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Entities who have been contacted by the Department of State and awarded Community Project Appropriation Contracts must complete the following documents. Complete all information on the forms.  Print and submit the required number of copies (each must contain original signatures) to the appropriate address as listed in the Grant Contract instruction sheet.


1. Grant Contract Instruction Sheet (pdf)

2. Grant Contract

1.    Face Page

2.    Signature Page (pdf)

3.    Terms and Conditions (pdf)

4a.  Attachment A-1 (less than $25,000) (pdf) OR Attachment A-1 ($25,000 or Greater) (pdf)

5.    Attachment A (docx)

6.    Attachment B (doc)

7.    Attachment C (doc)

8.    Attachment D (pdf)


3. Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire

a. VRQ $50,000 and greater(pdf)
b. VRQ $50,000 and under (pdf)

4. Certification Appendix

a. $50,000 and under (pdf)
b. $50,000 and greater (pdf)

5. Voucher/Claim for Payment (return signed original)

a. Vouchering Procedure Guidelines for Payment Request Forms (pdf)
b. Standard Voucher and Payment Request Forms (pdf)

6. Contract Extension/Modification
Extend/modify an existing contract by completing and submitting three copies
(each containing an original signature) of the approriate amendment forms to:

NYS Department of State
Contract Administration Unit – LMI
One Commerce Plaza, 11th Floor
99 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12231-0001

a. LMI Instructions for Grant Extensions (pdf)
b. Amendment Forms: LMI Face Page - Amendment (pdf)
                                    Fiscal MGC terms and Conditions (pdf)
c. Amendment Forms: Signature Page (pdf)
d. Budget Amendment (doc)

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