elcome to the New York Department of State's Division of Administrative Rules (DAR). The division provides vital web and publication services to all of the divisions within the Department of State as well as supporting New York's rule making process. DAR produces the weekly State Register that provides information on the rule making activities of state agencies. The division also is the official compiler of state agency rules and regulations (NYCRR) and it publishes information on the Great Seal of New York, the State Constitution, and other official state documents.

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Please note: The New York State Register archives (pre 2004) are temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Division of Administrative Rules for archived State Register information.

The New York State Constitution declares that no rule or regulation made by any state agency, unless involving internal organization or management, shall be effective until filed with the Department of State (Art. IV, Sec. 8). The NYCRR encompasses more than 80 volumes in a loose-leaf format. The official text of each state agency is published in the NYCRR. The NYCRR also includes text references to material incorporated by reference to federal, state and private data (Exec. Law, Secs. 102-106).

The NYCRR is available as a full-set, individual title and volume through Thomson Reuters/West at 1-800-344-5009.

The State Register
Published weekly, the State Register plays a central role in New York's rule making process. It contains newly proposed amendments to state agency rules and provides interested parties an opportunity to comment on actions before an agency adopts each rule (Exec. Law, Art. 6-A).

Annual subscriptions include four cumulative quarterly index issues. To order, send check or money order ($80 for first class; $40 for periodical/second class) payable to: NYS Department of State to the Division of Administrative Rules, Department of State, One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12231-0001.

Department Publications
A set of publications designed specifically to provide information to federal, state and local officials, the private sector, community organizations, school teachers, students and the public are produced by the Division of Administrative Rules. Among the sampling is a History of New York State, Counties Map and Origin of County Names, New York State Constitution, Rule Making in New York, Coat of Arms Facts Card and, for children, Color New York.