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Mission Statement

The Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes (DBSC) in conjunction with the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services – Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) has implemented a joint outreach program that is intended to guide and educate code users. The program will provide concise, easily digestible information on:

  • New topics that code users must be aware of;
  • Frequently overlooked or misunderstood code requirements; and
  • Concerns relating to the administration and enforcement of the Uniform Code and Energy Code.

The DBSC and OFPC hope the program will continue to foster professional growth and support the efforts of the code enforcement community and provide helpful guidance to all code users.

The Code Outreach Program publications are expected to be distributed at the beginning of every month. If you have ideas for future topics to be addressed by the Code Outreach Program, email

2020 Editions

2020-1 - Certification Status
2020-2 - IEBC Navigation
2020-3 - 2020 Code Update - Access to NYS Specific Code Book
2020-4 - NYCRR Changes to the 2020 Codes
2020-5 - Above-Ground Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements
2020-6 - Building Traps
2020-7 - Occupant Load Calculation
2020-8 - Tiny Houses
2020-9 - Accessibility and Existing Buildings
2020-10 - Flood Hazard Areas
2020-11 - Lockdown plans
2020-12 - Alternative Materials, Designs, and Methods of Construction
2020-13 - Holiday Edition

2021 Editions

2021-1 - Applicability of Retroactive Provisions to Legally Occupied Buildings
2021-2 - Revised Issues for the 2020 Code Update
        2021-2018-1 - Maintenance, Testing and Inspection Requirements for Fire Department Connections
        2021-2018-2 - Technical Bulletins vs Code Interpretations
        2021-2018-3 - More Restrictive Construction Standards (Uniform Code & Executive Law § 379)
        2021-2018-5 - F. S. Inspections (1 of 3)
        2021-2018-6 - F. S. Inspections (2 of 3)
        2021-2018-8 - F. S. Inspections (3 of 3)
        2021-2018-10 - ACH 50
2021-3 - ECCCNYS Alteration Exceptions

Archived Code Outreach Program editions can be found HERE.

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