§175.23 Records of transactions to be maintained
(a) Each licensed broker shall keep and maintain for a period of three years, paper and/or electronic records of each transaction effected through his or her office concerning the sale [or mortgage] of one- to four-family dwellings. In some transactions, the broker may not be provided a copy of the document required.  In such instances, the broker will not be found to have violated this regulation if said document is not kept and maintained. Records to be kept and maintained shall contain:

 (1) the names and addresses of the seller[,] and the buyer, [mortgagee, if any,] (2) the broker prepared purchase contract or binder, or if the purchase contract is not prepared by the broker, then the purchase price [and resale price, if any,] and the amount of deposit (if collected by broker) [paid on contract], (3) the amount of commission paid to broker, (4) [or g]the gross profit realized by the broker if purchased by him or her for resale, [expenses of procuring the mortgage loan, if any, the net commission or net profit realized by the broker showing the disposition of all payments made by the broker. In lieu thereof each broker shall keep and maintain, in connection with each such transaction a copy of (1) contract of sale, (2) commission agreement, (3) closing statement, (4) statement showing disposition of proceeds of mortgage loan.] (5) any document required under Article 12-A of the Real Property Law and (6) the listing agreement or commission agreement or buyer-broker agreement.  

[(b) Each licensed broker engaged in the business of soliciting and granting mortgage loans to purchasers of one to four family dwellings shall keep and maintain for a period of three years, a record of the name of the applicant, the amount of the mortgage loan, the closing statement with the disposition of the mortgage proceeds, a copy of the verification of employment and financial status of the applicant, a copy of the inspection and compliance report with the Baker Law requirements of FHA with the name of the inspector. Such records shall be available to the Department of State at all times upon request.]