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Manufactured Homes: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "manufactured home?"

A manufactured home was built on or after June 15, 1976, and bears a seal signifying conformance to the design and construction requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Manufactured homes are regulated by Article 21-B Manufactured Homes and Part 1210 Manufactured Home Regulations.
For the definition of a "manufactured home," see Chapter 2 of the Residential Code of New York State (RCNYS).

What is a "mobile home?"

A mobile home was constructed in a factory prior to June 15, 1976, with or without a label certifying compliance with NFPA, ANSI or a specific state standard. Mobile homes are regulated by Article 21-B Manufactured Homes and Part 1210 Manufactured Home Regulations.
For the definition of a "mobile home," see Chapter 2 of the RCNYS.

What is a "modular home?"

A modular home is a factory-manufactured dwelling unit conforming to applicable provisions of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Buildind Code (Uniform Code) and bearing insignia of approval issued by the Secretary of State of New York State. Modular homes are regulated by Part 1209 Regulations and Fees for Factory Manufactured Buildings.
For the definition of a "modular home," see Chapter 2 of the RCNYS.

What do Article 21-B Manufactured Homes and Part 1210 Manufactured Home Regulations require?
Article 21-B and Part 1210 require that:

  • Homes manufactured after 1/1/06 have a manufacturer's warranty seal.

  • Homes installed after 1/1/06, either new or relocated (even within the same park or community), get a building permit and an installer's warranty seal.

  • No person or business entity manufacture, sell, install, or service (service means structural repairs or alterations) a manufactured home unless the person or business is certified.

  • No person or business entity install or service a manufactured home unless at least one certified person is on-site.

  • Certificates of Occupancy not be issued until the warranty seals are installed in the largest closet in the largest bedroom.

Where can a list of certified individuals be found?

List of certified manufacturers, retailers, installers and mechanics of manufactured homes.

What are the responsibilities of the manufactured home installer?

Whether they actually perform the work or not, installers are responsible for anything that makes the home livable after delivery (e.g. - electrical connections, plumbing hook‑ups and site preparation) in compliance the applicable Codes and the construction documents.

What are the responsibilities of the code enforcement official (CEO)?

The CEO has responsibility for enforcing the Code for work performed at the site, but has no jurisdiction enforcing the requirements of HUD's Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. In other words, the CEO cannot require changes to any assemblies or parts from the factory. However, any parts supplied by the factory that require field attachment or assembly should be verified by the CEO as having been installed properly using the manufacturer's installation manual as a guide.

Can the CEO rely on a certified individual to perform their responsibilities in compliance with the Code and not perform inspections?

NO, the CEO must still perform the required inspections.

Where can the requirements for the installation, alterations, additions, repairs or relocation of manufactured homes be found?

The requirements for the installation, alteration, addition, repair or relocation of manufactured homes can be found in Appendix E, Manufactured Housing Used as Dwellings, of the Residential Code of New York State (RCNYS).


Are any of the new engineered foundation tie down and support systems Code-complying?

YES, if they are installed according to the manufacturer's requirements and limitations. Approved systems are generally listed in the manufacturer's manual.


Are zoning or other local laws that require manufactured homes to be installed on something other than the standard pier and footing system legal?

NO, jurisdictions that regulate manufactured homes more restrictively than the RCNYS or the HUD standard, whether by zoning or other local law, must have these more restrictive local standards approved by the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council. For information on zoning and other local laws, contact the NYS DOS Division of Local Government Services at (518) 473-3355.

Can an addition be constructed on a manufactured home?

YES, if the addition is structurally independent of the manufactured home. If the addition is structurally connected to the manufactured home, engineering calculations for the proposed structural connection is required. Additions are not required to be constructed by certified individuals, but openings (such as doorways) made in manufactured homes for access to additions have to be done by a certified installer or mechanic. The HUD-required second egress door cannot be used or blocked by an addition unless another egress door is provided.

If you have additional questions, contact the Manufactured Housing Unit at (518) 474-4073.

While the Department of State makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the information on this web site is accurate and up to date, no representation or warranty is made as to the correctness or completeness of the information contained on or available through this web site.