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Code Enforcement Officials



List of individuals who have completed either the 24 hour in-service requirement or Basic Training for 2014

These lists have been compiled based on the information available at the time of publication. Should there be a question regarding the omission of an individual's name from the list, please send documentation of the New York State Certified courses which that individual attended during 2014 to this office by fax or U.S. Postal Service. Please provide the individual’s full name. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed.

Please Note:
Building Safety Inspectors are NOT part of this list

List of Active Personnel

The following list contains the names of individuals who have successfully fulfilled the training requirements for Code Enforcement Officials pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208 during calendar year 2014. This list has been compiled based upon information contained in the official training record data base maintained by the State Wide Learning Management System (SLMS). This list represents those Code Enforcement Officials who obtained their initial certification during 2014, as well as those who were previously certified and have completed the mandatory 24 hours of annual in-service training during the 2014 calendar year. This list is based upon information entered into the official training record database as of May 1, 2015. Discrepancies will be addressed only when written documentation of attendance at a certified training program is submitted. Requests along with supporting documentation can be sent to or Faxed to (518)-474-5788.



Last Name V - Z


Last Name First Name MI DBSC Training ID#
Vacca Paul  A. NY0007313
Valente Alfred  J. NY0031518
Valentine John  I. NY0004589
Valenza Philip  J. NY0005683
Validzic Anthony  M. NY0003186
Vallarella Ralph  J. NY0003009
Van Buren Steven  P. NY0037192
Van De Mortel Roger  G. NY0007929
Van Der Meid James   NY0371615
Van Derwerken Joseph  B. NY0003588
Van Etten Mark  W. NY0003646
Van Horn Ii John  G. NY0010736
Van Kleeck Jr Raymon  C. NY0005247
Van Lare Paul  J. NY0005453
Van Loan James  M. NY0001787
Van Loke Kathryn  E. NY0003545
Van Maarseveen Adrian  C. NY0007891
Van Meenen Michael  J. NY0004796
Van Ness Tracy  L. NY0002391
Van Putten Ruth  A. NY0056224
Van Splunder Ronald  C. NY0008095
Van Tassel Walter  H. NY0010308
Van Vlack Brian    NY0056358
Van Voorhees Nancy  E. NY0000127
Van Wie Aimee  D. NY0359218
Van Wormer Todd    NY0005752
Vanacore Gerald    NY0005918
Vance Iii Henry  M. NY0015678
Vance Jr Albert  N. NY0003645
Vandenburgh Jeffrey    NY0010546
Vanderpool Andrew  R. NY0005498
Vann Jeffrey  D. NY0011041
Vannorman Matthew  A. NY0004938
Vanoli Joshua J. NY0371458
Vanslyke Douglas   NY0007806
Varano Sr. Robert  D. NY0056019
Vardoulias Dimitrios    NY0346970
Varley Dennis    NY0365171
Vasile Richard  P. NY0065145
Vater Arthur J. NY0008275
Vazquez Peter  E. NY0024053
Vecchione Daniel  L. NY0056289
Vedder Emmett  L. NY0005318
Veitch Kevin  M. NY0009334
Veltman Donald  E. NY0215851
Vendetti Ronald  A. NY0010535
Venitucci Joseph  A. NY0004407
Veno Tracy  A. NY0004940
Vergano Edward  F. NY0009129
Vergari Michael  A. NY0002692
Verity Michael  J. NY0009095
Verkey Jon  C. NY0007432
Verrigni Thomas    NY0008059
Vetere Paul  M. NY0065222
Vevone Daniel  G. NY0003824
Vezzose Otis  C. NY0030452
Viafore Vincent  A. NY0003358
Viani Thomas  L. NY0004178
Vickers Barry  A. NY0010307
Vieau Daniel  E. NY0007873
Viera Juan   NY0371585
Vignare Philip  M. NY0005171
Vijaykumar Kumar    NY0003952
Villarrubia Wilfredo  V. NY0033662
Villegas Evelyn G. NY0370309
Vincent Benjamin  T. NY0009341
Vinci Gordon  V. NY0009514
Vinogroski Edward  J. NY0030722
Vinson Gary  A. NY0005832
