Dehydration in Boxing 

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What is Dehydration?
Represents the excessive loss of body water

Causes of Dehydration
Excessive Sweating
Inadequate water intake
Excessive Urination

Signs of Dehydration
Increased thirst
Dry mouth
Dry skin
Sunken eyes
Low urine output

Effects of Dehydration on the Boxer
Decreased alertness
Decreased concentration
Slowed reaction time
Increased tiredness or fatigue
Impaired exercise performance

Tests for Dehydration
Tenting of the skin (the skin remains elevated after being pulled up and released)
Check urine Color
Darker Urine indicates more dehydration

How to treat dehydration
Replenish with oral fluids
Fluid replacement with intravenous fluids (only in severe cases)
Stop fluid loss

How to Prevent Dehydration in Boxing
Avoid rapid weight loss
Drink plenty of water
   Sweat suits
   Diuretics (water pills)

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