Avoiding Fradulent "Anti-Aging" or Health Products

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  • Watch out for solicitations or promotions for "Secret Formulas" or "Breakthrough" products. These offers often are based on inflated promises
  • Ask questions about the product and manufacturer. Find out exactly what the product will do for you; check for any ingredients to which you may be allergic
  • Research a product thoroughly before you buy it and check for any complaints with federal and state authorities
  • Be wary of products that purport to cure a wide variety of illnesses (particularly serious ones like cancer) that don't appear to be related
  • Be skeptical about testimonials and/or celebrity endorsements, which are often misleading
  • Exercise caution about products that are marketed as having no side effects
  • Question products that are advertised as making visits to a physician unnecessary
  • Always consult your doctor or medical professional before taking any dietary or nutritional supplement.

Last Modified: July 06, 2010