Information Privacy and Data Security Breach

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Advances in technology have made it easier for detailed information about people to be compiled and shared. As personal information becomes more accessible, companies, government agencies and consumers must take precautions to protect against the misuse of this data.

For Businesses

Data Breach Reporting Form and Compliance Guidance for Businesses
Learn the steps you should take if your personally identifying information is part of a data security breach.

For Consumers

Equifax Data Breach

Consumer Response to a Data Security Breach
What consumers should know about the New York State Security Breach Notification Law.

Exercise Your Options to Protect Your Privacy Tool Kit: Unwanted Marketing Messages
Fed up with receiving piles of junk mail every time you open your mailbox? Sick of having to delete all those unsolicited e-mails you've been getting? You can take control over your personal privacy by following these steps to reduce unwanted marketing messages.

Keeping Your Information Private
Learn about Social Security number protection strategies, record retention practices, cell phone privacy tips and automated teller machine (ATM) safety measures.

Data Security Breach Notification Statistics





Last Modified: January 11, 2012