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City and County Charter Revision

In New York State, all cities and 19 counties have organized their government under a charter. Charters are locally drafted and approved and:

  • provide for the basic structure and organization of the county government;
  • specify the powers and authority of the county government and allocates those powers among the agencies and officers of the county, to establish responsibility and accountability for the exercise of those powers; and
  • prescribe certain procedures for the exercise of county powers.

Cities are chartered by the state legislature; while counties may adopt a charter pursuant to the County Charter Law.

Charter revision can result in improved city and county government organization and operations. Reconsideration of governmental structure may result in elimination of costly unproductive positions.

Communities considering consolidation may be eligible for a Local Government Efficiency grant to assist with studying the feasibility of consolidation or to assist with the consolidation itself.

Resources & Publications

The Department of State has prepared a number of resources to help communities municipal charters.

Adopting and Amending County Charters » (PDF, 22 pgs)

Revising City Charters » (PDF, 21 pgs)

Adopting Local Laws » (PDF, 27 pgs)

Your Right to Know: New York's Open Government Laws »

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Studies & Reports

Through the Local Government Efficiency Grant program, communities have studied charter issues.
NOTE: These studies are specific to the community and results may not necessarily apply to other communities.

City and Town of Batavia Consolidation Plan

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