Viohl Frederick  J. NY0003432
Viola Robert    NY0005438
Virtuoso Dennis  F. NY0006030
Viscariello Domenic    NY0007652
Viscusi Michael    NY0360819
Viseckas Mark Allen    NY0009583
Vissichelli Nicholas  J. NY0005894
Vitarello Lawrence  P. NY0010625
Vitelli Louis    NY0367855
Viviano Daniel  A. NY0055176
Vivlamore Cindy   NY0371311
Vogeli Michael    NY0362694
Vollmer Jr. Charles  F. NY0003014
Von Den Driesch Guy    NY0009574
Von Hassel Karl  W. NY0003475
Von Wurmb Bert    NY0005263
Voorhees Thomas  G. NY0007928
Voss Wayne  A. NY0041074
Votra Paul J. NY0371312
Voutsinas Venizelos    NY0002982
Waddell Derek  M. NY0017772
Wadhams John    NY0007926
Wafer Maureen  A. NY0009812
Wagenbaugh Kristopher  A. NY0001826
Wager Michael  F. NY0002549
Wagner Craig  J. NY0031519
Waite Michael J. NY0370330
Waldby Kenneth    NY0046857
Walker Ronald  D. NY0003474
Walker Reay  W. NY0005718
Walker Ronald  E. NY0007023
Walker Susan  E. NY0009588
Walker David  J. NY0071377
Wallace Anne  M. NY0004762
Wallace Charles  R. NY0004819
Wallace-Dixon Carmen    NY0347046
Walsh Timothy  J. NY0015679
Walsh Michael  J. NY0129737
Walsh Brendan    NY0365166
Walter Lisamarie    NY0027108
Wan Kwok  H. NY0031044
Wanamaker Roy    NY0009319
Wanmer Daniel  J. NY0008855
Wanzenried Paul E. NY0004581
Ward James   NY0020863
Ward Barry  K. NY0049747
Ward Tod  P. NY0055128
Ward Jr. John  F. NY0030745
Warne Timothy  P. NY0005335
Warneck John  P. NY0009618
Warner Dale  R. NY0003586
Warner Neil  P. NY0056018
Warnow Donald  M. NY0009330
Warren Ahmad    NY0364985
Wartinger Donald  C. NY0008107
Wasiczko Dennis    NY0004708
Wasson Kelly  M. NY0033663
Watkins Eric  D. NY0011346
Watrous Rodney  L. NY0003168
Watson Peter   NY0024700
Wattley Jr. Basil    NY0362568
Weber Jacqueline  L. NY0007627
Weber Thomas   NY0069000
Webster Benjamin  G. NY0000129
Weeks Heath    NY0003543
Weeks Kenneth  C. NY0007210
Weeks Jr. Alvah  L. NY0004217
Weiner Zena    NY0003000
Weis Jerry  L. NY0003163
Weis Albert  V. NY0023844
Weisenborn Jack  P. NY0008104
Weiss Karl    NY0073353
Wekerle Robert  G. NY0004684
Welch Bret  R. NY0000130
Welch Lauren  L. NY0001828
Welch Jr. Walter  C. NY0009118
Welliver John  P. NY0002277
Wells David    NY0065197
Welsh Daniel  P. NY0003473
Welt Carey  A. NY0003004
Wenk George  J. NY0065224
Weppler Kim  U. NY0023843
Werner Mary  A. NY0025786
Wesley Iii George  W. NY0030810
West Fredric  W. NY0003015
West Robert  M. NY0010229
Westbrook Daniel  J. NY0004464
Westbrook Joseph    NY0034250
Westerman Jeffrey    NY0346930
Westermeyer Donald    NY0004216
Westfall Oliver   NY0371459
Wetzel, Jr. Michael T. NY0055901
Whalen Gerald  P. NY0002502
Whalen Thomas  M. NY0002757
Whalen Daniel  B. NY0004153
Whalen James  M NY0009091
Whaley Gary  L. NY0003356
Wharton Howard    NY0008103
Wheadon Kevin  P. NY0003695
Wheeler Richard  D. NY0004092
Wheelock Michael  L. NY0026821
Whelan James  T. NY0007456
Wherry John  F. NY0007208
Whipple Joseph    NY0037373
Whispel Jr. Thomas  L. NY0068458
Whitby Christopher  M. NY0000479
White Steven  C. NY0007479
White John    NY0010902
White William  W. NY0016550
White Angela  R. NY0037441
White Robert    NY0116897
White Frederick W. NY0371593
White Jr. Charles  W. NY0076701
Whitford Rick  K. NY0056816
Whitney Joseph    NY0051641
Whittaker Joseph  T. NY0005994
Whittemore Donald  S. NY0051691
Wiacek Thomas    NY0003167
Wicks Douglas  C. NY0004972
Widrick Timothy  R. NY0027159
Wiedemer David  K. NY0008102
Wierl John  W. NY0056222
Wiesner Justin  J. NY0027482
Wilber Alison    NY0002652
Wilcox Peter  J. NY0027133
Wilczynski Joseph  R. NY0015720
Wiley John  M. NY0046855
Wilfong David    NY0003424
Wilhelmsen Lois  A. NY0009838
Wilkins Jay    NY0003429
Wilkinson Jeffrie  A. NY0005167
Willard Timohty  G NY0006029
Willard Walter    NY0065199
Williams Murray A. CE1000020
Williams Terry  R. NY0002452
