Eligibility and Application


Women and men who are or have been victims of domestic violence and who have moved or are planning to move to a new location for safety reasons may be eligible for the ACP program.

Anyone living in the same household as the victim may also be eligible, such as children, parents or siblings. Once a minor in the household becomes 18, he or she becomes an adult and must complete a new application to continue with the program. New adults can be added to an ACP participant’s household. Adults who move out of an ACP participant’s household may register independently and become their own ACP households if they fear for their safety. These newly independent participants will need to give the various public agencies with which they are registered their new substitute address information. Participation is limited to New York State residents.

All participants will receive a welcome letter from the ACP. The letter will contain the ACP identification card and the participant’s substitute address. Participants may begin using the substitute address as soon as they receive their ACP card.

How to apply

Applications for the ACP are available on the Department of State website. Completed forms may either be mailed or faxed. Contact information is on the ACP Contact page.