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Residential Sprinkler Task Group


IRC 2012

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Meeting Date Minutes
December 20, 2012
January 7, 2013
January 17, 2013
February 4, 2013

For those interested in attending the meeting, please contact the Department of State Codes Division at: (518) 474-4073.

Residential Sprinkle Task Group Members

Mark Blanke, PE - Assistant Director for Code Development, BSC
Miriam McGiver, PE - BSC
Catherine Karp, RA - BSC

Johnathan Worden, PE - DHSES

Steven McDaniel
Code Official, NYS Codes Coalition to Protect and Preserve our Communities

John Hofelich
Builder, NYS Builders Association

Ann Marie Mitchell
Builder, National Association of Home Builders

New York State Builders Association

Dominick Kasamauskas
Fire Sprinkler Industry Representative

Julius Ballanco, P.E.
Fire Service Representative

David Kaufmann
Plumbing Industry Representative

Timothy DeRuyscher, P.E.
Fire Protection Engineer