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Municipal Utilities — Drinking Water, Storm Water, Waste Water, Electric & Gas

In New York State, municipalities have varying levels of Utility services.

Communities considering improving efficiencies or making sustainable cost reductions in the area of utilities may be eligible for a Local Government Efficiency grant to assist with studying the feasibility of different options or to assist with implementation of a strategy.


Example: Town of Glenville, Town of Clifton Park and the Niskayuna Central School District joined forces to rehabilitate, repair and expand the Alplaus Sewer District No. 1 system to eliminate problematic sewer lines and failing septic systems. The project replaced septic systems, problematic sewer lines and eliminated two inefficient wastewater treatment plants with a modern and centralized service.

Resources & Publications

The Department of State and other state agencies have prepared a number of resources to help communities with improving efficiencies in municipal utilities.

Intergovernmental Cooperation »

Legal Framework for Providing Local Government Services » (NYS Assembly)

Local Government Management Guide: Intermunicipal Cooperation » (NYS OSC)

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Studies & Reports

Through the Local Government Efficiency Grant program, communities have studied municipal utility issues.

Village of Farmingdale Water Services

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