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Kim Sumbler, Executive Director

Kim Sumbler was recently appointed Executive Director of the New York State Athletic Commission. Before joining the Commission, Sumbler had been successfully regulating both amateur and professional combative sports for the Seneca Nation of Indians Athletic Commission. Her experience includes regulating MMA and Boxing on Seneca Nation Territories since the Commission's inception in 2008.

Kim assisted the SNI Department of Justice in developing the SNIAC Rules & Regulations Regarding Unarmed Combat Sports by which the Commission is currently governed. Since that time, she has developed the entire combative sports program including, written department standard operating procedures and related policies, and created all documents, forms and reports necessary to successfully regulate combative sports events within the guidelines of Federally mandated policies.

Sumbler has also been an active member of the Association of Boxing Commissions since 2008 where she was formerly a member of the Tribal Affairs Committee (TAC). As a TAC member, she travelled individually as well as with a team of other committee members to Native American Tribes throughout the United States to assist with initial development of responsible regulatory bodies which includes appropriate regulation of combative sports with an emphasis on the safety of the participants, and maintaining the integrity of the sport. Leading a Commission that predominantly regulates MMA combined with an extensive experiences working with the Tribal Affairs Committee

Kim has had ample opportunity to cultivate and secure strong relationships with over one hundred qualified MMA officials licensed through the ABC. Over the years, she has continually fostered those relationships and has successfully built a generous pool of trusted officiating staff that consistently demonstrate professionalism and produce the highest quality work.

Sumbler holds a General Arts and Sciences Degree from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology and a Law and Security Administration Degree also from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology. She also has had numerous trainings in areas such as Incident Command from the NYC Office of Emergency Management, Code Enforcement and Leadership development from various colleges around the country. She is also member of the Association of Boxing Commissions, the National Fire Protection Association, the National Safety Council, and the Tribal Affairs Committee.