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Commercial (COMcheck) and Residential (REScheck) Software

New York State specific versions of the software supported by the Department of Energy (DOE), known as REScheck and COMcheck, are user preferred methods for demonstrating compliance with the ECCCNYS 2010. These compliance paths are codified in Section 101.5 of the ECCCNYS 2010. The software approach does the same calculations as the worksheet approach but automates the procedure using Windows based software (REScheck is also available for Macintosh). An additional feature only found in the software and worksheet approaches allows designers of residential buildings to trade off insulation levels, glazing and door U-values for higher mechanical efficiencies. The software generates a report that is suitable for plan checking and field inspection. The computer software generated compliance report is submitted with the building plans to the code official.

Commercial (COMcheck) Software

Residential (REScheck) Software
Click here for the DOE's REScheck information page.

Department of State letter on the use of REM/Rate version 11.4 to demonstrate compliance with the State Energy Code.