Williams Thomas  A. NY0002651
Williams John  L. NY0003195
Williams Jimmy    NY0003355
Williams Deborah  A. NY0004400
Williams Keith  R. NY0005700
Williams Brian  K. NY0007207
Williams Steven    NY0009109
Williams Neil  I. NY0030762
Williams Francine   NY0034105
Williams Calvin  E. NY0075769
Williams Jason    NY0366907
Williams Jr. William    NY0005422
Williams Jr. John  R. NY0007870
Williamson Terry  L. NY0005524
Williamson Philip  D. NY0007924
Williamson Nigel    NY0010816
Williamson Gregory  M. NY0065144
Williams-Pudlak Heather   NY0371296
Willis Richard  J. NY0008101
Wilson Jeffrey  A. NY0003951
Wilson Trent  L. NY0004375
Wilson Kevin  D. NY0004571
Wilson Mary  C. NY0007206
Wilson Bruce  E. NY0065568
Wilson Iii Frank  R. NY0023840
Wilson Sr. Daniel  J. NY0005031
Wiltberger Katherine   NY0371297
Windus Walter  J. NY0346980
Windus P.E. Thomas  H. NY0047218
Winfrey Peter  D. NY0003694
Wing Byron  E. NY0010310
Wing Byron  W. NY0203075
Wingate Eileen    NY0004584
Winslow Daniel  J. NY0003820
Winter John  P. NY0004264
Winters Pamela  G. NY0003643
Wischnewski David  L. NY0003950
Wisnowski Jr. Edward  A. NY0005371
Wiswall NY0349076
Witham Craig  A. NY0015655
Withcuskey Iii Thomas  V. NY0008686
Witkowski William  NY0004974
Witte Paul  J. NY0005670
Wittmann John NY0058698
Wittmer Brian  D. NY0046976
Wodarski Henry  M. NY0004990
Wojtas Peter  P. NY0004212
Wolcott Harold  D. NY0004937
Wolf Charles    NY0015666
Wolfe Daniel  J. NY0003425
Wolford Bruce  E. NY0005760
Wong Kevin  L. NY0004022
Wood Howard  D. NY0009818
Wood Daniel  E. NY0031484
Wood William  E. NY0252247
Wooden Daniel  E. NY0003750
Woodruff Stephanie  M. NY0027132
Woods James  L. NY0007923
Woods Mark  A. NY0008904
Woods Robert    NY0365161
Woodvine Denise  E. NY0003354
Woolston Lynda  J. NY0048026
Woolston Dana  G. NY0048030
Worden Geoffrey  B. NY0005523
Worden Andrew  D. NY0005580
Worthington Clinton  J. NY0010309
Worthington Thomas  R. NY0031472
Worthy Calvin  G. NY0008100
Woudsma John  G. NY0015656
Wright Michael  V. NY0003949
Wright Harry  L. NY0007286
Wright Charles   NY0047226
Wrobel Mary  V. NY0009168
Wyatt Richard  L. NY0031551
Wykes Mark G. NY0371643
Wynkoop William  B. NY0055991
Yackel Joanna  M. NY0008053
Yacoob Kalamazad  M. NY0020772
Yacopino Donald  A. NY0003428
Yacopino Anthony   NY0371544
Yahner Kathleen    NY0362202
Yaklofsky Scott  T. NY0005245
Yalamas Steven  C. NY0002422
Yancewicz Sr. Bruce  J. NY0003471
Yannuzzi Michael  J. NY0025998
Yarmus Andrew  R. NY0005825
Yarnell Wayne  P. NY0003044
Yates Shelia   CE1000084
Yerdon Michael  G. NY0007836
Yerton Walter  A. NY0030919
Yoder Mark   NY0041156
York-Conley Marjory  A. NY0041601
Yorke Sandra    NY0007922
Young Michael  E. NY0003002
Young Robert  A. NY0015464
Youngman Frank  D. NY0016938
Zacarolli Anthony  S. NY0007312
Zack Jeffrey  P. NY0008099
Zaferakis Stephen  P. NY0072161
Zafuto David  B. NY0003948
Zaleski Michael    NY0002808
Zaleski Robert  A. NY0006028
Zambrano Nelson  Y NY0003027
Zampolin Thomas  R. NY0027408
Zapata Hector    NY0020756
Zarcone Anthony J. CE1000129
Zarnowski John  G. NY0008710
Zarzeski Bruce  K. NY0010876
Zarzicki Felecia    NY0017248
Zeeb Earl  C. NY0008098
Zeif Jason  L. NY0030689
Zellner Michael J. NY0019991
Zelsnack James  P. NY0009269
Zenker Eric   CE1000085
Zepko Lindsay    NY0367857
Zezze Barry  P. NY0013815
Ziegler Gary  L. NY0004376
Zielewicz Thomas   NY0034106
Zieres Kevin  J. NY0003642
Zigler Sr David  M. NY0023839
Zike Timothy  R. NY0004511
Ziminski Paul  M. NY0007920
Zimmerman Cheryl  P. NY0005068
Zinsmeister Gary  W. NY0004091
Ziolkowski Gary  W. NY0003946
Zippelius Barry  G. NY0058010
Zitek Craig  W. NY0007671
Zoll Pamela  R. NY0009616
Zorlenzan Peter  J. NY0007538
Zorn Lewis  W. NY0075062
Zukaitis Dale  T. NY0015698
Zummo Louis M. NY0370332
Zurawski Allan  L. NY0007372

Last Name: