Steam Rates and Related Cases

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The New York State Department of State Division of Consumer Protection actively participates in proceedings concerning the availability, pricing and quality of stream service in the State. The Division submits formal filings and our experts testify on behalf of consumers before the New York State Public Service Commission in proceedings involving proposed steam delivery rate increases by major utilities. Division activities have helped save consumers hundreds of millions of dollars on their steam bills in recent years.

Formal filings by the Division regarding natural gas utilities providing steam can be accessed from the links below.

Consolidated Edison -- Steam Rupture
On August 8, 2008, the Division filed this statement in support of the settlement reached in this case. The Division expresses support for the settlement as it achieved our key goal -- ratepayers would not pay for any costs associated with the steam rupture. The settlement also committed the Company to embark upon significant improvements to its steam system.

Statement in Support of Proposal Regarding Steam Incident
On August 15, 2008, the Division filed this statement in support of a Joint Proposal to resolve issues raised in the prudence investigation of Consolidated Edison's actions involving the July 2007 steam pipe rupture in Manhattan. The Proposal benefits Consolidated Edison's steam, electric and natural gas customers by assuring that they would not bear any costs attributable to the event, including capital spending, operating expenditures such as labor and materials, environmental clean-up costs, customer claims and the increase in the Company's liability insurance premiums. Customers also benefit since Consolidated Edison would provide approximately $3 million to fund enhancements to the steam system. The Division explains in this document that some of these provisions could only have been attained through a negotiated settlement.


Last Modified: April 28, 2011