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The Unanimous Decision newsletter

Minutes of the NYSAC Medical Advisory Board
January 25th, 2012

Medical Advisory Board (MAB) members present:
Dr. Russell Patterson
Dr. Vincent Giovinazzo
Dr. William Lathan
Dr. Charles Melone

NYSAC members present:
Dr. Barry Jordan, Chief Medical Officer
Ralph Petrillo, Director of Boxing

Invited guests:
Dr. Anthony Curreri
Dr. Michael Goldstein

Dr. Jordan called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Review of the policy for visual requirements to box in New York State

The current policies for visual requirements to box in New York were reviewed. There was a detailed discussion the regarding boxing with artificial lens was discussed. It was concluded the MAB that boxing with a lens implant was contraindicated. Of note there was a comment that there were at least 3 known cases where an intraocular became dislocated secondary to boxing. It was also noted that blunt trauma to the eye will tend to rupture the globe at the weakest point, but that the likelihood of rupture of the globe is low in boxing.

The MAB also recommended that the following visual requirements be added to the NYSAC Ophthalmological exam form: Absence of major ocular pathology to include vitreous abnormalities and intraocular surgery that compromises the integrity of the globe.


Review of NYSAC drug suspension criteria

The current policy for drug suspensions was reviewed. It was unanimously agreed upon by the MAB to abandon the distinction between to soft and hard drugs. The following policy was recommended by the MAB:

First positive urine test for a banned substance would be an indefinite suspension until the athlete provided a clean urine sample.

A second infraction would result in the boxer’s license being revoked. However, the athlete would be able to appeal via a hearing at the NYSAC.


Review of applications for panel physicians

The application of Dr. Kenneth Rauschenbach for appointment to the Medical Panel was reviewed by the MAB. Dr. Rauschenbach was unanimously approved for appointment.


New business/Open discussion

There was a discussion regarding the four open positions on the MAB and that at present there were 3 candidates who were being considered.

The MAB meeting was adjourned.