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Rule Making Calendars:
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Regulatory Activity
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The weekly New York State Register contains:

Rule Making Activities: Notices regarding new or amended rule proposals, revised proposals, adoptions, emergency adoptions from more than 100 state agencies

• Hearing Schedule for proposed rule makings

• Action Pending Index showing complete history of all current proposed agency actions

Securities Offerings: State notices of securities, published pursuant to §359-e of the General Business Law

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors: Includes notices to bidders, notices to contractors and sealed bids from such agencies as the Office of General Services, Department of Transportation and Department of Correctional Services, among others

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings: Includes notices of upcoming public hearings, Biennial Adjudicatory Reports (describe Article 78 proceedings and statistics), New York State and Local Retirement System notices of abandonment of accumulated contributions that shall be deemed abandoned six months after publication, solicitations of proposals for municipal deferred compensation plans, etc.

Plus, other state information, published as needed

Court Notices: Includes notices of amendments to existing court rules as well as new rules

Governor's Executive Orders: (full text)

Opinions of the Attorney General: (summaries)

Notices of Availability of State and Federal Funds: Includes application due dates and agency contact information

Financial Reports of the State of New York: (published in the last weekly issue of each month)

Regulatory Agendas: Describes the subject matter being considered for rule making and agency contact information; includes notices from the departments of Agriculture and Markets, Banking, Education, Environmental Conservation, Health, Insurance, Labor; Motor Vehicles, State and the Offices of Children and Family Services and Temporary and Disability Assistance; the Division of Housing and Community Renewal; Workers' Compensation Board; any other department specified by the Governor; or any other agencies, at their discretion (published in the first issue of January and the last issue in June)

Rule Reviews:  Reviews rules proposed five years prior (published in the first issue of January)