Code Clarifications for the 2002 Codes of New York State


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The information in these documents provides guidance to users of the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code) and the Energy Conservation Construction Code (Energy Code) concerning the intentions and application of these codes. As with any project having the broad scope of the Uniform Code and Energy Code revisions, editorial and technical corrections that should have been incorporated into the codes were not caught early enough for them to have been included in the rule making actions and subsequent publication of the referenced documents.

While the Codes of New York State, which are incorporated by reference in Title 19 NYCRR, are the applicable regulations and contain the legally enforceable requirements for construction, fire prevention, energy conservation and maintenance of buildings and structures, the information provided herein is necessary to a more complete understanding of the intent and purpose of the codes.

The attached information can be classified into three categories, as follows:

  • Published ICC Errata. The International Code Council periodically publishes errata to the International Codes. It was intended to incorporate all of these corrections into the Codes of New York State, but in some cases they were inadvertently omitted during proofreading.
  • Unpublished Corrections to the ICC Codes. During the course of post-publication review, additional typographical and other errors were discovered in those portions of the International Codes that became the basis of the Uniform Code and Energy Code. In addition to being published in this document, they have also been forwarded to appropriate ICC staff.
  • Uniform Code and Energy Code Clarifications. In adapting the International Codes for use by the State of New York, certain sections, tables and figures were deleted and certain new text was added. These changes were intended to remove information not applicable within New York State, conform with statutory requirements of the Uniform Code Act and other legislation, and incorporate New York initiatives into the code. Unfortunately, a small number of editorial and cross-referencing errors were published in the documents referenced in Title 19.

It is the intention of the Department of State to recommend that the Code Council incorporate these changes into the Uniform Code and the Energy Code by rule making actions at an appropriate time. However, the published codes currently referenced in Title 19 NYCRR 1220 et. seq. remain the legally enforceable regulations until such time as that process has been completed.

October 2003
January 2003