Avoiding Door-to-Door Sales Fraud

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  • Most jursidictions require that door-to-door solicitors obtain a license from the Municipal Clerk, Police Department, or local consumer protection agency and carry a government-issued identification card. Some of the laws actually regulate the hours when door-to-door solicitation can be conducted
    • Look for your local law. Just go to the New York State area and click on the link to your local government's code. (Hint: a good search term is "solicit.")
  • Legitimate salespeople will:
    • Identify themselves immediately and have a photo identification in sight
    • Not use high-pressure sales tactics
    • Respect a consumer's right to end the conversation or transaction at any time
    • Explain verbally and in writing the cancellation policy
    • Provide information about the offer/product in writing
  • Under New York State law, consumers have three business days to opt out of a door-to-door sales contract. Sellers must provide written notification of the right to cancel


Last Modified: July 06, 2010