Section 1228.2 in Part 1228 of Title 19 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York is repealed and a new section 1228.2 is added to read as follows:

Section 1228.2.  Summer Camp Cabins.
(a)  This section is intended to clarify the effect of section 378(1) of the Executive Law, as amended by Chapter 443 of the Laws of 2009, and the applicable provisions of the State Sanitary Code (10 NYCRR, Chapter 1), as amended effective July 6, 2011, on construction standards for summer camp cabins located in children’s overnight camps.    
(b) Pursuant to 10 NYCRR section 7-2.12(b)(2), summer camp cabins located in children's overnight camps are exempt from:
(1) the Uniform Code's automatic sprinkler requirements and
(2) the Uniform Code's minimum floor area per occupant requirements. 

However, pursuant to 10 NYCRR section 7-2.12(b)(1), summer camp cabins located in children's overnight camps are subject to all other applicable requirements and provisions of the Uniform Code.  In addition, pursuant to 10 NYCRR section 7-2.16(c), summer camp cabins located in children’s overnight camps are subject to the following minimum floor area per occupant requirements: “In sleeping quarters housing more than four persons, 40 square feet of floor area per occupant shall be provided, when single beds are provided. When double-deck bunk beds are provided, 30 square feet of floor area shall be provided for each occupant. Floor area includes space within the occupied structure to accommodate: the bed, storage for personal belongings, aisles and exitways, and associated assembly space. Space for toilets, lavatories and showers shall not be used to calculate a sleeping quarter's floor area.  For structures built prior to 1975, the required minimum floor area for single beds is 36 square feet.”  
(c) For the purposes of this section, the term “summer camp cabin” shall mean a sleeping quarter which:
(1) is located in a children’s overnight camp;
(2) has a sleeping capacity of fewer than twenty-five occupants, with a total combined sleeping room floor area of 1200 square feet or less for all sleeping rooms;
(3) is one story;
(4) is used and occupied only between June 1 and September 14; 
(5) has no cooking facilities, no heating systems, and no solid fuel heating or burning systems;
(6) has only sleeping rooms (including the necessary area for storing occupant belongings) and bathrooms;
(7) has no interior corridors or separate common area rooms;
(8) has at least two exits per sleeping room which are remote from each other and which discharge directly to the building's exterior;
(9) has exit doors that open in the direction of, and are non-locking against egress; and
(10) has smoke alarms in each sleeping room that are interconnected such that the activation of one alarm will activate all of the alarms in the cabin.

An existing structure that is altered, enlarged or otherwise improved shall not be deemed to be a summer camp cabin unless such structure, as so altered, enlarged or otherwise improved, satisfies all of the criteria set forth in this subdivision.
(d) For the purposes of this section, the term “children's overnight camp” shall mean a property consisting of a tract of land and any tents, vehicles, buildings or other structures that may be pertinent to its use, any part of which may be occupied by persons under eighteen years of age under general supervision for the purpose of outdoor or indoor organized activities and on which provisions are made for overnight occupancy of children.  However, the term "children's overnight camp" shall not include any place or facility which has been excepted from the State Sanitary Code by the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health pursuant to section 1392(1) of the Public Health Law.