Utility Intervention

Utility Intervention Unit

The Division of Consumer Protection’s Utility Intervention Unit (UIU) represents the interests of New York consumers before federal, state and local administrative and regulatory agencies engaged in the regulation of energy, water and telecommunication services.

Specifically, the UIU:

  • Helps ensure that consumer concerns are considered in utility rate cases* and policy matters in New York State.
  • Participates in the deliberations of the Public Service Commission (PSC), the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as well as utility and energy-related interagency working groups, task forces and committees.
  • Analyzes filings, submits testimony and briefs, engages in settlement discussions and participates in evidentiary hearings in PSC and FERC regulatory proceedings and participates in NYISO governance.
  • Reaches out to local governments, not-for-profit corporations, and businesses to gain information and clarify issues on behalf of consumers.
  • Plays a significant role in shaping public utility regulatory issues that are before the PSC (i.e., public policy and ratemaking issues) and delivers a strong commitment for the adoption of fair, just and reasonable rates for residential and small commercial consumers
  • Represents the interests of residential and small commercial consumers before the PSC during utility rate cases* and during other policy-related regulatory proceedings in New York State.
  • Ensures that basic water service is provided at just and reasonable rates.
  • Represents the interests of consumers of regulated landline service in proceedings before the PSC.
  • Advocates on behalf of consumers regarding state regulation of cable television service and encourages providers of wireless telephone service to offer reliable, high quality, and cost-effective service.

*In New York State, a rate case is the formal process which allows regulated utilities to file a request to increase delivery rates. A typical utility filing will include updates and proposals on how to handle issues such as property taxes, rates of return, depreciation costs, operation and maintenance expenses, rate design, reliability, low income and customer service. The New York Public Service Law requires a decision by the PSC to be made within 11 months from the original utility rate case filing date. Within this timeframe, consumer advocates and the public may intervene and become a party to the case.