How do I obtain copies of documents filed with the Division of Corporations? Include Text

Copies of any documents (Certificates of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Certificates of Amendment, etc.) filed with the Division of Corporations may be obtained by submitting a written request to the New York State Department of State, Division of Corporations, One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12231. The written request should include the following information:

  1. The exact name of the corporation or other business entity. 
  2. The DOS ID number or the exact date of formation or authorization.
  3. The document(s) requested.*
  4. A statement as to whether the request is for plain copies or certified copies.
  5. The mailing address where the copies are to be mailed.

The fee for a plain copy of a document is $5, and the fee for a certified copy of a document is $10.

Copies of documents cannot be ordered through this website, by email or over the telephone.

The Department of State does not provide copies of filing receipts.

The Division of Corporations will accept written requests for copies of documents by fax. Fees for written requests received by fax must be paid using your credit card/debit card. To pay for a fee using your credit card/debit card, simply complete and sign the Credit Card/Debit Card Authorization Form (43.9 KB PDF Form, 1 page) and submit it to the Division of Corporations with your written request. Written requests for copies of documents may be faxed to (518) 473-1654.

The large volume of submissions and requests received each day by the Division makes it impracticable for Division staff to verify receipt of individual customer submissions. Please do not call the Division for verification of receipt after submitting a certificate or request by fax. If you do not receive correspondence from our office after a reasonable period of time has elapsed, you may contact the Division at (518) 473-2492 for further instructions.

Please note that copies will be returned by first-class mail. We do not provide these copies by fax. You may request that your copies be returned to you by overnight delivery service by enclosing a prepaid shipping label with your request. The Department of State will not accept prepaid shipping labels with the Department of State listed as the sender. The prepaid shipping label must list yourself as the sender and the receiver.

*To determine the certificate(s)/document(s) that have been filed with the Division of Corporations by the corporation or business entity, please contact the Call Center at (518) 473-2492.