New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)

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To ensure that you are viewing the most current regulations, check the weekly New York State Register for recent rule adoptions that have not yet been published in the unofficial online NYCRR.

The NYCRR primarily contains state agency rules and regulations adopted under the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA). The 23 Titles include one for each state department, one for miscellaneous agencies and one for the Judiciary. The Office of Court Administration and the Judiciary are exempt from SAPA requirements.

Title Number / Corresponding Agency Reference List
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1. Agriculture and Markets (2 volumes)
2. Audit and Control (Office of the State Comptroller)
3. Banking
4. Civil Service
5. Economic Development (Empire State Development)
6. Environmental Conservation (15 volumes)
7. Correctional Services
8. Education (4 volumes)
9. Executive (11 volumes)
10. Health (7 volumes)
11. Insurance (4 volumes)

12. Labor (5 volumes)
13. Law (Attorney General's Office)
14. Mental Hygiene (3 volumes)
15. Motor Vehicles (1 volume)
16. Public Service (3 volumes)
17. Transportation (3 volumes)
18. Social Services (4 volumes)
19. State (Secretary of State's Office, 2 volumes)
20. Taxation and Finance (3 volumes)
21. Miscellaneous (4 volumes)
22. Judiciary (5 volumes)
23. Financial Services