Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

The New York State Department of State Division of Consumer Protection Consumer's Guide to Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft (pdf) provides general information on how consumers can protect themselves. Steps to prevent identity theft are detailed below.

Check Your Credit Reports Regularly For Free
Learn about credit reports, how to read them and where to request your credit report for free. Checking your credit report regularly can help you detect if you've fallen victim to identity theft

Keep Your Personally Identifying Information Private
If someone steals your Social Security number or other personally identifying information, the thief may try to use the data to open credit card accounts and other financial accounts in your name. Learn how to keep your personally identifying information private. Additionally, take note of how to safeguard the identity of a deceased loved one

Protect Yourself When Online
Identity thieves use the Internet to collect personally identifying information for use in perpetrating fraud. Learn how to protect your data during online transactions and communications and when accessing the Internet at public hotspots and other locations

Safeguard Your Child's Identity
Parents and guardians should keep their children's personally identifying information secure and teach their children information privacy safety

Armed Forces and Veterans: Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft

What Consumers Should Know About Tax-Related Identity Theft