Real Estate Appraiser Exam Information

The Department of State has agreements with the Appraisers Qualification Board approved test providers to administer the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Examinations in New York State.  Below is a brief description of the exam process.

  • Original appraiser applications require a $25.00 examination application fee in addition to the original application fee.  Once the original application is approved and the applicant's examination eligibility is determined, an examination admission notice is mailed to the applicant.  The admission notice will include all of the necessary information for the applicant to register and schedule an examination with an approved test provider.  In addition, at the bottom of the admission notice is an admission card.  This card must be presented to the test center personnel in order to be admitted into the examination.

  • Upon receipt of the admission notice, the applicant should verify that the exam eligibility indicated on the form conforms to the level of licensure/certification for which the applicant has applied.  (Note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the correct examination is taken at the test center)  Once all of the information is verified, the applicant can contact any of the approved test providers listed on the admission notice to register for and schedule an examination.  The actual testing fees are established by the individual test providers and payable directly to them.  An applicant who requires special accommodations in order to test must inform the test provider when making an appointment.

  • The applicant will be provided with a score report at the test center location at the conclusion of the examination.

    • An applicant who has passed the examination will continue with the licensing/certification process.

    • An applicant who was not successful must obtain a new admission notice by submitting, to the Department, a new examination application and fee. The examination application form is available under "Appraiser Forms" on the Appraiser Information page.