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Transportation — Streets, Roads, Highways and Public Transportation

In New York State, municipalities have varying levels of transportation services.

Communities considering improving efficiencies or making sustainable cost reductions in the area of transportation may be eligible for a Local Government Efficiency grant to assist with studying the feasibility of different options or to assist with implementation of a strategy.


Example: Steuben County created an inter-municipal stripping program that provides a paint stripping truck and crew dedicated to the participating 3 counties.  This project provides on-demand road stripping capabilities, especially for newly completed construction projects. The paint stripping machine was funded from the 2007 SMSI grant program.


Resources & Publications

The Department of State and other state agencies have prepared a number of resources to help communities with improving efficiencies in transportation.

Promoting Intermunicipal Cooperation for Shared Highway Services »

Intergovernmental Cooperation »

Legal Framework for Providing Local Government Services » (NYS Assembly)

Local Government Management Guide: Intermunicipal Cooperation » (NYS OSC)

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Studies & Reports

Through the Local Government Efficiency Grant program, communities have studied transportation issues.

Village of Ossining public works consolidation

Chemung County Highway Services Study

Town of Cobleskill Shared Service Study

Town of Morristown Shared Service Study

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