Avoiding Nigerian Money Offer Scams

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Nigerian money offer scams involve a letter or e-mail that offers the recipient the "opportunity" to share in a percentage of millions of dollars that the author is trying to transfer out of Nigeria. The message instructs the recipient to send money to the author in Nigeria for a variety of reasons, such as payment of taxes or legal fees. In actuality, the millions of dollars do not exist and the victim eventually ends up with nothing but loss.

Scammers have also been known to use the victim's personally identifiying information to drain bank accounts and run up credit card charges until the victim's assets are taken in their entirety.

Be aware that these scams are well-known and there may be variations used by con artists

  • Note that these promises are never true
  • Once you are on the hook, they'll never let you go
  • Be wary of offers to send you an "advance" on your "commission"
  • Never provide your bank account or other financial information
  • Don't agree to travel anywhere to meet these people
  • Remember that these are scam artists/criminals
  • If they get your money, you'll never get it back


Last Modified: July 06, 2010