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EFFECTIVE February 8, 2017

19 NYCRR Part 1228 (Sugarhouse Alternative Activity Provisions) 

On January 23rd, 2017, the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council voted to amend the Uniform Code by adding a new Part 1228 to Title 19 of the NYCRR.  The new provisions will allow “alternative activities” to be conducted in “sugarhouses”. 

Within the context of this rule, an “alternative activity” shall mean “an activity, not normally conducted in a sugarhouse, which supports the maple product industry”.  Examples of such activities include product sampling, pancake breakfasts, educational tours and activities, and the marketing and sale of merchandise.  A “sugarhouse” shall mean “a building used, in whole or in part, for the collection, storage, or processing of maple sap into maple syrup and/or maple sugar”.  Such alternative activities may be conducted for a limited period of time without requiring the sugarhouse to comply with all requirements of the Uniform Code, which would otherwise be applicable to such activities. 

Prior to commencing an alternative activity, the sugarhouse must comply with certain health and safety requirements specified in this new Part 1228.  Also, a permit to host the alternative activity must be obtained from the authority having jurisdiction.  The duration of a permit shall not exceed 60 days, consecutive or otherwise, within a 12 month period. See the text of the rule for the full list of requirements.

The text of the rule is available at: