Owner Responsibilities

Section 160.39 is added to Title 19 of the NYCRR to read as follows:

Section 160.39. Notification of Proceeding to Direct Cessation of Unlicensed Activity

(a) All businesses and operators served with a Notice of Violation relating to unlicensed activity pursuant to Article 27 of the New York General Business Law shall immediately affix a copy of such notice on the front window, door or exterior wall of the business. The Notice of Violation shall be within five feet of the front door or other opening to the business where customers enter from the street, at a vertical height no less than four feet and no more than six feet from the ground or floor. An establishment without a direct entrance from the street shall post such Notice of Violation at its immediate point of entry in a place where consumers are likely to see it.

(b) Such Notice of Violation shall not be removed except when authorized by the Department.