Taxpayer Advocate Services

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Taxpayer Advocate Services
Organizations that offer taxpayer advocate services provide guidance for those struggling with protracted tax issues. Such services are designed to ensure that taxpayers are treated fairly and do not have to suffer from unnecessary hardship as they go through the often-confusing process of resolving tax problems. Best of all, these services are free and tailored to meet each individual taxpayer’s specific needs.

If you are suffering from an unresolved tax issue, don’t ignore it. When facing an IRS problem, the worst thing you can do is nothing at all! The IRS’s National Taxpayer Advocate Service or the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance’s Office of the New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate can help guide you through the process of resolving tax problems that you have not been able to solve on your own.

National Taxpayer Advocate Service
As a taxpayer, you have rights the IRS must respect in its dealings with you. The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization within the IRS, “your voice at the IRS”.  TAS offers taxpayers:

  • Help in resolving problems with the IRS and recommending changes that will prevent problems from recurring
  • The Tax Toolkit – a website containing useful tax information for individuals, businesses, tax professionals and media, including news and updates, ways TAS helps taxpayers, and important information about tax topics.
  • Updates on hot tax topics by visiting TAS’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, and by following TAS tweets on Twitter.

You may be eligible for TAS assistance if you have tried to resolve your tax problem through normal IRS channels and have gotten nowhere, or if you believe an IRS procedure just isn't working as it should.  If you qualify for help, you will be assigned to one advocate who will be with you at every turn.

Visit the website of the National Taxpayer Advocate Service to find the address and phone number for your local Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Office of the New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate
The Office of the New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate (OTRA) is an independent organization within the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. The OTRA works on behalf of New York taxpayers to identify systemic problems, including those that compromise taxpayer rights or unduly burden taxpayers, and recommend administrative and legislative reforms. The Office also provides free assistance to taxpayers who have been unable to resolve tax problems that are causing undue economic harm.

Visit the website of the Office of the New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate for more information and to learn how you can request assistance from the OTRA.