningley Robert  P. NY0004096
Tuper Matthew  R. NY0022107
Turiano David  J. NY0005919
Turner James  M. NY0005174
Turner Ross  H. NY0028849
Turner James  NY0030918
Tusa Scott  D. NY0005870
Tuttle Timothy  C. NY0003803
Twardowski Richard  NY0004911
Tyczkowski Alfred  F. NY0001496
Tyer John  H. NY0005576
Tyger James  W. NY0004408
Tyler Michael  A. NY0065173
Tytler David  F. NY0005173
Udicious Jr. William  NY0350468
Ulanowski Joseph  A. NY0015741
Ulatowski Daniel  J. NY0008108
Uliano Michael  NY0365639
Umbehauer Craig  M. NY0056017
Ungerleider Stephen  H. NY0004265
Urbanczyk Jeffrey  P. NY0030871
Uttaro Michael  F. NY0005860


Last Name: