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Technical Bulletins which apply to the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code in Effect October 3, 2016

Chapter XXXII - Division of Code Enforcement and Administration

Part 1210 Manufactured Homes

TB – MH001-HUD Foundation Systems for Manufactured Housing Installations

Chapter XXXIII – State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council


TB-M001-MISC Temporary Greenhouse
TB-M002-MISC Periodic Inspection of Agricultural Buildings
TB-M003-MISC Specific, More Restrictive, and Additional Referenced Requirements
TB-M006-MISC Local Government Use of Contracted-for Services for Part of an Administration and Enforcement Program

Subchapter A – Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code

Part 1220 Residential Construction

TB-1001-RCNYS RCNYS Occupancy Classification of a Shared One-Family Dwelling
TB-1003-RCNYS Mechanical Ventilation (Revision 2)
TB-1004-RCNYS Flood Venting in Foundations and Enclosures in Flood Areas
TB-1005-RCNYS Residential Exit Doors, Stairways, Landings, Handrails and Guards
TB-1008-RCNYS Accessibility Requirements for Townhouses
TB-1010-RCNYS Location of Outdoor Wood Boilers and Outdoor Heating Appliances
TB-1015-RCNYS Installation of an Outdoor, Above Ground Fuel Oil Storage Tank
TB-1020-RCNYS Mandatory ACH 50 Testing for Residential Construction
TB-1023-RCNYS Use of Factory-Applied Two-Part Polyurethane Structural Adhesive Attachment of Gypsum Board
TB-1026-RCNYS TJI Joists with Flak Jacket Protection

Part 1221 Building Construction

TB-2004-BCNYS Change of Use or Change of Occupancy Classification
TB-2006-BCNYS Food Service in Groups A-2 and A-3
TB-2009-BCNYS Required Toilet Facilities
TB-2010-BCNYS Fire Station, Ambulance Corps, and Rescue Squad Occupancy Classification
TB-2011-BCNYS Minimum Required Toilet Facilities Based on Occupancy
TB-2012-BCNYS Generator Signs
TB-2014-BCNYS Legal citations to code provisions
TB-2018-BCNYS Visible Alarm Notification Devices for Fire Alarm Systems

Part 1224 Fuel Gas Equipment and Systems

TB-6001-FGCNYS Gas pipe bonding – CSST and Gas pipe bonding – listed CJ-CSST

Part 1225 Fire Prevention

TB-3002-FCNYS Use of the State of California Technical Bulletins 129 and 133
TB-3003-FCNYS Gasoline Dispensers at One-Family Dwellings
TB-3004-FCNYS Required Fire Extinguisher Locations in Existing Buildings
TB-3005-FCNYS Open Flame Cooking Devices on Combustible Balconies and Decks
TB-3007-FCNYS Due Process Issues - Unsafe Structures
TB-3011-FCNYS Power Sources for Electric Driven Fire Pumps

Subchapter B - State Energy Conservation Construction Code

Part 1240 State Energy Conservation Construction Code

TB-7003-ECCCNYS Sloped Roof Insulation Thickness Requirements (C402 of 2015 IECC)